30 Tips To Get A Guy To Text You Back

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Whether it’s a potential date or someone you’ve been with a couple of times, the game of texting just seems to get complicated after every interaction, unless you’re one of the lucky few. Most of us are either asking ourselves or are being asked by our girlfriends “Should I text him first?”Or “What to text a guy?” Yes ladies, we know it the struggle is real.

Another very similar situation is you have been going out with someone for a month or two, in the beginning it seemed like he wouldn’t stop showering you with texts and affection, but lately it is you who has been initiating the conversations. Sometimes you wouldn’t hear back from him for hours or sometimes it is just a one word response “K”. We’ve all been there done that, and have asked ourselves where did I go wrong? And how to get a guy back? We all know by now that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They don’t function like us. So sometimes what seems like an innocent text to you might scare the s*** out of him. Read on to find out about the most awesome tips to get a guy to text you back. This article is like your handbook to how to text a guy like a pro.

30. Playing Hard To Get

Playing Hard to GetThis is a little difficult to do when you have been sitting there clutching your phone, and with every ping thinking it’s him. But come-on ladies you can do it! Guess what? The rules that you learnt in high school about being a little coy are applicable for life.

  • Don’t respond to him right away
  • Wait for an hour or two before replying
  • And when you do reply, do it as casually as possible

29. Don’t Swamp Him With Messages

8Most of us have pretty busy schedules and so does your guy. Don’t expect him to be free all the time and respond to your every message. If he is in a meeting or preparing for a presentation and your messages come as distractions at odd times he is going to get irritated pretty soon.

  • If he texts you, don’t bombard him with three four messages within a couple of minutes. That’s a big NO!
  • The idea is to make and want him to talk to you, not scare him away
  • Respect his schedule and hold on to your horses even if your heart is beating at 500 mph after an affectionate response from him.
  • During the day time keep your messages short and simple

28. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

7This isn’t just about promises but the picture you present in general. Guys like girls who are straight forward and speak what’s on their minds. Girls might commit to a bit too much in the beginning in just trying to impress that guy. However, it doesn’t work that way. If he’s into bungee jumping and you’re scared of heights please don’t pretend that you like it too. What if he decides to surprise you with date to Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge? Or any other similar location based on wherever you are.

  • Don’t promise things that you don’t intend to do
  • You can’t keep the pretence up forever
  • Committing and not delivering leads to disappointments and trust issues.

27. Know His Interests

12It helps knowing a thing or two about what he’s into. This keeps the conversation flowing, you can’t just talk about weather and work all the time now, can you? Does he like football? Then extend your knowledge about football further than Messi and David Beckham!

  • Now obviously a thing to remember here is you don’t have to a pro at this stuff
  • Getting to know the basics is enough
  • Later you can ask him questions and pretend to be impressed by his vast knowledge. Ladies! Remember it is always good to give his ego a little boost once in a while

26. Develop Other Interests

Develop Other InterestsOk, so ever since Mr Right came along you can’t do anything but obsess over how perfect he is. Stop right there! Yes, it is a wonderful feeling to let your mind linger to him once in a while if it brings a smile over your lips, but obsessing about him all day often does nothing except for you ending up losing your mind.

  • It gives you something interesting to talk about with him during conversations
  • It gives him an idea that you have a life, beyond him (Remember what we said about you playing hard to get)
  • It makes him think you are interesting, and he would want to know more about you.

“It is very important to know your worth. This is something women forget very often. You are unique and beautiful in your own way. If after a couple of interactions somebody doesn’t see that in you, their loss not yours.”

25. Make Other Plans

4This is a continuation of the above stated tip. If he just mentioned something like “Oh we might get together on the weekend” and you don’t hear anything about that till late in the week, don’t just sit there and wait for him to fit you into his schedule. You shouldn’t stop your life for him.

  • Having other plans, tells him you have a life, are busy and popular too
  • If he wants to be with you, he will take out time
  • It shows to him that you can’t be available at his disposal all the time, the desire factor just shoots up ladies
  • It’s a good idea to post pictures of these outings on your social media, to let him know your world doesn’t revolve around him.

