20 Simple Tips To Stay Slim, Hot And Healthy

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Sometimes to stay slim and maintain a hot body, ladies end up harming their health.A few common techniques that ladies follow in order to lose their weight are;

  1. They skip their breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  2. Some completely start fasting.
  3. Some go on a juice diet.
  4. Some go on a protein diet.
  5. Some of them exercise a lot.
  6. Some take weight loss juices and/or tablets.

However, at times, ladies just over do it. They, for instance, start exercising more than their body can handle and the next day they cannot even move a muscle. And some of them take overdoses of the weight loss juice or medicines, which in turn harms their health. To go over-the-limit with any of the above techniques would simply harm your health. The trick is to practice a little bit of them all to lose weight faster and effectively while keeping your health intact. Below are 20 unheard tips to stay fit and slim.

 Eat More Than Usual!

There is good news for all those who love to eat! You can now lose weight while eating as much as you want. To lose weight you do not need to fast and deprive your body of all the necessary nutrients rather eat more of foods containing high amount of lean protein, fiber and water. To make sure that your body gets the nutrients it requires to keep you healthy while supporting your weight loss, you shall;

“20 prolific ways to keep your self fit, slim, hot and healthy! Maintain your weight and shape up your body into what it should be instead of being depressed of what it has become. To give these tips a try is a must.”

 20. Munch On Veggies


Vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, minerals and contain a high content of water in them. They have the maximum amount of energy in them compared to the other foods like; meat. When talking about veggies, eat as much of them as you want.

 19. Eat Whole Grains


Whole grains are rich in fiber. Fiber promotes weight loss by helping with the digestion of food.High fiber means no constipation. Roughage also helps ease stomach upsets and ulcers. Due to the benefits of fiber, companies keep introducing products rich in fiber. Back until 90’s, fiber meant the same bran bread and the other whole grains. Today we have more to choose from the shelves. We can opt for fiber-rich corn flakes, fiber biscuits, wheat noodles, wheat cakes, muffins and brownies, etc.When talking about fiber rich foods, eat as much as you want.

More Fiber = Happier You!

  • Consume food products made from whole grains.
  • Eat your fruits with their peels as far as possible.

 18. Consume Fat-Free Dairy Products


Dairy products are a must for your health. Skipping on dairy products to lose weight is a very bad idea. To avoid the fats in dairy products you can opt for fat free dairy products like; fat free milk, fat free cheese and fat free yogurt.Women lose calcium more easily than men, so make an even wiser choice by opting for dairy products that are low in fats and high in calcium.

 17. Make A Berry Smoothie!


Berries are your new little friends who will help you lose weight while not making you have to compromise on taste. Combined with fat-free yogurt, berries will get the job done sufficiently well while providing your body with the required nutrients. To make the smoothie;

  • Put one cup of fat-free yogurt into the blender.
  • Add one cup of frozen berries.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Cherish your smoothie!

OLWOMEN Tip: Never Skip Your Break Fast!

Breakfast is very important to start your day well. Skipping your breakfast would mean a slow start to the day and you will feel lethargic the whole day. In stead have a bran bread sandwich made up of chopped berries along with a berry smoothie.

 16. Add Lemon And Honey To All Your Fruit Salads!


Honey is the healthiest way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Whenever you have sweet cravings, have some honey. Replace sugar with honey or brown sugar, wherever you can. Lemon on the other hand is equally beneficial for weight loss. It enhances liver functioning and speeds up the digestion of fats in your body. Add them both to flavor your fruit salad sand double the benefits.

OLWOMEN Tip: Home-made Detox Water For Weight Loss

For The Morning:

  • Add one tablespoon of honey and the juice of one medium sized lemon to a glass full of lukewarm water.
  • Drink in the morning.
  • It also helps get rid of constipation.

For The Whole Day:

  • Add the juice of 2 medium sized lemons into a 4 liter bottle.
  • Fill the bottle with water.
  • Finish two such bottles everyday to get results.

 15. Salad With Red Vine Vinegar


Make a nice and chewy salad with all the garden vegetables you have available. Tomato, cucumber, green onions, beetroot and bell peppers are preferred for being rich in water content.

OLWOMEN Tip: Have You Heard About Red Vine And Its Benefits for Weight Loss?

A recent study was carried out at Oregon University. It proved that grape juice aka red vine helps reduce weight to a considerable amount. Ellagic acid found in Muscadine grapes (the grapes from which most red vines and grape juices are made from) helps inhibit the formation of new fat cells in our body while also increasing the fat metabolism by increasing liver functioning. Add red vine vinegar to your salads and lose weight faster!

 14. Eat All The Melon Around You


Eat all the melon that you find around you and if somebody complains about it, eat them too. Joke!

On a very serious note, melons are high in water content and therefore increase metabolism. They are rich in minerals and antioxidants which makes them good for your skin too. With about 2 cups of melons you will feel full with only 145 calories consumed.

How To Eat Less:

Earlier we discussed how to lose weight while eating more, now we will talk about how to restrain our selves from over eating. When you eat less, you obviously gain lesser calories which mean you have to stress yourself lesser while training. Below are a few ways to keep your self from eating too much.

 13. Chew Properly


When you are eating, take smaller bites and chew your food properly. Why? When we start eating, it takes 10-20 minutes for our brain to register that we are full. When we will take smaller bites and chew those bites properly we will eat less in those initial 10-20 minutes. Chewing also helps the food in getting digested faster.

