7 Tips for Living A Healthy and Happy Life

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With the rapid advancement in all fields of life, a lot of changes are occurring in the field of health. According to experts, simple things can make a huge difference in our lives. So here we’ve collected some simple but effective tips that are very helpful in living a healthy and happy life.

healthy and happy life

1. Cut Your Alcohol Intake


According to a latest research, it was found that people often think that their drinking is always under control and they don’t drink so much that it can harm their health. This perception can not only damage the liver but it can also affect your overall health.

According to experts, instead to using smaller glasses or low-alcohol drinks, it is wiser to completely abstain from drinking at least three days in a week. Make it an important rule of your life and always follow it as your life depends on it. It reduce 50 to 60 percent your chances of having alcohol related diseases. Follow this strictly and you’ll be on the road of a happy and healthy life in no time.

2. Eat Good Fats


When we hear the word fat, intently diseases like obesity, blood pressure and heart problems come into our mind. But according to experts, all fat is not bad fat; there are also good fats that are essential for a healthy and happy life and body. You should avoid processed and hydrogenated fats as they are very damaging for your health. But fats that are found naturally in food items like fish, nuts and seeds is actually very beneficial for our health. These foods provide you essential and healthy fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 which makes us healthy and happy.

These fats are not only very effective in protecting us from diseases and keeping us healthy, but they also help our body to absorb vitamins in our body and keep our body tissues and skin firm, smooth and beautiful. When we remove fat completely from our food, we are attracted towards other harmful things like sugar, low-fat processed food items that can damage your health.

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3. Do Intensive Exercises


All experts suggest exercising at least for 20 to 30 minutes regularly in their tips for healthy and happy life. Unfortunately, the number people that follow this great healthy advice are very low. In these latest health tips, experts have suggested a shorter way to achieve the same results that we can get from 30 minutes exercise. If you exercise in short but intensive bursts, you can achieve the better results than exercising for a longer time. In only 15 minutes of high intensity exercise everyday you’ll feel amazing results. You can do high-intensity exercise like cycling or sprinting for only one minute and then do some light exercise like jogging for 4 to 5 minutes.

According to experts, high intensity short time exercise is much better in protecting you from high blood pressure and heart diseases than the low intensity longer period exercise.

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4. Eat Healthy Food


Eating healthy food and avoiding unhealthy and junk food is another one of the experts’ favorite tips for healthy and happy life. According to experts, chances of heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure are much more in overweight women than those who are not. You don’t need to go on diet for reducing your body weight, just be selective in your food choices. Eat little but always eat healthy foods like lean protein, good fats, vegetables and fruits and other foods that are filled with dietary fiber. Don’t forget to avoid junk food and processed foods.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Blood Pressure


According to experts, about 30 percent people don’t even know that they have high blood pressure as sometimes there are not very visible signs of it. But if you’ve blood pressure for a long period and you are not using any treatment for it, it can prove to a silent killer. High blood pressure means the reading are constantly above 140.

When blood pressure level decreases from 90, it means that you’re suffering from low blood pressure. It is best that you visit your physician once in a month and check your B.P. If your blood pressure is under control, it means that you’re 70 percent safe from getting heart problems. So keep an eye on your blood pressure levels for living a healthy and happy life.

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6. Get Rid of Stress


Stress is one of the main causes of obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases. Stress can lead to over eating and excessive drinking that is very harmful for your health. Experts suggest that try to deal with stress with strong will, determination and self analyses. Try to address the main cause of stress and don’t try to solve it by smoking or drinking.

These things may provide you some relief temporarily but they can cause many other dangerous health issues. So try to indulge in activities that can relax you and help you get rid of tension and stress. Try to take a break from work and home and spend some quality time alone and try to be happy and relax. These little things can help you live a healthy and happy life.

7. Laugh More Often


Try to laugh more if you want to live a healthy and happy life. According to experts, children and the happiest people on earth and they usually laugh more than 300 times in 24 hours. But people above 40 years of age only laugh 4, 5 times in a day. No doubt, laughter is the best and very effective medicine.

In a research it was found that funny movies were proved to be very helpful in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels and increasing disease fighting abilities of body in heart patients. So watch some funny movies or spend more time with those friends who make you happy. Laughter will definitely help you living a happy and healthy life.

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