5 Effective Ways to Stop Hair Color From Fading

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According to experts, there are many ways to stop your hair color from fading and keep your traces vibrant and glowing. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know very much about the protection of your hair color. It is very annoying for you when the beautiful color of your hair starts to fade just after a few days of hair dying. Although it is impossible to maintain your hair color permanently but with these experts’’ recommended effective ways to stop your hair color from fading, you will be able to maintain your hair and hair color glowing, radiant and vibrant for a long time.

1. Try to Avoid Using Shampoo After Hair Dying


Avoiding the use of shampoo in your hair right after hair dying is one of the best ways to stop your hair color from fading. Instead try some quality pre-color shampoo before dying your hair according to your favorite color. The main purpose of shampoo is to cleanse your hair properly and during this cleansing; your shampoo also washes the color out of your hair.

If you’re worried about getting your hair dry in case you keep your color on without shampooing, don’t worry and just wash your hair in cold water without using shampoo. Most of the quality hairy colors already have conditioners in them. Afterwards avoid using shampoos that don’t contain sulfate. Only use shampoos that protect hair colors from fading and even those shampoos should be used occasionally. We recommend Pantene Pro-V Color Expressions Shampoo or Redken Color Extend Conditioner.

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2. Wash Your Hair with Cold Water


Don’t use hot water to rinse your hair after coloring your hair. Hot water enhances the elasticity and stretch of your hair which ultimately washes the color pigments out of your hair. Use tepid or cold water to wash your hair as it helps to maintain color in your hair for a long time. So using lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair is also among the best and the most effective ways to stop your hair color fading for a long time.

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3. Limit the Use of Hair Styling Products


According to experts, limiting or avoiding the use of hair styling products is also among the best ways to stop your hair color from fading. Try to avoid using hair sprays or other styling products like hair mousse as they are very effective in eliminating hair dye from your hair.

Hair sprays absorb all the moisture from your hair and make them dry and damaged. These dry hairs cannot contain hair color for very long and your hair color starts to fade quickly. If it is necessary for you to use hair sprays to make hairstyle, spray them from a distance of 10 to 12 inches from your hair.

4. Don’t Use Too Hot Blow Dryer or Flat Iron


There are many effective ways to stop hair color from fading for a long time but most of these effective tips consist of preventing your hair from the harmful things that eliminates your hair color quickly. One of these harmful things for your hair color is the use of hot appliances like hair dryer of flat iron to dry, curl or straighten your hair.

These hair styling tools remove all the moisture from your hair and in the end not only your hair color starts to fade quickly but your hairs also start to become dry, dull and damaged. Avoid using these styling hot appliances at all or at least don’t heat up these appliances very much when you’re styling your hair to keep your hair color maintain for a long time.

5. Avoid Chlorinated Water and Sunlight


You might have read or listened many effective ways to stop hair color from fading, but all experts suggest these important tips in their suggestion to keep color maintained in your hair. The hot and penetrating rays of the sun, especially in summer is also a major factor that causes your hair color to fade very quickly.

Keep sure to wear hat while going out especially on the beach. We all love to swim in the pool but the pool water contains a big amount of chlorine in it. Chlorine is the number one enemy of hair dyes as it instantly removes the hair color from your hair the moment it touches your hair. So wear a swimming cap to keep your hair safe from the effects of chlorine. More over if you are still looking for much more tips for healthy and strong hairs than you must read our article entirely focused on how to grow hair faster.

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