This Winter’s Protective Hair Styles For Curly Hair

Submitted By Alissa Ward  


Protective hairstyling is the method which saves your hair from physical, chemical and environmental disturbances. You can keep your ends well moisturized and protected from any harm.  No matter what type of hair you’ve got, curly, coily, wavy, kinky, you can maintain your hair with protective hairstyling. We all know that it is impossible to fully prevent the breakage, yet, we can greatly minimize it by doing some extra care. You must be looking for protective curly hairstyles than your search ends up here. Here are the 7 protective hairstyles for curly hair for this winter which clearly explains the protection of your hair and how to make your hair grow faster.

1. High Bun


The high bun is considered as one of the easy hairstyles for curly hair which can simply be made by anyone. Anyone can do it. It does not matter what product you use for smoothing purposes, just make sure that the sides are properly moisturized and smooth. Gather the hair loosely and secure with hairpins. Be careful and do not pull the sides too tightly as it’ll cause in severe breakage. if you can wondering how to make a bun than You can choose one of these bun hairstyles for yourself to try on.

2. Flat Twist


A flat twist creates a charming texture resembling waves. It’s really very charming. A flat twist can be used as a base for other hairstyles such as up-do or bun-low or high etc. To make flat twist,  use two-strand twist and create a style that lays close to the scalp.

3. Finger Coils


Finger coil is another hairstyle that is very lovely and easy to work with. To make Finger Coils, detangle your well moisturized hair into small sections. Shape your hair using your fingers to twist into a coil. Pay close attention to the ends. When become dry, these coils will give super stylish look.

4. Twisted Low Bun


Low bun can give you a stylish look along with protecting those ends. You can easily and quickly create this look. You can create this look on freshly washed or even two day old hair.

5. Simple Ends Tucked Away UP-DO


Another protective style for curly hair is a simple up-do with tucked ends away. Just like other looks, this one is also incredibly easy to create by using a few tools. Make sure to smooth the edges and properly tuck away those ends. you might want to check out some of our articles entirely related to updos

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6. Classic Pompadour Up-DO


You are going to love this classic pompadour. When you create a pompador on top, gather the rest of the hair at the back, then roll them into a simple bun or in a French twist. Whichever you like. Delicately smooth the edges and secure in place with hairpins. Love it!

7. Natural Braids


Making some good braid hairstyles is a great technique which is easy to learn. There are plentiful styling options and interesting texture. Weave three strands together and twirl the ends using your cream coated fingers to secure the ends curl. This will gather the braids together. Now tuck the ends and secure the entire creation with hairpins.

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