15 Surprising Signs Of Depression

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If we look around us we see people with different moods, facial expressions, body languages and dressings. Have you ever thought about that a person who always likes to wear dark colours all of a sudden? Well, psychological researches have revealed that when someone is in a phase of depression the only colour that person prefer is with the darkest tones. Well, depression is a vast topic to discuss upon, some people react the very opposite way than the others. It’s all in all a life changing thing which gradually makes a person very different from what one used to be before going through it.
Here we will tell you about the different and common symptoms of depression which a person goes through but can’t figure out initially.

“If you are unaware of the symptoms of depression than read here to know what they really and find the ways to overcome them.”

15. Insomnia

InsomniaInsomnia is a condition of sleeplessness in a person. It’s not only being referred to the night time sleep in a person but it is generally an overall lack of sleep during the entire day. People who go through sleeplessness are usually dizzy and drowsy throughout the day. They not only get irritated by this condition but their health also gets affected by it.

  • One of the major signs of depression is a person going through insomnia. It usually starts with the night time insomnia and gradually when it gets worse people can’t even sleep in the morning even.
  • One of the reasons of it could be excessive thinking which does not let the mind get relaxed let the person fall asleep peacefully.

14. Weight Changes

Weight changesAnother sign of depression could be sudden weight changes. Well, it is not always depression which would be the culprit for weight gain or loss in certain individuals. Reason being that some people just want to reach their target weight for which they regulate their diet accordingly.

  • During the period of depression a person gets carless about their diet. For certain individuals they always have to stuff their tummy more than its required which leads to a very sudden increase in weight.
  • While others just do not feel like having anything at all which makes them lose their weight very fast even when a person is not undergoing any routine exercises.
  • With the loss of diet, the health gets affected and skin, nails and hair are affected as well. Some people lose their hair pigmentation and get white hair.

13. Disturbed Sleep

Disturbed sleepPeople with depression might fall asleep but their sleep is very short lived. Sleep is the rest time period for the body and when there is no rest given to the system, the system starts falling apart. Same is the case with the human body, when the body stays devoid of sleep for a good period of time there are number chances for the body to fall sick or get involved in the other medical complications.

  • It’s not always that a person would remain sleepless during depression but he might fall asleep with a very vague pattern.
  • Falling asleep and then waking up again after 15 minutes or falling asleep and waking up 2-3 times after certain intervals might occur during the phases of depression.
  • You might wake up at night as if you have never even slept and getting back to sleep is not so very easy.

12. Mentally Absent

Mentally absentHas it ever happened to you that you are talking to a person while the other person is completely lost during the conversation? This state of mind is the physical presence but mental absence of the person.

  • Such people are in their deep thoughts unaware of their surroundings. They are so involved in their thoughts that their mind has completely stopped detecting the other person’s voice.
  • It is not only the voice that has gone unregistered in the persons mind but sometimes it is even the visions which even though gets registered but the person is not really detecting it.
  • When a person starts showing these signs their might be possibility of the individual undergoing depression.

“Depression is one of the most lethal types of condition which one can go through. So, don’t let it take over your life because it is very beautiful.”

11. Over Sleeping

Over sleepingSome people who are undergoing depression go through a different experience. Unlike those who are suffering through a phase of sleeplessness and insomnia these are the ones who are going through exactly the opposite of it.

  • These people can’t get enough of the sleep and so they do over sleeping like literally sleeping all day. They do not feel like waking up really and feel drowsy even if they are not following any hectic routine.
  • These people like to take naps more than usual and they are very frequent. They might would want to sleep again after 2 hours after waking up from a night sleep.

10. Increased Drug Use Or Alcohol

Increased Drug use or AlcoholSome people just find bottle vodka as their best friend and those are the ones who have gone through a lot in their life and have faced various degrees of depression. It is commonly seen people sitting at the bars all alone at times and drinking till it closes, it is nothing but a severe depression that is making them sit and drink uncontrollably. Such people who are making drinking as their way out are actually causing harm to their selves.

  • Some people who are light drinkers might get involved into heavy drinking after an episode of a tragic incident in their life. An incident that has lead them to a very deep depression for which they have found drinking as their remedy.
  • Some people get into drugs like heroine, morphine, cocaine. They don’t really use these drugs but abuse them i.e. use it excessively. Teenagers often do it just to have fun even.
  • The other thing that people get into is smoking tobacco. People who are even non smokers get into heavy smoking surprisingly. And the ones who already smoke become chain smokers.
  • Some people start taking sleeping pills as well. The ones who go through insomnia and restlessness take these doses to sleep well. They get addicted and immune to them and with the passage they increase their dose to 8-10 pills at a time.

