9 Signs Of A High Functioning Alcoholic

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Upset or glad, be it a celebration or devastation opening up a bottle is seen both the cases. So, alcohol could be a friend at all times absolutely. If you want to see the graph of alcohol consumption you would surely se a rise in the statistics in a past few decades. With the increase in depression usually it has become more common to over dose oneself with alcohol for a good relief. A high functioning alcoholic is said to be involved in this activity very intensely and such alcoholics could be havoc for their own selves as well as the surroundings.

Here in this topic we provide with you the approximate signs that can help you calculate the intensity of alcoholism a person is subjected to. These 9 signs would help you gauge for a person to be a high functioning alcoholic or not.

9. They Will Try And Hide

They will try and hide

Yes! The chronic alcoholics will now try and hide it from you. They have become just too addicted to it and now they do not want it to be known to everyone how badly their addiction has reached so high.
Alcohol taken in a high dose even if you are not getting influenced by it will never be taken as a good sign by the one beside you. So you know it’s better to hide it rather than keeping it at front.

  • These individuals might keep their booze under the desk and sip it whenever they get a chance to do so.
  • They might even keep one in their car for the way.

8. Will Always Come Up With Reasons

Will always come up with reasons

Filling your glass with nothing but alcohol is surely a behavior that every individual knows is not right. The ones who are drinking or the ones who are accompanying both of them are aware that this type of drinking is not safe. As far as the one who is not drinking is not to be associated with the term ‘High functioning alcoholic’ but for the one who loves to drink uncontrollably will be termed so. Such alcoholics know that they are doing it the wrong way but then again they have their own pile of reasons to justify it.

  • Though the alcoholics provide with a couple of really supportive reasons to justify their act but it is never really justified to go uncontrollable on any given activity.
  • They could come up with sensible to hilarious reasons which have no link to the present situation even.

7. Reacts Aggressively

Reacts aggressively

High functioning alcoholics could be harshly aggressive over minute things. They just do not know how to react if they are triggered. They usually end up reacting aggressively. Such individuals are not really acceptable by the society. No one really likes to be targeted for petty issues frequently.

  • Many times the aggressive behavior gets harmful as well.
  • It’s not like a person shall be drunk to react that way even if the individual is not under such influence he could react the same way too.

6. Blackouts


Yes! You read that right. Blackouts! Some people can get a murky vision that could possibly result literally the other way round for the alcoholic individual. Blackouts are unquestionably not a good sign for any one at all.

  • They definitely show a signs of great importance to look into the matter acutely.
  • Anything related to such health issues must be made clear before getting into great big troubles.

5. 2 Drinks Are Never Enough

2 drinks are never enough

Well if you ask an alcoholic for a third pack they would never say no to that. So, on that note you can easily judge to a good extent the echelon of alcohol they require to get in form.

  • Such people are never fulfilled with just one or even two drinks.
  • They require some good booze to fulfill their appetite for alcohol.

4. Drastic Change In Behavior

Reduce intake of Alcohol

As much as want to deny the fact that alcohol has no effect on the person after its influence is finished there is not much to deny when the changes are noticeable. Alcohol somehow or the other has an overall impact on your personality which is somehow again reflected over your behavior.

  • Observing a person transiting from a non alcoholic to an alcoholic would provide you a good idea about it.
  • The behavioral changes are slow but sure.

3. Not Drinking Can Affect Their Emotions

Not drinking can affect their emotions

It’s like if you are on certain medications for long and you suddenly drop their intake! The body shows some withdrawal symptoms. To avoid such case scenarios it is often a practice to leave the drug in a tapering dose i.e. by reducing the amount of dose.

  • Regarding alcohol it is the same, when a person is on a high consumption of alcohol and then he abruptly puts a stop to it there are adverse effects that can occur.
  • There are emotional alterations like anxiety and stress.
  • Other than that in extreme cases it is also noticed to see person undergo rapid heart and even seizures.

2. No Hangovers Even After Many Drinks

No hangovers even after many drinks

This is a frequent observation that when your body gets used to of something it doesn’t respond to it the same way as it had done initially. This phenomenon is followed by the body when it goes under the similar exposure on recurrent basis. The body gets familiar with it and its threshold increases to give a certain usual response for that particular experience.

  • Hence when the regular high functioning alcoholics drink they do not get hangovers even after several drinks.
  • They remain sober on a few drinks as compared to the occasional alcoholics.

1. Drink Rather Than Eating

Drink rather than eating

There is an urge for the alcohol amongst the high functioning alcoholics. Just like food lovers the high functioning alcoholics love to prefer alcohol over anything. There could be times when they would prefer having a few drinks instead of taking a meal. These high functioning alcoholics love to that for the sake of alcohol.

  • It’s sometimes a treat for them to have their favorite brand of alcohol over any meal.
  • Their appetite is usually higher for the alcohol rather than food.
  • Having an urge to have a drink is always higher on the graph than wanting to eat some good food.

Issues Observed

  • The high functioning alcoholics tend to break their personal life commitments, however on a professional level they do not do so.
  • According a survey held by National Institutes of Health, it has been stated that about 25 % of the high functioning alcoholics suffer from depression and struggles.
  • Such people might even try to become anti-social when it comes to their personal life.
  • Many high functioning alcoholics might say that they have specified their timings to drink alcohol just to give themselves a satisfaction. Though in reality these alcoholics are not really bound to times.

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