15 Best And Effective Home Remedies For Rosacea

Basically, rosacea is such a condition in which some of the facial blood vessels are enlarged and they all together gives the cheeks and the nose some kind of very flushed appearance. The skin of the people suffering from rosacea is usually really very sensitive and this is the reason why it may flare easily with the help of self treatment or the common therapy of acne. However, any kind of home remedies for treating rosacea should always be used with some great care and caution because not every remedy is suitable for the skin as different people has different texture of their skin. Moreover, with the help of these natural therapies of rosacea, some people may also feel sensitivity or some kind of irritation as well. If this infection is not time, then it can get worse with time. This is why people should never ignore the problems related to their skin. This is the reason why they are always suggested to be really very careful when it comes to their facial skin suffering from rosacea. Some of the best and the most effective home remedies for Rosacea are:

“Rosacea should be treated with the use of the natural remedies as they don’t have any kind if side effects and they heal this infection amazingly within days as well.”

15. Cucumber Mask


Everybody is familiar with the soothing properties of cucumber that it is used for the healing of cracks and some other sort of problems of the skin. A fresh cucumber that is blended into some kind of facial mask can be applied on the face, so that the problem of rosacea can be treated well. The mask made of cucumber should be gently smooth on the face and left for half an hour or so, until the mask is dry enough to wash. Rinse the face with cool water afterwards. It will actually start showing positive results with its use regularly.

  • Always make this facial mask with the fresh cucumber for rosacea treatment.

14. Chamomile Compress


Chamomile is another one of the best home remedies when it comes to the treatment of rosacea naturally. A mild compress with some of the chamomile oil always help in lessening the redness that has been associated with rosacea. There are so many dermatologists who have been recommending this chamomile compress for rosacea as it can amazingly handle the flare-ups of rosacea. People suffering from rosacea should always cool down the resultant mixture by putting it in the fridge. Whenever a person suffering from rosacea feels flare up, then a soft fabric should be dampen in that cold mixture and then should be placed on the face for fifteen to twenty minutes. It is really helpful in easing rosacea symptoms.

  • So many people are sensitive to chamomile because of the responses to daisies. They should stop using chamomile at once when they feel any kind of irritation because of chamomile.

13. Apple Mask


A lot of women have been using the natural apple mask on their face for different kind of purposes as it is known as the best natural healer for the skin. This is actually the best natural remedy for treating this continual condition of the skin. Apple should be blended in the form of a mask and then smooth the mask on the face suffering from the condition of rosacea. This mask applied on the rosacea should be left for 15 to 20 minute and once the mask it dried, it should be washed thoroughly with the cool water. The effective results will be seen within two to three days.

  • It is always recommended to use the apple mask for the rosacea treatment once a day on regular basis.

12. Herbal Paste


A lot of skin specialists have been mentioning this for a long period of time that the herbal therapies are best for the treatment of the rosacea acne. People can make different kind of herbal masks at their homes, but the best one can be made by mixing turmeric powder with some coriander powder into the milk until a thick paste is made out of it. When the paste is made, it should be kept in the fridge, so that it cools down. Once the paste is prepared, then it should be utilized as the facial mask twice a day for ten minutes and then rinse off with the help of lukewarm water as an effective rosacea treatment.

  • Water can also be used instead of milk if there is no milk available.

11. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is the best home remedy for the treatment of any kind of skin health problems. This is the reason why people like to grow the aloe Vera plants at their homes. In addition to the advantages of aloe Vera, treatment of rosacea has also become possible with the help of it. The extract of aloe Vera is best for the healing of the skin as well as for the rosacea acne. However, aloe Vera can be used either orally or tropically as well, so that rosacea can be cured easily. This treatment is found to be very effective in easing rosacea symptoms.

  • It is always suggested to use aloe Vera twice a day for the treatment of rosacea.

10. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil has the anti inflammatory properties that help in the quick healing of the damaged skin. This is the reason why so many people use this amazing natural extract for the treatment of the rosacea acne. It has got the natural antiseptic properties as well that help the people get rid of the rosacea naturally. This amazing rosacea treatment should be used everyday twice a day.

  • People can also use the tea tree on their skin directly.

“Always use such kind of home remedies for treating rosacea that are suitable for the skin of the people. They should never try those things that don’t match the texture of their skin.”

9. Green Tea


When it comes to the natural home remedies for the cure of rosacea, then another one of the best one is to rub the green tea over the area of the infection. Like aloe Vera, green tea also has the anti inflammatory, antiseptic and the antioxidant properties that all together works amazingly for the treatment of rosacea. However, this amazing home remedy should not be forgotten to be used regularly for the best results. Make sure to use it in your regular rosacea diet to complete the healing process.

