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20 Signs He Is In love With You

The feeling of turning towards tarot cards, fortune cookies, gems and stones is pretty common among girls who have spotted their mister perfect. He might be a very deep crush or a man one has just recently got into a relationship with. Moreover, they look for various ways to determine whether their handsome hunk loves them back or no. Every other woman around the globe expects and wants to feel loved by the one that they have their hearts for but at times it becomes complicated to decide that what the other actually feels. Chances might be that he loves you but is an introvert and doesn’t open up about his feelings, he loves you but isn’t sure of his feelings as yet as even he himself hasn’t stood heads on against them or he’s just an emotionless moron who shouldn’t be thought about and should be eradicated from your life, then you know the drill; Alt+F4+Delete.

However, that prince charming might be head over heels for you as well and if you need to confirm this then continue reading as below are various signs gathered to make you understand whether he’s actually in love with you.

“Perplexed as to whether he loves you or loves you not? Not anymore.”

20. Is Cuddling Whenever You’re Around

Is cuddling whenever you’re aroundA man who loves you won’t care if you’re in the club, in the middle of a party with his friends, in the car while he’s driving, while reading a book or just taking a walk along the park or lakeside; he just won’t hesitate to do cuddling with you. He does so because he gets an inner urge to hold you close to himself and playfully make you feel wanted. Moreover, cuddling is considered to be a primary and foremost sign that he really feels for you and you shouldn’t think twice before falling for him in the same manner too. Even you can show your love by,

  • Cuddling him too.
  • Pinching his cheeks.
  • Calling him cute names.
  • Having fun at its peak while with him.

19. Talks About You With Sheer Pride

Talks about you with sheer prideIf you’re going through this confusion of ‘does he love me’ then consider one thing which will clear all of your tensions and confusions which is how often and in what manner does he talk about you. For this you need to observe and analyze him as to how he talks about you in front of his friends. The praises and compliments need not only be about big things but petty things as well. Girl, know this that if he considers your minutest achievement to be really big and gets attracted to you because both of you are addicted to the same TV shows then he’s certainly the one. Moreover, consider this,

  • Does he praise you in front of them as to how you looked that evening or telling them about your achievements at college or work?
  • Do you feel that he feels dignified and proud that you’re his girl?
  • He isn’t in a state of complex from you if you’re more successful than him.

18. He Tries To Express His Emotions

He tries to express his emotionsApart from undergoing a confused state as to does he love me or him cuddling you, what matters more is whether he tries to express his emotions to you or no. Moreover, even if he’s not an emotional person or isn’t much emotionally opened up if he really loves you then he’ll certainly make all the efforts to express his love and care for you. Don’t really pay heed to the sudden awkward moments that occur but pay attention to what he has to say, it will definitely touch your heart.

17. Making Eye Contacts

Making Eye Contacts‘Does he love me?’ yes, he does love you if he’s constantly making eye contacts with you. Ladies, know this that if a man is interested he’ll always be looking at you and you guys will be making eye contacts more than ever but if he seems to have lost interest then his eyes will determine that for you since they’ll avert from looking at you or trying to catch a single glance of you. Ever caught him looking at you when you looked towards him? If it’s a yes, then he’s the man!

  • Making an eye contact is a form of intangible touch between both the souls.
  • Making eye contacts is an initial step to fall in love.
  • Just by looking at the eyes you can tell whether they’re in love with you or no.

16. He Prioritizes You

He Prioritizes YouHow do you know if a guy likes you? Girls, it’s all in his gestures! If he cancels plans for you, pauses his video game just to reply to you, takes out the time to call you while having a night out with boys, manages to reply you even if he’s caught up with some stuff and mostly gives you the importance you want and makes you feel like a princess then it’s the greatest sign a guy likes you and is totally in love with you.

15. He Apologizes When Wrong

He Apologizes When WrongAll you lovelies, how do you know if a guy likes you? You’d know that if he isn’t egoistic with you and isn’t hesitant to say sorry when it’s his fault. A genuine advice to all of you girls reading this, it’s fine to have a bit of ego but having innumerous amount of it especially against your partner isn’t good and if you’re with a guy or like a guy who has this trait in him then leave immediately without thinking twice because it’s hard to spend your life with a person like him who’ll only cause you disappointment and distress. Moreover, at times it takes a fight to realize how much the other person loves and respects you. Love is all about,

  • Having a fight or an argument.
  • Dropping your pride.
  • Admitting your mistake.
  • And apologizing for it.
  • And if he does all of this then it’s a sign a guy likes you.

14. He loves You Makeup- less

He loves you makeup- lessA girl can shout out loud and say that ‘I love my boyfriend!’ if he loves her for her natural beauty and makeup or no makeup he loves you the same. I totally get the fact that you dress to impress and are a drop dead gorgeous person who becomes the center of attention wherever you go. However, the guy who will be your always and forever will love you even when you aren’t dressed fancy or haven’t washed your face the whole day. Remember, it’s better to become your man’s Sunday morning rather than his Saturday night!

“Now you don’t have to stay confused anymore because you can easily determine as to whether he’s really in love with you.”

13. He Doesn’t Look At His Phone When With You

He Doesn’t Look at His Phone When With YouThe utmost respect someone can give you is not to constantly look at their phones while you’re around. Moreover, sitting with people or while attending an event if someone is found continuously texting away then it seems highly inappropriate. However, if your guy is considerate enough and doesn’t use his phone apart from replying back to urgent texts or taking urgent calls then you should surely keep him and shouldn’t let go of him at all. If such a trait is found in your guy then,

  • Tell your friends about his qualities and say ‘I love my boyfriend’ loud and clear.
  • Be proud to be the love of his life.
  • Stay by him throughout.