24. Don’t Send Him Any Photos You’d Regret Later

Don’t Send Him Any Photos you’d Regret laterPosting pictures on social media a big yes, but whatsapping pics of yourself A BIG NO! Off course unless you are in a completely stable relationship. Do not send him photos which you might regret later.

  • It doesn’t make you look bold, but tacky
  • He might not want to see something like that popping up in the middle of work, the distraction won’t be welcomed!
  • He could end up being scared of the desperate woman you portray yourself as when doing something like that

23. Know Your Worth

Know Your WorthWith that said, it is very important to know your worth. This is something women forget very often. You are unique and beautiful in your own way. If after a couple of interactions somebody doesn’t see that in you, their loss not yours!! Remember:

  • You’re worth way more than sitting and waiting for someone to respond who doesn’t see you that way
  • Don’t get stuck on should I text him first if he hasn’t and wishing that he does
  • Move on to someone who gives you the respect you deserve

22. Asking For His Advice

14Guys love nothing more than a little ego boost. They consider themselves problem solvers. If once in a while you ask for his opinion or advice on something, he is sure to like it. He would know that his opinion matters to you and he can help you in some way.

  • Please let the problem be genuine, don’t ask if you should wear red or black for your next date
  • Another important thing before asking him for advice, ask yourself first can you solve it on your own?
  • Guys hate melodramatic chicks. You don’t want to look like a dumb blonde who can’t solve her own problems. So asking for advice doesn’t mean making mountains out of molehills.
  • It could be a career advice, or something to do with your car or the plumbing in your house or anything else which guys usually think they know a thing or two about

21. Don’t Appear Needy

13Things seem to be going well for you two. If he hasn’t texted you in a while please don’t start asking him stuff like “Where have you been?” “Why haven’t you texted?” You might think these texts are innocent enough and all you are doing is inquiring about him, but remember guys function differently. You don’t want to send him texts which scream needy & clingy. Guys hate that. You want to play it cool, and make him want you, not run away from you.

  • Replace “where have you been?” with “Hi, how are you doing?”
  • Replace “Thinking of you” with “Hope you are having a great day”
  • Replace “Why haven’t you texted?” with “What’s up?”

20. Don’t Stalk Him

Don’t Stalk HimIn today’s world it is very easy to know what anyone is up to. Ladies that doesn’t mean you check his last check in on facebook and show up there or see a picture he’s put on Instagram and make a sleazy comment about it. Remember what we said about you having your life.

  • If you can find out where he has been, so can he. Use the social media to your advantage
  • So even if you can’t keep yourself from checking his Facebook from time to time, you can casually mention a restaurant he checked in at and be like you’ve heard rave reviews about the place.
  • We will once again repeat play it cool!!

19. Keep It Casual

6Text messages should never be complicated. It is never a good idea to bring something important over the texts. Whether it is your feelings, or something you thought recently. First of all most guys are not that fond of reading and if it is a novella where you have poured your heart out, chances are he might just skim or even skip through the texts.

  • If the chemistry starts to develop and you feel you’ve got something to say save it for a face-to-face
  • Don’t ask him what he thinks of your looks over text messages
  • Know how to end it casually even if you are texting back and forth with something like “see you soon” or “talk to you later”

“With every message you send him, you are painting a picture of yourself in his mind. Make sure it’s a one which piques his curiosity.”

18. Call Him Once In A While

Call him Once in a WhileOk so you two have been text flirting regularly. It is a good idea to let him hear your voice once in a while. The same rule applies here do not bombard him with your calls. If there is something a little more important, it is always better to talk it over the phone and not over the texts. To see if all this texting is going anywhere, see:

  • How many times has he called you?
  • How many times did you call him?
  • How different or similar is this guy to the image you’ve got of him from his texts?
  • Does he initiate any text conversations after the call?

17. Never Argue Over Texts

Never Argue over TextsIf you got upset over something he said or are unsure what he meant, call him. Never start arguing over the texts. Obviously this would be if you are already past the casual texting phase. Some problems with having disagreements over text messages

  • Text messages don’t have any emotions
  • They can be easily misinterpreted
  • Something you said over a text message in good sense can be taken in an entirely different way

16. Bring Out Your Sense Of Humor

Bring out Your Sense of HumorWho doesn’t love a guy who can make them laugh? The same goes for guys. Guys like a girl with some spontaneity and humor. They don’t like those stuck up kinds, who make them slightly nervous.

