8 Signs That Your Guy Is Cheating On You


It’s true that women are much more perceptive and intuitive than men when it comes to relationships and life, in general. Sometimes, our perceptiveness is what gets us labeled as paranoid or drama queens. Though this may be true to some degree, there’s little doubt that most of the time, our sixth sense is totally accurate that something is off. When it comes to guys, they all act and react in a generally similar way, which can be predicted pretty easily. This is why there are a zillion articles out there telling us girls what exactly our guy will get up to if he’s losing interest in you and gaining it elsewhere. The question is which of these thousands of signs are sure shot guaranteed to occur if your man is cheating on you. Read on to find that out the exact 8 signals that your man will send out if he indeed is hooking up elsewhere.

The defensive stance


‘I’m not like that’. How many times have guys spoken this line to a suspecting girlfriend is beyond me. If you so much as talk about another guy who cheated on his girl, in evidently, the guilty conscience of a guy who is doing exactly the same will jump into gear and exclaim unnecessarily that he would never do that, or he’s just not like that. As if you needed any clarifications! If your guy takes the defensive position and acts all jumpy when you mention a cheater, beware. Nothing ever gets a man so defensive for no reason. He’s definitely hiding something. Usually such things happen in an open-relationship where you are not legally bound to each other.

‘You’re a psycho’


This is the classic method adapted by scheming men, when they feel you’ve got your doubts about their loyalty. They’ll play the victim and accuse you of being unfair and make you feel like you’re acting like a crazy psycho! If he’s really all that innocent, why make you feel like the brutal bad guy? A more realistic reaction would be to simply explain to you why he’s failed to give you the time or attention that makes you think he’s got his interest somewhere else, and better yet, make up for his bad behavior. A guy who loves you would think twice before telling you that you need to see a psychiatrist. Don’t let this go as a joke or a seemingly harmless comment. Now would be a good time to be on your guard. People often start acting like psychos if they are facing any kind of unhealthy relationships.

Jumpy texts or phone calls

This is the most obvious signal your guy can send out. All the alarms are going off in your system, screaming out that there’s something extremely fishy going on. If your guy suddenly rushes out of the room to answer a phone call, or acts incredibly jumpy about a text message, something is definitely not right. When his cell phone starts being treated like a treasure and less like a device, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get snoopy. By snoopy I don’t mean start acting like a crazed paranoid girlfriend!

It simply means to start noticing his jumpy reactions and keeping an eye on how secretive he is with his cell-phone. If he doesn’t let you so much as hold it for a few minutes and snatches it back, it’s not because he’s getting you a secret vacation booked at an exotic beach resort, that much is for sure! try playing some texting games to cool down.

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