5 Important Summer Skin Care Tips

Rising temperature and UV rays of Sun in summer can cause many skin problems and sun rays and humidity can play havoc with your skin. Don’t worry! We have some amazing and effective summer skin care tips that’ll give your skin extra protection and these will also help you keep your skin smooth, unblemished and beautiful.

1. The Use of Sunscreen is Essential


Using sunscreen regularly is one of the most essential and main summer skin care tips. Sun is the number enemy of the skin especially in summer. Sunscreen is the best protection against the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Even if you try to intentionally avoid sun, you can’t avoid it all the time. According to experts, about more than 75 percent of skin damage by sun is because of the unintentional exposure to the sun while you’re driving or walking. Use a good sunscreen cream with SPF15 or more especially before going out in the sun in the morning.

2. Antioxidants Protect Skin from Free Radicals


Using antioxidant both internally and externally is another one of the most interesting summer skin care tips. In fact antioxidants are the best shield against free radicals and essential for your skin health. In summer skin damage by sun is very common and the most of the damage to skin is done by the free radical in the harmful UV rays of the sun. Free radical not only damage skin but speed up the aging process. To counter the harmful effects of the sun, only sunscreen is not enough. According to experts, using some quality antioxidant serum and sunscreen together provide an almost impenetrable shield for skin. Antioxidant serum destroys the harmful free radicals and sunscreen provides protection and makes skin strong enough to fight the sun rays. Use healthy foods like berries, spinach, lemon, orange, strawberries that contains antioxidants to fight free radicals internally.

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3. Hydration is The Key to Healthy Skin


Keeping your body and skin properly hydrated is one of the essential summer skin care tips. In summer, mainly because of excessive sweating, our body’ moisture levels go down very quickly and our skin lose its glow and looks rough. Experts suggest drinking a lot of water to counter this problem. Us at least 8 to 12 glasses of fresh filtered water to keep the moisture levels of your body up and keep your skin glowing. Similarly for external beauty of your skin, regularly apply moisturizer on your skin especially before going to bed. If you think moisturizer makes your skin too oily, use a water-based moisturizer and regularly apply it on your skin.

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4. Summer Skin Care Tips: Get Monthly Facials


In summer, your skin needs some extra care, facial are a good way to provide skin the required protection and care. Because of rising temperature our skin starts to produce more oil, which can block skin pores and cause acne. Keep sure to get facials once or twice in a month help you keep your skin beautiful and acne-free by unblock pores and giving it a soothing freshness.

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5. Exfoliation Makes Skin Clear, Smooth and Beautiful


Exfoliation is another one of the most important skin Care tips in summer. Use some good exfoliator to clean your skin from dead cells, unclog pores and improve the beauty of skin. It is best to exfoliate in the morning before applying sunscreen, moisturizer and toner. Don’t forget to apply a hydrating body cream and sunscreen after exfoliation for best protection.

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