9. Getting Easily Fatigued

Getting easily fatiguedPeople with no medical history of any disorder but still go through increased and easily fatigued issue might be undergoing any depression. It is not necessary that a person who is feeling lethargic is definite and sure to be depressed but it is one of the manifestations of being depressed.

  • People feel dull and low on energy even if they are taking a proper diet.
  • People just do not like to make movements and get up for some work even if they haven’t been doing anything at all.

8. Muscular Pain

Muscular painSometimes people go through an explained pain. A pain which resides in the body but has no explanation as to why is it occurring. These pains have no major cause but still do occur in the body.

  • Some people get abdominal pain and there is no medical relevance to that pain seen.
  • At times people have headaches which occur in regular patterns but have no explanation for its occurrence.
  • And some people even go through muscular pain mostly shoulder pain, their shoulder feel stiff and uneasy.

While going to a doctor one must also tell the physician if undergoing any depression for it will help in better diagnosis.

7. Social Cut Down

Social cut downWhen you feel depressed and annoyed the first thing you do is start cutting off from the surroundings. Once a person who was a sociopath had suddenly shown a break from all the social activities surely have to hold a reason behind it.

  • Depression often makes you cut off from everyone around, it makes you fall into a company of no one but your own self.
  • Social gatherings start becoming irritating and discomforting for the person.

“Don’t let depression take your life but let it know that you are a fighter and nothing can let you down.”

6. Mood Swings

Mood swingsGoing through high and low moods is often seen in people who are mentally going in a disturbed phase. People might show extremes of mood as in:

  • People might explode with great anger at times because of undergoing depression. Even though there is nothing to explode about but still people give a reaction which is unusual.
  • Whereas on the other hand people get low even when everybody else is enjoying the party and enjoying to the fullest.

5. Early Morning Awakening

Early morning awakeningIt is even noted in people with depression that they get up early in the morning before their usual time. Even if they had slept late at night but still they get up early before time.

  • After walking up early they do not even feel like going to bed again to get some sleep and wake up at their usual time.
  • These people get up early with a feeling that there is no more sleep to take even though the body had not been fed with enough sleep. It’s more like the body has gone dry for sleep.

4. Can’t Remember

Can’t rememberPeople undergoing depression go through memory issues. It is not like that people start forgetting big events or something neither it’s like that people can’t remember their relatives but it different from that.

  • Memory issues could be like things you might have been told by your friend like getting to a party or so for the weekend and you just can’t remember it at all until reminded.
  • Or it could be like you said something to your mate and just totally forgot the after a few moments about what you mentioned.

It is majorly because of the mind is too involved in other thoughts and person can’t remember stuff at all.

3. Lack Of Concentration

Lack of concentrationIf you have your exams coming up or you to present in a meeting the other day so you really need to be attentive and concentrated towards your work. But that is really not the case with people who are undergoing any sort of depression.

  • When a person is depressed it is very hard to maintain concentration towards anything. One can’t concentrate because he is already preoccupied with other thoughts hovering over his mind.
  • Hence when a person is preoccupied it is very difficult to maintain concentration and be attentive.

2. Tachycardia

TachycardiaPeople with depression can undergo palpitations and pulse issues. It is not because of any heart disease that the person is going through high pulse rate but it only because of the neurotransmitters that release during depression, stress and anxiety which leads to tachycardia.

  • People who show clear cardiac tests with no other medical history are usually characterized to show depression when presenting with tachycardia.
  • It is the anxiety, depression and panic disorder that lead the person to suffer through breathlessness, tachycardia and sweaty palm and sole.

1. Feeling Lifeless

Feeling lifelessIt is the most sever and worst stage of depression when a person loses interest in life and sees darkness everywhere. Even the brightest sun shine in the morning appears to as the darkest light. One just can’t receive light and life but feels dark, dissatisfied even the most satisfactory things and lifeless on the whole.

  • This stage is the most worst of all when the person loses the urge to wake up and find life.
  • It is that dangerous stage when the person starts finding comfort in losing life in the hands of death rather than fighting back with energy and courage.
  • Death seems more convincing than life and that is the last stage of depression one can have. There is nothing beyond this.

Helpful Tips For People Going Under Depression

  • People who show signs of depression shall be taken for counseling.
  • If the symptoms of depression starts aggravating than one should definitely change the environment.
  • Signs of symptoms could be detected at an early stage and the one suffering from depression must start getting involved more into different activities in order to keep the mind engaged with them.
  • Other than this one must explore the artist in one’s self because art is the way to channel out the feelings and emotions which makes the person feel better.

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