 12. Prepare Yourself Mentally To Lose Weight


There are going to be a lot of times when you will go out with friends and they will order food that is full of fats and you will be tempted to eat it. Your friends will force you to have some of it. That is where you need to be mentally prepared to say a firm NO! To mentally prepare yourself for such situations you shall;

  • Keep a check on your weight and measure your waistline on a weekly basis. This will make you performance oriented; such people have better self control.
  • Remind yourself of all the hard work you have done to get there.
  • Associate junk food with names. For example:

Pizza = Fat Tummy.

Cheese Burgers = Double Chin.

Rich Desserts = Fat Arms.

French Fries = Lazy Life.

  • Be firm when you say no, so that the next time such a situation arises your friends will not force you to eat unhealthy food.

 11. Eat A Bowl Full Of Salad Before Lunch And Dinner Time


Before the lunch and dinner time, prepare yourself a bowl full of vegetable or fruit salad. This will partly fill your tummy and when the lunch or dinner arrives, you won’t end up over eating. Make it a habit to do this.


To keep your self motivated to do this,

  • Add new flavors to the salad every day by adding pickled jalapenos one day, salt and peppers the next day and honey and cinnamon the other day.
  • Be creative with the salad. Do some carvings and decorations.
  • Make new additions to the salad. Add baby corn or peas.

“Lose weight and maintain your good health with the ways and tips suggested above. All the ways are suggested with an authenticity so that they do not have any adverse effects on your body. Try them out and feel the difference.”

 10. Eat At Regular Intervals


Do not wait for dinner to eat. After every hour or so, eat a handful of baked beans, baked cicer or have a glass of sweet lemonade or a smoothie. Take small proportions of high fibre and low fat food at regular intervals. This will keep your blood glucose levels controlled and prevent you from getting as hungry as a wolf. Not too hungry = not going to over eat.

 9. Keep Reminding Yourself How Much You Have Worked Out to Lose Calories


Keep such a chart around you to keep yourself reminded with how much of a hard work it is to lose a 100 calories and how easy it is to gain it back. Remind yourself how much calories you can gain when you opt for junk food. Before you get too tempted to have an extra cheese burger, remind yourself of the 2 hours you have spent walking in the morning and back off from unhealthy food options.

The Key To A Healthy Body Is Exercising!

 8. Escape To Nature


Studies have been carried out that proved that simply the sight of nature helps you lose weight. Relocate yourself towards a more natural view like a lakeside, forest, trees, beach or sunset. It is all about returning to where it all started from. Nature has always been giving to us. It is also helpful when you are depressed and discouraged to lose weight for some reason, nature will promisingly fill you with new positive vibes and make you tremendously motivated to lose weight. Exercising at home and exercising in a natural surrounding are two different scenarios. Try out yourself to see the difference.

  • Get out and walk on the beach!
  • Go to the nearest park to do your morning exercise.
  • Even if there is no such natural view nearby, simply go out to walk and breathe in some fresh air.

 7. Pilate


Find out new ways of exercising. Learn how to do Yoga, learn aerobics, learn pilates and whatever way of exercising you find interesting. Keep yourself interested in exercising at all situations and circumstances.

 6. Motivational Quotes


Keep yourself motivated with quotes like above. Such quotes keep you reminded of the benefits of exercising. There is a quote that says “if you still look cute at the end of your workout, you have not trained hard enough”. Motivating right?

 5. Fated To Be Over-Weight? It’s Time To Change It


Some people are overweight because of their hereditary fat gene. This fat gene makes them more prone to be obese. However there is good news for them! Exercising can master your fat gene and make you 27% less likely to be obese than those who have a fat gene. Do you know what that means? That means EXERCISE IS A GAME TURNER! You can even change your fate via exercise forever.

  • You will have to exercise more often and train harder.
  • Keep a check on your diet.
  • Never skip exercising.

Other Crucial Ways To Lose Weight

There are several other ways to lose weight without harming your health, those ways are listed below.

 4. Sip On Green Tea


According to experts, green tea helps you kick off fat faster and it also has a compound in it that decreases the absorption of fat from our body. This means that the fat you already had will be shed faster and the fat you have consumed in your diet will be absorbed in the least possible amount.

  • Sip on green tea after every meal.
  • You can have green tea for about 3-5 times in a day to help you lose weight faster.
  • The best part is that it has no side effects.

 3. Consume More Of Vitamin D


A research was carried out to find out the benefits of vitamin D3. The research suggested that vitamin D helps you lose more weight in comparison with people who do not have enough of this vitamin in their body. it also works by speeding up your hormone signalling. Leptin, a hormone in our body that sends nerve signals to the brain that we are full.

 2. Have A Time Fixed For Training


Have a time fixed for working out, at that time you are supposed to exercise no matter what. When you are supposed to exercise you are supposed to exercise and nothing should change that, not even lack of time. As the clock strikes “TRAINING TIME”, leave everything and start exercising.

  • Keep your laptop and your cell phones aside while training. In fact switch your phone to flight mode so that no calls or messages can distract you.
  • Leave everything when it is training time.
  • When in lack of time, change your daily exercising routine and do some simple exercises but do not skip exercising completely or it may backfire.

 1. Drink Water!


Water is very crucial for our body.It helps us digest food and provides a pH balance medium for all the chemical reactions occurring inside of our body. It increases the metabolism of our body therefore helping with keeping fit, slim, hot and healthy.


  • Lemon and honey water in the morning also helps you get rid of constipation problems.
  • Lemon detox water removes toxins from your body faster than usual and makes your skin glow.
  • Breakfast helps you lose weight by keeping you energetic throughout the day.
  • Most of the fruits are more beneficial when consumed along with their peel.
  • Detox water removes the toxins from your body and makes your skin glow.
  • Bathing in water with Epsom salt in it can help you maintain your body shape.
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