20 Simple And Easy Lazy Girl Hairstyle Tips That Are Done In Less Than 2 Minutes

Submitted By Alissa Ward  

As the clock ticks, our routines get more hectic. With such hectic routines and such less free time nobody really has time to neither do their makeup like a professional nor do they have time for making hairstyles that take hours and hours. Catering to our busy routines I have suggested some hairstyles and some hair growth tips that will take a minimum of 2 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes, no more than that. You must have heard the saying “Practice makes a Man/Woman Perfect”, insert it over here and with some practice you will be able to execute these hairstyles really well.

20. The Extreme Side Part


It has been more than a year now yet this extreme side part hairstyle is still running wild in girls. Why not? It takes so much less time than any other hairstyles and such less energy too. The best thing about the above coiffure is that it lets you embrace your hair’s natural texture. You don’t have to curl or straighten your hair because it looks cool without it. Take a slight break from all that heating and styling and do the side part.

19. Curls And Swirls


When you are styling your hair, a haircut helps you a great deal, especially when you are curling your hair. A layered haircut helps each and every curl in standing out from the other and your hard work shows more prominently. For this hairdo, you will start with side parting your hair first. Secondly you will do the teasing on the top with a rat tail comb to add that puff effect. Once done, you will smoothen it down and start curling your hair. After curling them, you will have to open the curls to make them look ample. Lastly you’ll spray them and DONE!

(Note: to make another hairstyle the next day, do not shampoo them.)

18. Loose Curls Side Part


Initiate with dividing your hair into a side part. Curl your hair with a curling wand. When done, open those curls to attain loose curls and gather them at one side. That’s it!

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17. Keep It Straight


Straight and healthy have always been the synonyms of gorgeous hair. You will initiate with adding the heat protection spray to your hair generously. Straighten your hair to the needed amount and end with extra glossy spray to add shine to your hair. Go out and enjoy the day.

16. High Ponytail


Yo mama is so sexy! High ponytails have always won my heart for they require almost no hard work on them. Just smoothen your hair with a comb and tie them up as high as you want and that is about it. However in this case you will have to straighten your hair first and then tie them up into a ponytail.

15. Deep And Straight Side Part


Here again no excessive hard work is required from you. Initiate with straightening your hair with the straightener, once you have straightened them, section them up into a deep side part and finish it off with spraying some extra glossy spray. Tada! You’re done!

14. Side Pinned Down


The coiffure shown above requires you to start with curling your hair at the ends only, three-fourth (3/4). As you get done with the curling, loosen those curls with fingers to attain a loose curl effect. Now side part your hair. Take a chunk from each side, twist is inwards and tuck it underneath your hair.

13. The High Knot Bun


Initiate with evening out your hair with a comb. Gather all your hair high up at the crown. Tie them into a ponytail. Make a knot bun from that ponytail and pin it from below to make it last longer. This bun can be worn casually, semi-formally or formally. Now it depends on you how and where to wear the coiffure.

(Tip: It will be easier to gather your hair higher if you do it with your head downwards.)

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12. Side Knot Bun


Does it not look ravishingly glamorous to you? Well, to me it surely does and I am impressed. Commence with side parting your hair and by side part I mean the deep side part. Gather the hair at one side, whichever side you want your bun to be. Leave some front hair, make a knot bun from the rest of your hair and secure pins in it. Now take the hair you left earlier and rotate it all around your knot bun to create the messy look. Spray over it when done.

11. Rock It Short


Short is the new cool. If you have short hair, no worries! Side part your hair. Now with the part with more hair, curl your hair outwards to create volume and with the part with lesser hair, curl your hair inwards to camouflage a deep side part. This can be done when you have a meeting at your office or when you are going to have family dinner. I suggest wearing the coiffure formally.

10. Headband Hairstyle


We are going to start with doing our hair into a one sided parting. Secondly we will be wearing a hair band/headband over our head. Now we’ll start to go upwards and inwards with our hair upwards and inwards the band, upwards and inwards the band, upwards and inwards the band with all our hair. We will then gather all the hair at one side and make a loose three stranded braid. Before tying the braid, we will further loosen it from parallel sides to give that rope braid effect. This is an everyday as well as a semi-formal hairstyle.