  • Keeping the texts light and casual is the key to make a guy text you back
  • Bring out your sense of humor, it could even be through a funny meme or text you received as a joke
  • Once you show him your humorous and fun side, he’d be more inclined to make you laugh at his jokes. Guys love when a girl is at the same wavelength as them and can laugh at their jokes.

15. Be Spontaneous

2Guys like a bit of spontaneity and when you send him something unexpected, he would know automatically there’s a personality behind all that prettiness which he would want to explore.

  • Hi, Hellos have been overplayed
  • Send him a link to some article about something you both have interest in?
  • You get to hear a news about his favorite band, send him a one liner saying “Did you hear lead guitarist of your favorite band just quit”
  • These unexpected texts are a surefire way for him to respond

14. Send A YouTube Video

Send a YouTube VideoWho doesn’t love spending time watching stuff on Youtube? You can send him video links. It could be anything at all, if he likes the video he is sure to comment.

  • It could be an interesting DIY
  • Guys discovering something incredible
  • A video taken at your dream destination
  • A fascinating newscast item that sparks curiosity

13. A Random Light Hearted Text

5Have you noticed how random guys can be at times? So a random text would pique his interest as it is along the same lines.

  • Something you received about office humor
  • A quote from his favorite movie
  • An inspirational quote you just read
  • It could be anything which grabs his attention and makes him smile, and you’d be able to do so without him knowing the ulterior motive behind it

12. Don’t Make Him Uncomfortable

1It is never a good idea to start discussing politics or religion in the very beginning of a relationship. You wouldn’t want to scare him away with your strong feminist views or whatever you believe in right away. We are not saying, don’t have an opinion. You must always stick to whatever you believe in, but you can discuss it with your friends and read up about these things in your spare time. Keep that stuff to yourself, and most certainly don’t get into all that over text messages

  • No long rants
  • No telling what a creep your ex was
  • No opening up too quickly

11. Flirt!

FLIRTYes, that’s exactly what you are supposed to do in the beginning. Texting has replaced all forms of communications. So if you want to tell him you like him, be a little coy and a little flirtatious at times. Guys don’t like women who talk in riddles, if you will throw you flirtatious side in from time to time he would know clearly that you are into him.

  • Don’t shy away, be suggestive
  • Give him honest compliments from time to time
  • If he is showing interest, or complimenting you be except it gracefully
  • Replace a simple “see you soon” with “see you soon handsome”

10. Make Sure You Text Him

3The point we are trying to make here is that make sure, you to text him. You can’t just text him once and then forget about it all day long. We are so busy at times that we forget to reply to people’s text. Happens to me often, I would read someone’s text type a reply in my head and completely forget to type it in real. And a couple of hours later I am thinking why hasn’t that person replied as yet? This could happen with friends, colleagues and even family at times.

  • If things are going all right between you two. Don’t start fussing over why hasn’t he replied as yet.
  • Give him the benefit of doubt, what if the same happened with him.
  • If you want a response to something you can always get back to him in a couple of hours, i.e. after making sure you actually texted him!!!

9. Don’t Bug Him

Don’t Bug HimAnother thing to remember is that girls just have a habit of sending multiple short messages at a time. Nobody likes bothersome and over indulgent persons in their life. If you are going to text him every couple of hours with “thinking of you”, “miss you”, “can’t wait till Saturday” just don’t be surprised if he stops answering you at all.

  • Have respect for his time
  • Don’t scare him with a message after every hour, he’d start to think you are some whacko with nothing else to do
  • Do text him, but know how to maintain a balance between staying connected and getting on someone’s nerves.

“Unfortunately their minds don’t work like ours. They like keeping things short and simple. When you text him, it is your way of showing you were thinking about him. Do not expect him to engage in an hour long conversation with you. Use the language a guy would use to get a girl’s attention.”

8. Staying Engaged

Staying EngagedNobody likes talking to a person who’d jump from one topic to another. It is somewhat like talking to an untamed monkey, who keeps on jumping from one branch to another. Keep the conversations engaging!

