15 Steps To Follow This Strategy For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Ever woke up in the morning, stood against the longest mirror at home which reflects your whole body from head to toe and thought to yourself, ‘oh these love handles,’ ‘this belly and arm fat’ and ‘this unwanted double chin, I need to get rid of all of these real bad.’ If there’s a yes to even one of the three statements then you’ve been correctly directed over here, maybe it’s a sign to make you believe that you and your thoughts are cared about.

Weight loss requires sheer determination, consistency and great planning relating to the various strategies that will be used to make it happen. However, there are loads of dietary plans which consist of these fat burning foods, weight loss programs and fad diets available for the ones who are in a diehard need of cutting down the extra fat that they’ve gained. However, the foundation and basics to achieve this goal have always remained the same i.e. exercising and undergoing a calorie controlled diet. Moreover, these tactics may seem difficult and tough to keep up with but below are listed easy and quick dominant weight loss strategies which you need to follow consistently and religiously in order for them to make a difference to your weight.

No, you don’t have to give up on your favorite Oreo shake or hot chocolate to follow these strategies. All that’s required is for you to be consistent and compliant with careful planning and continuing it until you see evident weight loss results on yourself.

15. Stay Committed

Stay CommittedThe first and foremost key towards aiming for weight loss is staying loyal and committed to that goal of yours. More than a diet plan or how strictly following it, weight loss requires your sheer determination and a strong commitment and will power. Moreover, if you’re up for a permanent weight loss then you’re required to undergo a commitment and consistency that’s a long shot. Firstly, make a goal and stay focused towards it. This is quite essential and vital because working towards weight loss requires you to be focused, dedicated and changing your habits. Moreover, all of these require immense mental and physical drives to execute it. You need to,

  • Sort out your financial and personal issues.
  • Manage the stresses of your life.
  • Later, begin with your weight loss plan.

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14. Realistic Goals On The Go!

Realistic Goals on the goAnother important strategy that should be paid heed to is setting realistic goals. Yes you read that right, these goals which are termed as realistic lead to an effective and efficient weight loss strategy. However, an actual realistic goal would be putting down 1 kg per week. This can be achieved by burning 500 to 1k more calories than what you’ve disbursed in the whole day. Moreover, focus more on processed goals then outcome goals because you need to start getting rid of your old habits and activities and attaining new one’s which are more beneficial for you.

13. Time To Get Active

Time to Get ActiveSince you tend to get active, you further need to stay active as well. A combination of exercise along with calorie restriction will help you accomplish a guaranteed weight loss a great deal. Moreover, excess movements along with an exercise helps burn much more calories. This refers to adding up to your physical activities along with the daily exercise you do, such as using stairs instead of an elevator or walking to a nearby shop rather than using a car. However, if you didn’t know but exercise helps in,

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12. Replace Tea or Coffee With Green Tea

GREEN TEA..Green tea has been a prime element in order to reduce weight. It can be used in the form of green tea leaves or tea bags which are brewed with water to produce the tea. There are girls and women who tend to lose excess weight before their wedding, to gear up for an important event or post-delivery, drink green tea pretty religiously in order to face swift results. Moreover, green tea consists of loads of antioxidants which help in increasing metabolism at one end and reduce weight on the other. Furthermore, green tea is loaded with catechins which work towards the purpose of burning fat by liberating fat from fat cells. So you need to,

  • Replace a regular cup of tea or coffee with green tea.
  • Drink green tea thrice a day.
  • Preferably after every meal.
  • This will further prevent diseases from coming near you and will also combat against free radicals.

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11. Lemon Water

A Fresh StartIf you’re up for weight loss then it’s high time that you start drinking fresh lime, sprinkled lemon water or lemon juice! It’s a perfect element which helps in reducing weight easy and quick leading to evident results soon enough. Moreover, before going out to buy expensive detoxifying tea’s and drinks try lemon water which is an excellent detox drink as well.

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This is as so because lemon works towards getting your body filled with ample amount of nutrients which are sufficient to burn fat and reduce weight. Furthermore, it works towards this goal because it’s loaded with Vitamin C and some other antioxidants whose main aim is to eradicate toxins from the body. All you need to do is,

  • Squeeze lemon juice or sprinkle a lemon in lukewarm water.
  • Add honey or black pepper if you want. (optional)
  • Later, drink it daily.
  • Continue drinking it even after losing weight so that it helps maintain your weight loss.

10. No Gulp, Only Nibble

No Gulp, Only NibbleSo lovelies, if you have a sweet tooth and still want to lose weight fast then no problem at all! Be it cheese cake, dark chocolate brownie or your favorite bounty shake, you can have it all but in a limited amount. So the drill is that you take three bites or three sips, now it’s all up to you whether you take those three bites or sips all in one go or at intervals but then you have to put your fork down or keep your straw away.

9. Exercise On An Empty Stomach

ExerciseA vital truth and fact which needs to be considered is that you need not exercise right after eating or having your stomach full. This is as so because you need to realize that your digestive system is extremely complicated and the food doesn’t directly make its way to the muscles or the guts and it takes loads and loads of time for that to happen. Consequently, you should eat quite a few hours before you work out or exercise so that there’s food at handy which will help keep up with your energy levels. Moreover,

  • Drink lots of water in order to stay sufficiently hydrated.
  • Sleep well, at least 8 hours per day.
  • Later, eat healthy and well.

