5 Surprising Symptoms Of Diabetes

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Not everyone undergoes the usual symptoms of diabetes and faces various sort of startling factors which they could never link back to this illness. It’s very normal for people not to realize the fact that they’ve fallen prey to diabetes and don’t bloodiscover that they have this illness for a good long period of a few years until diagnosed. However, one should have an idea of this illness so that they don’t get severely affected by it and have it diagnosed as soon as they can.

Moreover, many face other diabetes symptoms apart from the usual ones like frequent urination, dry mouth and numbness of hands and feet which don’t make them realize that they’ve been succumbed by this illness and should start its treatment soon. Furthermore, you should get yourself as well as your child tested for diabetes if you’ve had a long family history in relevance to it as this illness certainly transfers through genes just like cancer. Below are a few signs of diabetes listed which will help you in discovering whether you or anyone around you is actually suffering this illness or not.

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5. You Want To Itch Relentlessly

itchWhat are the symptoms of diabetes? One answer would be limitless itching. It’s like you want to keep itching so bad, all the time. Whether you’re in the middle of a meeting, attending a lecture or sitting with friends at a coffee shop, you would have an extreme urge to itch. However, don’t feel awkward in telling your doctor or physician that you feel insanely itchy time and again because it’s due to these minute factors that they’ll reach up to a conclusion. So you might be thinking that how does itching lead up to diabetes? Well this is one of the signs of diabetes as it weakens blood circulation which consequently leads to dryness and itchiness. Hence, the dry mouth too. Furthermore, doctors need to take every aspect of the patient’s health in consideration and then come up to conclusions. Usually itchiness can be due to the seasonal dryness which is put to rest by applying lotions or moisturizers but if it doesn’t heal due to that as well then bring it under your doctor’s consideration soon. Body parts that itch due to diabetes are,

  • The hands.
  • Lower legs.
  • The feet.

4. Evident Unpleasant Skin Changes

Evident Unpleasant Skin ChangesAnother of the diabetes signs is whenever you come against a sudden and unpleasant change on the skin then without waiting any further report it to your doctor as this can be a sign that you’ve fell prey to diabetes. However, there are various other skin diseases, genetic and hormonal disorders which can even result in such a change on the skin. So, if you find dark patches on your skin then get a doctor’s appointment soon and have it checked through a blood sugar test which he will suggest. These dark patches are actually the consequence of melanin which is a pigment in the cells produced by high insulin levels. Furthermore, this sudden change in the skin can be a diabetes/symptoms at times or another probable conclusion can be that the test reports for diabetes may not be positive but it will show that the blood sugar levels are higher than they should be which means that there’s a chance that the patient can be affected by this illness in the near future. Unpleasant skin changes can occur on,

  • The back or nape of the neck.
  • The elbows.
  • The knuckles.

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3. No One Can Sleep Next To You, You Snore!

No One Can Sleep Next to You, You Snore!Do you snore so much that your partner who is sleeping next to you gets extremely irritated, wakes you up in the middle of the sleep and asks you to stop snoring? This is one of the symptoms of diabetes type 2. Moreover, if you find yourself in a similar situation; that you’re snoring like the engine of a train while you’re asleep or there’s a lot of day time sleep added in your daily routine then to be on the safe side do get yourself checked and tested for blood sugar levels. Symptoms diabetes can be wide ranging from which snoring and regular long day time sleepiness is one of them. Furthermore, people who suffer from a sleep disorder end up releasing stress hormones during their sleep which as a consequence leads to an increase in the blood sugar levels. Hence, it causes the patient to get and be affected by diabetes.

2. Bed Wetting

Sleep EnvironmentWhat are symptoms of diabetes? Another symptom is bed wetting. So if you were thinking that bed wetting is only limited to children or the aged who can’t get up and go the toilet then you’re wrong. Grownups that have diabetes tend to have the same issue as well. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes are expanded and varied at large, out of which bed wetting and frequent urination can be considered one. This is one of the most evident and usual symptom of diabetes which is experienced by many while they suffer from this illness. So readers, if you’re facing this troublesome issue then don’t feel awkward at all and report it to your doctor or physician immediately. You can try to combat against this issue by,

  • Sleeping in a room where the toilet is attached.
  • Wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.
  • Spread old and rotten sheets on the bed where you sleep.

1. You Suddenly Feel S Sensation Of Coldness

Relive in Flu and ColdAnother of the various signs and symptoms of diseases is abruptly feeling cold. No, this won’t be because of the cold weather which causes fog outside or the cold breeze which blows after a heavy rain shower but a sudden feeling of coldness which is exclusively experienced by diabetic patients. This can even be considered as the early signs of diabetes and should be reported immediately to your doctor or physician. This happens as a result of diabetic neuropathy which is,

  • Damage to the kidneys as a consequence of diabetes.
  • Further leads to poor blood circulation.
  • Hence, it makes the hands and feet pretty difficult to stay warm.

Additional Tips To Get Blood Sugar Test Done

  • If women are facing frequent yeast infections then they should definitely get a blood sugar test done.
  • If you vision is blurry or suddenly more than better than get a test done too.
  • If you feel irritated by even the minutest things then get a test done.
  • If there’s an evident increase in your weight or you’ve become obese then get your blood sugar levels checked.
  • You’re having problems at hearing.
  • The shape of your foot I changing or has already changed.

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