  • It’s ok to change the topics, if the conversation naturally leads there
  • If you want him to text you back keep him engaged
  • Asking open ended questions is good, but these shouldn’t be the really complicated ones
  • If he’s talking about some experience or a memory ask him questions, don’t make it about yourself and change the topic

7. Go With The Flow

Go with the FlowContinuing what we said above, go with the flow. Don’t stick to one topic if the conversation naturally drifts in another direction. If he is talking in a light hearted manner, do not start a rant about something that happened at work; though you could try it in a joking manner if you want to absolutely do it.

  • Blow with the wind, not against it
  • See where the conversation is going, what is the tone like and just go with the flow
  • You don’t have to be unnatural, but don’t make it awkward for him by being too open otherwise the conversation would be ending sooner than you’d want it to

6. No Dragging

11If you are talking about something, you should know when and how to end this conversation. You don’t want to drag it to the point where he gets sick of it.

  • Don’t make it too easy for him to end the conversation, but you should know when to quit
  • Don’t stay on a dwindling topic for too long, know when to move on
  • Before he ends the conversation you should, when you are still ahead with a simple I’ve gotta go but will talk to you soon

5. Make It Hard For Him To End The Conversation

9This is where we become a little coy. Keep him engaged, ask questions, and respond to what he’s saying. You want him to text back so respond back every time with something solid

  • Typing a hmmm or haha sort of shuts the door for an open conversation. He can’t see your face so he can’t tell what exactly you meant by that
  • Ask appropriate questions
  • Respond with fitting comments
  • Introduce a new topic which has some substance

4. Give Him Something To Think About

17With every message you send him, you are painting a picture of yourself in his mind. Make sure it’s a one which piques his curiosity and is something he would want to go back to.

  • It should be always you who ends the conversation first, but before you go give him a little something to think about
  • If you are discussing something, how about you save some of your thoughts for later
  • You can end the conversation by saying I have to go now, but we’ll talk more about it later
  • Or how about once the conversation ends “oh! I thought of something later, remind me to tell you next time we talk”
  • This will keep him wondering about what is it that you’ve got to add and the next time you text him you are sure to get an immediate response

3. Text Him Like A Man

16Men understand guy talk much easily. Unfortunately their minds don’t work like ours. They like keeping things short and simple. When you text him, it is your way of showing you were thinking about him. Do not expect him to engage in an hour long conversation with you. Use the language a guy would use to get a girl’s attention. Since this is the language they understand coming from women it seems much more appealing. Confused? Here’s how to do it right

  • Emoticons, hi’s, hello’s are a BIG NO!
  • Instead say: hi handsome!
  • Say: I bet you look so hot right now
  • What’s my HOTTIE up to?
  • These might sound a bit forward to you, but they will surely grab his attention are seen as him as completely playful

2. How Often Does He Respond?

18We have given you a number of tips on how to text a guy like a pro, but remember what we said above about knowing your worth. See how often he responds back and how often does he initiates a conversation?

  • If his responses are timely something good can be made out of this
  • If he doesn’t respond at all or does so after a day or two, think is he worth the wait?
  • Does he ever start a conversation or is it always you trying to get to talk to him?
  • Ladies, know your real worth and answering these questions honestly will tell you if he’s worth your time and energy and if the answer to these questions is no, trust us you need to move on and find someone who appreciates you for you!

1. Be Yourself

Be YourselfIt is all right to a little coy and playing hard to get in the beginning but you should never put up any pretences. A relationship based on fakeness will not work out anyways.

  • Let him see the real you and if he likes it good, otherwise his loss
  • Guys prefer girls who speak their minds and not talk in riddles
  • You be yourself, know your value and see if he understands your true worth
  • You deserve someone who appreciates your inner beauty along with your prettiness.

A Few More Pointers

These 30 tips to get a guy to text you back are sure to help you. They won’t work because they are magic, but they will work because the change the way you’ve been doing things. They will work because:

  • They help you to see yourself as the person you are
  • They make you understand that you are not to sit around waiting for him to text you, instead you have the power to turn the tables around
  • By following some of the simple things above you will become the confident and interesting woman guys run after
  • Get out there and start living your life, instead of sitting and waiting for a text message or wondering should I text him first?
  • Lastly, no matter how good he might seem like if he’s interested in you he will take out time and make efforts to interact with you. If he doesn’t do that do not waste your time on him, MOVE ON!

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