9. The Bow Bun


The bow bun also known as Mickey Mouse hairstyle is cute and sassy. You initiate with gathering all your hair into a high ponytail while leaving a chunk of hair underneath, right in the middle. Smoothen it and divide the ponytail into two equal sections and roll the sections inwards. Pin both the sections on your head to secure them. Now take the chunk we first left out from the pony and bring from the centre of both the sections, rolling it inwards towards the crown of your head, pin it down on your head to secure it. Add more pins if you think you will need it. However there is another way to make this bun which you can find on other pages of the site.

8. High Messy Bun


This bun is so glamorous and yet so easy to make that you will just not believe it. We want this bun to be messy so we will not smoothen our hair with a comb, instead we will use our hands. Gather all your hair at the top of your head, taking them as high as you want your bun to be. Smooth the hair with your hands. Tie them into a ponytail and make a knot bun or simply rotate them all around. Secure with some hair pins and finish with the extra glossy hairspray to make your bun shine. Add a headband or hair band of your choice to the look. She chose to wear a black hair band which does not show much. You can always wear a more sparkly or flashy one if you want.

7. Fishy Fishtail


Fishtails always look lovely and they show that you are not lazy in terms of making hairstyles. I really seem to like people who make fish tail I do not really know why, but I kind of develop an unknown liking towards them. To kick-off, you will smooth your hair with a comb and gather them all at the back of your head. Make a ponytail with an elastic band. Take two parallel little chunks of hair and go in opposite directions, left and right, left and right, left and right. Continue doing this while taking a new chunk every time. Once done, pull it from parallel sides to loosen it up. Now secure it at the end with an elastic band and cut the one we tied above.

6. Adorned Side Fishtail


Fishtails are now getting very common. To make it look different and more formal, you can add hair accessories to it. Here in the picture, we see some pearl beads inserted into hair pins. Those hair pins are then added to the braid in a quite synchronised manner with equal gaps in between. It looks very pretty. You will initiate with gathering all your hair at a side and making a fish tail braid out of it. Secure it with a band and add the desired hair accessories to it.

5. Formal Sock Bun


To make this coiffure you will need a sock. Cut its toe section and roll it over to make a circular and tubular sock piece. Tie your hair into a ponytail. Now insert the third-fourth part of your pony into the sock piece. Roll your pony inwards towards your head crown. Keep rolling your hair inwards until you reach the head crown. Do not worry if you do not achieve it neat and tidy in the first attempt. Keep trying until you are ready to make it at any formal events.

4. Side Braided Sock Bun


It is just another sock bun made on the nape of your neck with a side French braid. You need to kick-off with making a side French braid. I hope you know how to make a French braid. You will then continue making the braid till the end. However after the ear lobe, you will stop taking new sections from the hair and continue as a normal three stranded simple braid. Pin the braid at the back and start making your sock bun now. Once done, end with a glossy hairspray oozes.

3. Side French Braid With High Ponytail


She is one of my favourite characters from once upon a time. We will again kickoff with making a side French braid after side parting the hair. We will stop taking new sections of the hair from behind the ear and continue making a normal three stranded braid. Leave the braid loose after pinning the braid. Straighten rest of the hair and tie them into a high pony tail. Now remove the pin from the braid and cover the pony tail with the braid made earlier. You can rock this look at a formal event or at a casual day depending on the kind of dress you wear along. She wore it formally.

2. Side French Braid Bun


The girl chose to wear it with the brown smoky eye makeup and no jewellery you may however add jewellery to complete the look. Kick off with parting your hair at one side and start making a French braid from the side with more hair. This side French braid will, whatsoever continue till the nape of neck. You will go ahead with taking new sections of hair until you reach there and then from there onwards you will continue making a normal braid. Make sure you make a braid out of all your hair. Later you will rotate the braid and form a bun out of it. Secure it with hair pins and close it with some hairspray while protecting your face.

1. Medium Hair No Fear


Medium hair girls do not have to loosen their hearts. They are the luckiest ones. Why?

They can rock the look without really working hard on it. Carefully eye the girl above! To achieve this coiffure all you need to do is straighten your hair with a straightener off course. Once your hair has been straightened you will spray them with a hairspray and scrunch them up to create that messy look. Scrunch your hair while it is still wet with the spray. Do not wait for it to dry. Remember, this has to be a really quick process, SPRAY and SCRUNCH, immediately.

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