How To Protect Skin From Aging

Our skin, the biggest organ of our body, provides protection to the body. Unfortunately, not only we do not take proper care of our skin which it deserves but also our unhealthy and careless lifestyle damages it badly. With proper care and good lifestyle, you can make your skin healthy, beautiful and young along with avoiding premature aging process. So here are some of the main mistakes and damages we do to our skin and also some good skin care tips that will help you protect skin from aging.


1. Control Your Sugar Intake

We all know that smoke, smog, stress, and sun are the four factors or the four “S’s” that are very efficient in damaging your skin and speed up the aging process. But now the scientists have found the fifth S that is a common part of our lives and food. Yes! The fifth‘s’ is no other than Sugar. Excessive use of sugar not only increases weight but also increase the aging process.


According to experts excessive use of sugar helps producing destructive molecules called AGE (Advanced glycation end products). This process is called glycation and in this process blood sugar and protein combines to make these molecules. These destructive molecules destroy collagen and elastin (proteins which make our skin firm, smooth and young). These dangerous molecules lessen the tautness of the skin. AGEs also weaken its ability to repair and regenerate and in the end aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines or the sagging start to appear on the skin.


Follow these easy tips to protect your skin from aging. The first thing you can do to counter this problem is avoiding sugar as much as you can. Although we can’t totally avoid it as our body needs it to for producing energy. So avoid foods that have synthetic or processed sugar and use natural fruits to gain sugar for your body’s need. Lowering your intake of sugar up to 100 calories in a day will help you in your skin care battle. You can also use some quality anti-aging products that not only help reducing “AGEs” but also help making your skin firm and youthful.

2. Avoid Straining by Keeping Your Breath in Control

Lifting weight is very helpful in building muscles and maintaining a healthy and beautiful body, but lifting weight is not only about lifting heavy weights, it depends upon how you breathe. If you don’t breathe rightly, your skin will take the heavy toll. According to experts, when you lift weight, your whole body strains and this straining can increase your blood pressure. This sudden and intensive increase in blood pressure can burst capillaries in your face and you see redness on your face. This is very harmful and damaging for your skin and can ruin all your skin care efforts.



As I’ve mentioned before: if you breath rightly, you can prevent straining and the rupture of tiny blood vessels in your face. So to avoid straining do this; when you exert power to lift weights, start to exhale slowly and inhale when you lower it. This simple tweak will prevent you from straining and will also help you protect skin from aging.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face

Another common habit that is very harmful for facial skin is touching your face. On average, we touch our skin about 64 times in a single day. When you touch your face, you transfer large amount of bacteria, dirt, pollution and oils to your face, which can ultimately lead to annoying acne as the pores in the facial skin will be blocked.



It may be difficult for you in the beginning, but try to use all your self-control and conscious effort to avoid this habit. After a few days of constant effort, you can get rid of this harmful problem. Make cleanliness part of your lifestyle as it will help you in your skin care efforts. Clean all the common spots regularly that can be the hub of harmful bacteria and other impurities. These little changes will greatly help you to protect skin from aging and damaging.

4. Protect Your Eyes

Eyes are the most important feature of your face and if your eyes are not well, your face will lose its attraction. In all skin care tips, experts especially pay attention to your eyes. Rubbing your eyes is one of the most damaging things you can do to your eyes. Whether it is because of some allergy or you got something in your eye, constant rubbing can rapture the blood vessels in this sensitive area, which will make your eyes and the skin under it red. These busted capillaries can cause dark circles around your eyes and puffiness and make you look older than your real age.



You don’t need any expert to tell you how to avoid damaging your eyes. Just avoid rubbing your eyes if your eyes are itching and if you’ve got something in them, instead splash cold water in your eyes to avoid rupture of blood vessels. You can also use some good supercharge caffeinated eye cream, as it constricts capillaries and heal puffy eyes and reduce dark circles around eyes. These simple tips will make your eyes beautiful and will also help you to protect skin from aging.

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5. Exercise is Much Better Than Dieting

Weight cycling or yo-yo dieting is another very damaging process both for health and your skin care efforts. When your weight increases and decreases repeatedly, it can create many health issues like increase in blood pressure and cholesterol, heart problems and even damages your skin badly. This shedding and gaining weight can make your facial and body skin sag. The skin in the areas of most fat like stomach, breast and butt is mostly affected. Besides sagging, this weight cycling can also rapture collagen which can cause stretch marks on skin.



It is not abnormal or dangerous to gain or lose weight in small quantity every now and then but if you are trapped in this harmful weight cycling; it is very harmful for your health and it also damages your efforts to protect skin from aging. So the best way to lose your weight permanently is joining some health club or gym. Start by some simple and light exercises and try to decrease your weight slowly. Don’t try to lose more than two pounds in a week. When you lose weight gradually, it keeps your skin from sagging and also prevents it from stretch marks. Exercise will make you fit and healthy and will also protect skin from aging.

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