8. Say No to Late Night Snacks

Say No to Late Night Snacks‘Don’t over eat at night’, ‘It’s late, don’t stuff your stomach so much’, It’s unhealthy to eat so late at night.’ These are some of the few statements that once tend to hear along the course of their life, at least I have from my mother and elder sister. It’s now that I realize that they were certainly correct as it’s at night that one’s body swaps from fat burning to mass fat storage. Consequently, in order to replace it you shouldn’t munch on late night snacks as they’re unhealthy. So you’re required to,

  • Finish eating at least three hours before going to bed.
  • If you’re still hungry then munch on some fresh fruits.
  • Fresh juices would do too.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar.Apple Cider Vinegar is one constituent of the home remedies that readily helps one in working against skin blemishes, acne, damaged hair and other health issues too. Moreover, it works great in combating against excess weight gain and fats stored in the body leading to remarkable weight loss. This is as so because of its acetic acid content which helps in cutting down weight off the body. Furthermore, the use of apple cider vinegar works towards absorbing and digesting the food one eats and keeps infections and diseases at bay. You’re required to,

  • Mix 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar with water.
  • Later, drink it daily.
  • Preferably only once in the evening.
  • Try not to drink it in excess though.

6. Time To Question Food Cravings

Time to Question Food CravingsDear ladies, if you’re a complete foodie and are always fond of munching on something or the other then it’s time that you lower it down a bit. Excess eating causes mass storage of fats on your body making you evidently obese and fat, so in order to get rid of that particular shape and size whenever you set foot on the kitchen to fetch something to eat, honestly ask yourself whether you really are hungry. If it’s a yes then go ahead, but if it’s just a want then please step back and go lie on the couch and watch TV or listen to music.

5. Treadmill, Get Set Go!

Treadmill, get set goSince you have been determined and have set your goal to reduce weight then you can’t escape physical activity or constant and continuous exercise to help you get over it. Moreover, you have to be consistent with physical exercises to accomplish this goal of yours. One of the physical activities that you can target at is running! Running is an extremely helpful, healthy and beneficial activity for weight loss which will lead towards burned calories and fat for you. Moreover, it will keep cardiovascular diseases as well as diabetes and certain amount of cancers far away from you. All you’re required to do is,

  • Get a treadmill.
  • Do a treadmill work out every day.
  • The workout should last at least half an hour.
  • You can even go for morning runs or jogs in your garden or a park near to your place.
  • Just tag along your iPod, headphones and off you go!

4. Prepare Your Own Lunch

Prepare Your Own LunchI know the temptation and feeling of tagging along with your friends or colleagues at work place for lunch but if you’re at a mission of weight loss then you have to let go off this habit. Although you can go with them, accompany them but not eat the food that they’re ordering and eating along with them. Since you’re on a weight loss goal you have to pay extra heed to your diet intake and that strictly means no cheat day apart from just once a week.

  • It’s even been unanimously recognized that if you lunch-out just once a week, you’ll lose at least 5 fewer pounds.
  • So ladies, prepare your nutritious lunch with loads of green vegies and fruits, keep them in a brown bag and take the bag along to work or school.

3. Sleep Well

Good RestSleeping beauties, this is your perfect gateway to a proper and comfortable sleep! If you haven’t been sleeping well, then you need to immediately change that habit of yours because it’s unhealthy for you. Moreover, sleeping well helps in combating against the excess weight and fat stored in your body. This is as so because not getting enough sleep or relaxation leads to a severe impact on your hormones and hunger levels which affect your metabolism unfavorably. Furthermore, it’s also been recognized that those who undergo a good night sleep lose more fat compared to those who didn’t. Sleep deprivation also leads to,

  • Late night snacking, this is definitely unhealthy.
  • Makes you tired.
  • Doesn’t leave you feeling strong enough for a physical exercise.
  • Doesn’t really help lose much fat.

2. Time To Fall in Love With Water

water..In order to stay detoxed and hydrated you’re required to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. Moreover, 10 glasses a day would be just perfect and they will even help in flushing out toxins from your body. Moreover, by drinking plenty of water you’ll further burn loads of fat as well. On top of it all it will even provide you comfort by aiding for digestion and keeping fatigue and bad breath at bay. It’s best to,

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day.
  • Don’t drink water immediately after eating a meal.
  • Eat water rich fruits such as bananas.
  • Drink water 30 minutes before or after having your meal.

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1. A Change in Your Perspective

A Change in Your PerspectiveDear ladies, in order to undergo weight loss it’s high time that you need to have a cross check against the various perspectives of your life. Just exercising or following a diet plan for a few days won’t help but a determined approach towards all of this is required to maintain your weight loss in the long shot. Moreover, you need to efficiently plan out a strategy, goals and targets that you need to reach, follow and stick consistently to in order to maintain weight loss.

Extra Guidelines

  • Eat smaller but recurrent meals.
  • Eat more fiber and proteins.
  • Try to eat fewer carbohydrates.
  • Eat healthy foods such as low fat yoghurt, apples, berries, buckwheat, brown rich etcetera.
  • Try to stay away from mindless eating just for the sake of eating.
  • Give a try for yoga.
  • Try various physical activities which help burn fat and calories pretty soon.
  • Such physical activities include swimming, playing tennis, cycling, jogging etcetera.
  • Drink coconut water thrice a week.
  • Drink lemon grass tea and green tea.

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