10 Simple Running Late Hairstyles

With our routines getting busier by the day, we all our guilty of not having enough time to spare out for our hair. After spending hours on our makeup, we usually don’t give much time to our hair which somehow leaves the look incomplete. However, today I will show you some really simple hairstyles and some tips about how to make your hair grow faster which do not require much of your time, energy and with the least number of products required.

1. The Illusionary Braid

The illusionary braidThis is ideally for medium or who have similar hairstyles for long hair. To make this hairstyle, straighten your hair. Pick two chunks of hair, from the front-right corner and from the front-left corner of your forehead. Later when you will repeat the steps, you will take hair from below these two chunks. Twist them inwards and tie them both at the crown of your head, with an elastic band and tighten a bit. Repeat these steps thrice and spray some hairspray to smoothen any fly away. As chic as it looks, it is very simple to make with just three elastic bands and a comb, which means you can easily make the hairstyle in your car or wherever you find the time and convenience to.

2. Simple Side Fishtail Braid

Simple Side Fishtail BraidThis is basically a fishtail braid done on long hairs with some teasing done here and there and some teasing done at the top to create that messy runway look. If you are running late, I suggest you make a side fishtail, tie it down with an elastic band and leave for your destination. To get the look, you will start off with parting your hair centrally and collecting them all at one side. (Usually people side all their hair at the left. Or in case you are going to take pictures, side them to whichever side you think is more photogenic because you would want your hairstyle to show in the pictures being taken.)

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3. Fishtail Duo

Fishtail DuoJust as the name suggests, this is a combination of two simple fishtail braids made from the front of your temporal hairline which are tied at the crown of your head. Make a fishtail braid starting from the front-right corner of your head. Make another fishtail braid starting from the front-left corner of your head. Now simply tie both the fishtail braids at the crown of your head and tighten the band. Spray down any fly aways and TADAAA! You are done!

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4. French Braid

French BraidThis is for simple centrally made French braid hairstyles. French braids are my all time favourite, especially when I do not feel like shampooing my hair. Here is a simple DIY technique to make this style. All you need to do is take three little chunks of hair from the front of your temporal hairline and start a braid. These will make the three strands for your braid. As you go further, you will keep adding hair to every strand. Remember to add a little hair at a time. Once you reach the crown of your head, you would want to add larger chunks to every strand in order to finish your braid at the nape of your neck.

5. Side French Braid

Side French BraidThis is a side French braid made by collecting the hair slowly at one side, for shoulder length hairstyles for medium hair. To get the look, you first need to make a side part. Then you need to tuck your bangs into a pin. Cover the pin with your hair. Now start making the French braid from the crown of your head. As you go down with your braid, you need pick your hair tighter from the side you want your braid to be at and looser from the opposite side so that your braid will be at a side and not in the middle. Once you are done, loosen the braid from below the crown and tie the end with an elastic band.

6. Loose Curls

Loose CurlsFor this hairstyle, you need to part your hair into three or four sections. Tie every section. Curl every section with a curling rod. You shall take smaller chunks for curling, from where your hair frames your face. Curl one section at a time. Once you are done curling all your hair, open the curls with a tail comb or with your finger. Tail comb, however, will give you finer waves. To complete the look, spray your hair with a firm hold spray.

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7. Half Up Hairdo

Half Up HairdoTo get the look you will first need to tease your hair a bit from the crown of your head to add some volume. Then you will have to curl the hair with a hair straightener. Yes! These are straightener curls. Then you will loosen the curls a bit with a tail comb. Lastly you will gather some hair from the front temporal hairline and pin them at the crown.

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8. Simple Side Braid

Simple Side BraidThis is a super simple yet a very chic hairstyle. This is my summer favourite for the heat does not let me leave my hair loose. To get the exact look, however you need to have your hair straightened first, then parted centrally. You collect all your hair to one side and make a three stranded braid from them. Lastly tie them with a band.

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9. Fuller Pony Tail

Fuller Pony TailThis is one on the other ponytail. You must have noticed, tying your hair into a ponytail makes them look much shorter in length. This fuller ponytail is discovered to take away this worry from all the ladies. Part your hair from behind into two sections. Clip up the above section and make a ponytail of the lower section. Then make a smoother pony tail above and cover the one below.

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10. Side Bun

Side BunThis is another of my favourite hairstyles for summers. Side part your hair. Gather all your hair into a side, twist them all and nicely pin them up into a bun. The best part about this hairstyle is that it can be made on any occasion, formally or casually.

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