Expert Skin Care Tips For Different Skin Tones

We all have different skin colors and types, according to experts every skin tone must be treated separately as the problems and solutions or different skin tones are different. So we’ve selected some of best expert  for different skin tones to make your skin healthy, glowing and care tips


1. Problems of White Skin and Solutions

In these important skin care tips for different skin tones, first skin we’ve selected is white skin. No doubt a smooth healthy and glowing fair skin attracts everyone; unfortunately it doesn’t come with much stronger protection against sun. Unlike the dark skin, which has a natural SPF of 13, white skin only has SPF3 which leaves it vulnerable to sun and ultimately your skin starts to age prematurely. So if you’re taking proper care of your skin, wrinkles start to form as early as in your late twenties. As we’ve told earlier that every skin tone has its own plus and negative points and one of the positive things about darker skin tones is that white skin has the lowest risk of skin discoloration due to wounds or inflammation. To protect your skin from early aging and keep it healthy and glowing, keep in mind these important skin care tips.



  1. Never forget to apply a good sun block cream with SPF15 or above, whenever you’re going outside in the sun. This simple and easy tip will not only help you maintain a healthy and natural young skin for a longer time but also help you to save a lot of money on anti-aging surgery or products.
  2. For a healthy mind body and younger looking skin, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. According to experts, these two habits can add 15 to 20 years in your age.
  3. Instead of using expensive skin products, include healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and green tea daily part of your meals. These foods are filled with antioxidants and keep your mind body and skin healthy and young.

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2. Black Skin Problems and Easy Skin Care Tips

As we’ve mentioned before that darker skins have relatively larger SPF levels than the white skin, so they’ve a natural inbuilt protecting mechanism against Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays which saves them from wrinkles and aging of skin before time. If you live a healthy lifestyle, there is a big chance that your skin can stay young and wrinkle free even when you’re 50 years old or even above. But even dark skin doesn’t come fully protected with all skin problems. The most common and dangerous dark skin problems are sagging, scaring and pigmentations. Mostly smile lines and under eyes sunken-in skin or hollows appear and damage all your skin’s smoothness and glow. To overcome these problems follow these simple but important skin care tips to improve your skin  health.



  1. Select some good collage-pumping crème which have hyluronic acid and peptides. Apply gently and use these products carefully and also don’t use too much skin products.
  2. For removing dark circles and acne, use Vitamin A products, retinoids that according to experts provide solutions of almost all the skin problems. Might want to check out how to get rid of dark circles.
  3. Although dark skin has SPF13, but even then the experts suggest using sunscreen that have SPF15 or above as ultraviolet rays can speed up the dark circles and skin pigmentation.

3. Skin Problems of Indian and Middle Eastern Women and Their Solutions

Like dark skin, Indian skin type also has very strong mechanism that protects it from wrinkles and aging even after the age of forty. But it doesn’t mean that Middle Eastern and Indian skin type doesn’t face any skin problems. The most common problems are dark circles and pigmentation. There can be many causes of dark patches or pigmentation of skin like ultraviolet rays, hormone irregularities or skin allergies. So here are some of the expert skin care tips to counter these problems.



  1. Use some good skin product that has kojic acid and arbutin to get rid of dark patches. To avoid and fight dark circles under eyes, use some quality eye crème that is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin K.
  2. Sleep deprivation can also be an important cause of dark circles under eye. So it is very important to get a good 8 or 9 hours sleep at night at a fixed time for a healthy body and skin.
  3. Use healthy food rich in antioxidants and vitamins that fight against free radicals and make your skin glowing and beautiful.

4. Asian Skin Problems and Skin Care Tips

Easy Skin Care Tips

Asian skin has many great features like smoothness, firmness and resistance against aging and wrinkles. The signs of aging and sagging also appear in very late age. The most important skin care problem of Asian skin is uneven toning of skin. Because of irregular melanin production in skin, several dark patches start to appear on skin and it loses its beautiful glow and becomes dull. So to avoid these Asian women should follow these protecting and preventive skin care tips.


  1. Use some quality skin toner regularly on skin. Use the products that have powerful Skin care ingredients like kojic acid, vitamin C, retinoid and arbutin.
  2. To keep skin young, smooth and fresh, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin every now and then.
  3. Use skin products that give your skin brightness, glow and a smooth and beautiful look.

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5. Mediterranean and Olive Skin Problems and Skin Care Tips and Solutions


People with Mediterranean skin have beautiful olive colored skin. This skin tone is also very beautiful and has slightly denser collagen tissues. Because of thicker skin, it normally doesn’t face skin problems like acne, wrinkles or drying or roughness of skin. The major skin problem Olive skin faces is the discoloration of skin especially in the face and small brown patches start to appear. To avoid these annoying problems follow these skin care tips and tricks.


  1. To avoid patches and discoloration, always wear sunscreen with SPF15 or above.
  2. Use products that have antioxidants and eat food that is rich in antioxidants.
  3. Use food that contains Omega-3 fatty acids that not only save your skin from premature aging but also keeps your body healthy and young.

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