11 Things You Need to Know About Your Blood Type

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Blood types are various and every individual gets it in inheritance. This is basically a hybrid from the parents. It could even be a complete transfer of the similar type of blood from any one of the parent. A type could match with type B and positive is crossed with negative. In the end there could be a whole new blood group that could be different from the parents or could even be like them.

Here we will tell you about a few little things which you never could have thought would be determined by the blood type. And after reading this article you would feel the urge to know your blood type immediately if you are still unaware of it.

11. For Emergency Purpose

For emergency purpose

Yes, this is one of the major given reasons that you should know your blood type. Emergencies never come announced, had it been like that they would not have been called emergencies. You can’t avoid them but you can prepare yourself for them. You shall know your blood type in case of an emergency

  • During a road traffic accident there is not much time to utilize going for a blood type detection test.
  • You must know your blood type so that blood could be arranged for you or vice versa.
  • These types of emergencies are rare but when they occur the knowledge of this one thing could be of much importance at that time.

10. For Diseases

For diseases

About diseases there is a whole new side that you would be open up to. You might not have ever known about a few facts regarding your blood type related to diseases. With certain blood types that are researched to increase the chances of diseases there is a well known risk to suffer from peculiar diseases more.

  • It is researched that blood type A, B and AB are supposed to have a higher risk of having a heart disease.
  • According to the research it said that people with blood type AB had 23 % risk of developing heart disease. Whereas, the ones with blood type B had an 11 % risk of and blood type A had 5 % risk to develop such disease.

9. Get Into Exercise According To Your Blood Type


There are exercises too that are according to your blood type. Some exercises are there that shall be carried by a specific blood type for better results.

  • For blood type it is generally recommended to perform yoga, a soothing and calming exercise because they get stressed out really quick.
  • For type B blood a recommendation for mind and body workout is required. One could go for tennis, hiking and martial arts etc.

8. During Marriages

During marriages

It is important to know about the bride and groom’s blood type before they hook up. Yes, it might look bizarre but it is a point that shall be taken into consideration as well. It is very important for the mother and the baby that they must not mix their blood. The RH factor plays a major role here than anything else.

  • If the mother is RH positive and the father is RH negative and the baby also gets RH negative then there must be a good care taken about the mixture of blood.
  • If the blood mixes through placenta it can cause a great havoc.
  • This must be brought into consideration.

7. Your Blood Type And Gut


Your blood type is also associated with your gastrointestinal system. Well, this is a bit surprising to read but as the science says your blood type is also effective over your digestion. There are certain foods and their classes to which they belong that react differently when talking about digestion in relation to the blood type.

  • For blood type A it is very easy for them to break down and digest.
  • But on the contrary, for blood type O it is harder to break down carbohydrates comparatively.

6. Blood Antigens

Blood antigens

Our blood contains antigens and every human blood has their own antigen according to the blood type. These antigens are basically responsible for certain reactions in our body. There are reactions that occur in our body and they occur due to the reaction of these antigens to those substances.

  • Sometimes it is our food that reacts to give us certain unfavorable reactions.
  • Whereas, sometimes it is the jewellery that we wear. Its particles can react to give reactions like rashes, itchiness etc.

5. Diet And Blood Type


Your blood type is associated with your diet! And it’s true. As there are haircuts for your specific hair type likewise there are foods that suit your blood type. Well that surely doesn’t mean that if you eat anything other than that your survival be on steak. No, it’s not like that it’s different. It’s more like going for something specific for that type that is fruitful than any other of the category.

  • It is researched that blood type O is the best to go with high protein foods like meat, fish etc.
  • For blood type A, it’s better to stick to vegetables.
  • And for B type of blood again it’s recommended to stick to meat.
  • For the type AB, it’s better to go with seafood and lean protein.

4. Stress And Blood Type

Relieves Stress

Your blood type can even be related to your stress level and you must learn about it. According to scientific researches it is delivered that your blood type could be specific with your level of stress to. Like with certain blood types there is more level of stress related on the other hand for others it is not that intense.

  • For blood type O it is believed that they take a longer time period to recover form stressed out scenarios.
  • For blood type A it is believed that they happen to produce more amount of stressful hormone in certain situation of that sort.

3. Pregnancy And Blood Type


Regarding certain blood types, it is researched scientifically about the issues of conceiving as well.

  • For blood type O it is said that there is a comparatively reduced chance to conceive as compared to other blood types.
  • High level of FSH leads to low level fertility.

2. Personality Traits And Blood Type

Personality traits and blood type

To add up to your divine knowledge we would like to share one more reading about the types of blood and that is about personality detection. It’s not an n easy task to judge someone on the basis of anything at all about their personality because human species is one of a kind and very unpredictable. But still we can analyze a few traits on certain basis. Like for e.g. on the basis of blood type you could tell about a few personality traits.

  • The ones with blood type O are supposed to be more outgoing, self confident and social.
  • Whereas, for type A they are artsy, calm and trustworthy beings.
  • For blood type B it is said that they are independent and strong people.

1. Blood Type And Cancers

Blood Purifier

With certain blood types there is more relation to the occurrence of cancer as compared to the rest. Science has researched over this topic as well and has concluded as follows

  • Blood type has been shown to give 20 % more chance to develop stomach cancer.
  • Whereas one research has also revealed that blood type O could also be related to increased risk of stomach ulcers.

Tips And Facts

  • Type A blood is associated with LDL cholesterol.
  • There are chances for the mixture of mother and the infant’s blood in the womb.
  • The mixture of blood is sometimes one of the reasons that the new born has jaundice immediately after birth.

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