  • Green tea can be used on the skin directly in the cooler form.

8. Oatmeal


Though, a lot of people are not familiar with the use of oatmeal for treating rosacea, but it is actually the best remedy for its rosacea treatment. Oatmeal actually helps in the soothing down of the redness and the itching of the rosacea in the natural ways. Some amount of oatmeal should be mixed in the water and then should be mixed. A little amount of that mixture should be applied on the affected area for the cure.

  • For better results, repeat this procedure for a few days.

7. Cold Compress


Cold compresses are actually one of the best and the most powerful ways for the treating of rosacea naturally. These are best for the reduction of the redness of the rosacea. For getting a cold compress ready, people need to soak the chamomile tea bags in the bowl of the boiling water and leave them together for boiling for like ten minutes. Once they are boiled, the bowl should be placed in the fridge. Once it cools down, it can be used for getting rid of rosacea.

  • Use at least 3 tea bags of chamomile for reducing rosacea symptoms.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar has the anti inflammatory properties as well that helps in the better healing of rosacea. It is also best for the reduction of the redness from the skin. People suffering from rosacea can either drink a spoon or two of apple cider vinegar or it can also be applied directly on the skin. This should be repeated for a few days for getting the skin back to normal. Make sure to use apple cider vinegar regularly as a part of healthy rosacea diet.

  • People can either do both, drink and apply the apple cider vinegar on the skin for the best results.

5. Rose Hip Oil


For the treatment of much kind of skin problems, the rose hip oil is really very amazing as well. The most commonly treated skin problems with the help of rose hip oil are sunburns, eczema, blisters, scars, etc. But, this is best for the treatment of rosacea as well. Few drops of the rose hip oil on such parts of face that suffer from rosacea should be applied regularly for getting rid of it.

  • Apply the rose hip oil twice a day for the better results.

“If none of the home remedies discussed works on the rosacea acne, then consulting a doctor or the skin specialist can be the best option.”

4. Grape Seed


Grape seed is another one of the best ways as the cure of rosacea. The extract of the grape seed assists in the formation of the collagen that is more like an antioxidant one way or the other. It also has the anti inflammatory properties that help in the reduction of the redness and the itching leaving the skin with the cool sensation. Make sure to include grape seeds as an important part of your rosacea diet.

  • Grapeseed of 50mg should be taken three times every day for the treatment of rosacea.

3. Horse Chestnut


Another one of the best remedy for the treatment of rosacea naturally is horse chestnut. This is the best thing to be used on the infected skin in the form of the cream. This is the reason why so many people like to keep it in their homes, so that they can use it anytime when required. However, getting the horse chestnut cream is not that difficult. It can be found easily from the nearby store. Make sure to use it for instant relief in rosacea symptoms.

  • Use the horse chestnut cream on the infected area of rosacea two times a day.

2. Flax Seed Oil


A lot of people have been using the flax seed oil for treating their rosacea acne for a long period of time. The flax seed oil is actually best for the treatment of the problems that are related to the skin. It always helps in the reduction of the inflammation. This is the reason why so many people have been using it for getting rid of the normal skin problems like acne, scars, etc. 1 teaspoon of the flax seed oil should be taken every day for witnessing positive results.

  • Flax seed oil can also be used on the infected area for getting rid of the rosacea.

1. Cat’s Claw


The food sensitivities for the reestablishment of the healthy intestinal environment are reduced with the help of using the cat’s claw. This is the reason why most of the people suffering from the skin problems like to use the cat’s claw, so that they can make their internal system better for preventing the skin problems. The 500mg of the cat’s claw should be taken every single day with rosacea diet for three times, so that the best results can be witnessed.

  • Don’t use the cat’s claw in the conditions of pregnancy or nursing as there can be the chances of side effects in these conditions.


  • Always use a good sunscreen when going out anywhere, especially the broad spectrum sunscreen with the SPF 30.
  • Protect the face from the sunlight in the summers and from the dust in the winters with the help of a scarf.
  • Wash the face with the help of a good cleanser or face wash for the sensitive skin.


  • Use such kind of facial products that has alcohol or the other skin irritants added in them.
  • Touch or rub the rosacea infected skin too much as it results in spreading of the infection.
  • Wear too much makeup on the infected skin.

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1 Comment

  1. Julia Cohu

    Apr 30, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    DermalMD Rosacea Serum works pretty well. My husband’s mom has Rosacea and he had the misfortune of inheriting it from her. He has been using this for a while now. He applies it every evening after his shower and he has seen some improvement. While it isn’t as good as what you could get from a doctor, it works well for over the counter treatment. I do recommend DermalMD Rosacea Serum.

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