12. He Takes Care Of You

He Takes Care of YouUsually every woman carries this sort of mindset that her man should be mature enough to handle bizarre situations and should be able to fix things. Girls, if he does that then he are definitely the guy you’ve always been looking for! So you’d be thinking that how do you know when you’re in love? Get the facts straight,

  • If he’s there for you.
  • Tries to fix things for you.
  • However, he isn’t a perfect person who can make swiftly change bad things into good.
  • But still if his actions show that he has tried then you know that he’s in love.
  • Moreover, since you adore his acts of caring then you know that you’re in love with this care bear too.

11. Interested About You

Interested About YouLadies, how can you tell if a guy likes you? You can tell this by analyzing as to how much he is interested to know more about you. Furthermore, more than just your face and outer appearance he’s concerned to know about you as a person. Moreover, he’s interested in,

  • Your wants and desires.
  • Your deepest secrets.
  • Knowing more about your family.
  • Your dreams and goals in life.


10. Doesn’t Hide His Relationship Status

Doesn’t Hide His Relationship StatusFirstly, guys these days aren’t ready to commit. This is as so because they feel that they don’t want to get bound to just one girl and tend to play around with many. These sorts of guys aren’t the serious one’s and should never be considered. Ladies, understand this! If he talks about being with you without a relationship tag then don’t talk to him ever again because he isn’t a sincere gene. How do you know when you’re in love, is when you want to tell people that both of you are happily together and he does the same. Moreover,

  • He puts up pictures with you on social media.
  • Doesn’t hide his relationship status by appearing as single in front of others.
  • Doesn’t keep his relationship a secret but doesn’t publicize it either.

9. He’s Always Concerned About You

He’s Always Concerned about You

A quick question for all you lovelies, how can you tell if a guy likes you? One of the most evident signs would be that he is con concerned about you. Moreover, under a guy’s genuine concerns is his love and care hidden. So you know that he’s truly in love with you when,

  • He asks you to sleep early at night instead of talking to him on the phone because you need to wake up early.
  • He texts to ask whether you’re back home or not.
  • He knows when you’re upset and tries to cheer you up.
  • He randomly texts you I love you while you guys are in the middle of work.

8. He Wants You To Hang Out With His Friends

He Wants You to Hang out With His FriendsWhen your man wants you to hang out with his friends clearly means that he wants you around him all the time. This is as so because guys are usually out with their friends if not their girl and if he wants you to be there with him too then this is certainly a signal that he wants to be with you all the time and misses you when you’re gone.

7. It’s Fun To Be With Him

It’s Fun to Be with HimWho is up for a boring relationship? No one I presume. A healthy relationship is when both the partners enjoy with each other and aren’t sick and tired of being with each other. One should never feel that they’re just dragging the relationship because if it doesn’t come from the heart then there’s no use of it. Signs he loves you are,

  • He makes you laugh.
  • Cracks jokes which make you smile.
  • Knows how to pull you off your grumpy mood.
  • Enjoys exploring places with you.

6. Possessive About You

Possessive about YouI personally like guys who are possessive about their girls. However, possessiveness at a certain level seems good but when it gets out of the hand it seems to be more like madness and that is not healthy for either partner at all. You should know that he loves you and is the Chuck Bass you were always looking for when he gets jealous in certain situations in relevance to you and gets possessive about you. Like,

  • Doesn’t approve you talking to your ex.
  • Doesn’t want you to wear miniskirts in public.
  • Doesn’t like other guys picking you up from school or work.


5. He’s Selfless With You

He’s Selfless with YouOne of the signs he loves you is when he’s all up to compromising for you. Moreover, a guy truly loves you when he compromises for you although that thing is going against his will and he doesn’t want to yet he still does just for the sake of being with you. Ladies, if you find a guy like this then hold onto him tight because such guys aren’t easy to find.

4. He Texts You About Things That Remind You Of Him

He Texts You about Things that Remind You of HimDon’t getting random texts from your guy make you smile? I know how special it feels when you’re in the middle of something, your phone beeps and it’s a text from your sweetheart about the most awkward or random thing ever! But it makes you happy because he remembers you even during the busy hours of his day.

3. Doesn’t Stay Mad At You For Long

Doesn’t Stay Mad At You For LongGuys tend to lose their temper very suddenly and at times say harsh things in anger. However, to all the ladies reading this, if he does the following things then you should know that he truly loves you and genuinely feels for you.

  • Makes the first step to make up.
  • Apologizes even if he is not wrong.
  • Does all he can do be with you.

2. Surprises You With Your Favorite Movie Tickets

Surprises You with Your Favorite Movie TicketsBe it a horror movie, a chic flic or a romantic comedy, even if he doesn’t want to see since he loves you he will look up the show times for the movie you’ve been longing to see and will take you out on a movie date. These are short gestures which truly depict how much a man is in love with you. Moreover, how do you know you re in love? If you feel his sincerity and you are drawn towards him.

1.He Says IT!

He says ITSometimes people find those three words quite hard to say, usually because they aren’t quite sure of their feelings or just aren’t into the other person. But when a man says ‘I LOVE YOU’ to you be rest assured that he genuinely feels for you and is fallen in love with you in its most pure forms because when a man feels so he really means it and can’t keep it to himself for long.

Additional Tips

  • Balance your relationship by loving him the same.
  • Give equal or more amount of love to him.
  • Never be competitive with your partner.
  • Be happy in his growth.
  • Always push him towards the better.
  • Don’t try to change him, love him for who he is.
  • Always respect your man and make him feel so.
  • You should make compromises too.
  • Always discuss problems which arise between you too.


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