24 Scene Hairstyles To Give You A Better Look

Submitted By Alissa Ward  

I saw a girl with deep liner, hair with so many thin layers, with so many bangles in her hands and wearing a cartoonic shirt. I wonder what I would call it. I wanted to have that look desperately but couldn’t get any information which could possibly give me that look. A look that I haven’t tried, I was in a search of and successfully found. Its name is scene hair.

I thought of scene hairstyles for long hair in many different ways but not like the videos on the internet full of spraying and teasing all the time. I tried and now I want to share 24 scene hairstyles with you because you would never be able to find this much styles at a single place. I love my hairs and you will love your hair after this.

1. Style With Bandana


First on my countdown list is one of my favorite style is scene hair with bandana. It is most captivating style to look stylish and out of the world. This style needs no hair spray and no teasing, just you and your hair. Take a colorful Bandanna wrap it around your forehead and take flick and wrap them around the bandanna. It is best for picnics and beach.

2. Style With Ponytail


Ponytails have always been in fashion but when it comes to trendy looks you cannot know how much it looks beautiful. O my God! You will not believe how much people appreciate the idea. But It was just a desirable need that comes out as best as I had never thought of. It is Suitable for parties.

3. Style With A Flower


A flower can add absolute beauty to your hair but when it comes to scene hair, side swept bangs in the middle of the parted bangs is wildest combination of temptation. Longing for a supreme fashionista style, Try this natural resource of trendy fun style. You will fall in love with yourself.

4. Dye One Color


It’s a lovable experience to dye. It gives texture and new life to your hair. Do not afraid, dye cannot harm your hair. Most of the people have wrong idea about the scene hair. They think this cutting of hair is just a story of damaged hair due to excessive dye, spraying and teasing but it is not true. As you can see how fresh hair she has. You can even Dye your hair in two or three color, like multi shades and enjoy the variety of colors. Feel free and see the magic.

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5. Style With Different Dye


Believe me she has dared to color her long hair. She has used many and many different colors. Why can’t you? You can do each and everything in the world. You should enforce yourself to indulge and keep you updated with the trends. Pink, blue and many other colors you can wear with the scene hair. I want you to switch the best in you.

6. Style With Streaks

Scene Hairstyle With Streaks

Streak is utterance and blend of different attire. I am certain about the look and style. Streaks give illusionary volume to your hair as everyone say that styling scene hair is just a mess with thin hair in the ends. Mostly people dye blonds, pink, brown and sometimes three or four colors but I suggest you according to your complexion or do whatever color you want to, according to your mood. Fashion is all about you. Feel free in your skin and love the way you are.

7. Straighten Your Hair


There is another spray free hairstyle to style your hair. Take a straightener maximum apply 350 heat, simply gather your hair straight them layer by layer and yes you are ready to go with friends on a dinner party. You must be wondering is it that much easy to look fabulous and ravishing in no time. It turned out the way same as you would plan. Please apply less heat on your hair because sometimes extreme heat damages hair and than we wonder how to grow hair faster.

8. Scene Hair With Extensions


No volume, thin ends, so many layers, awkward situation of thin hair. If you are encountering with these problems and still not able to take out yourself from this messed up situation. Take the advantage use extension, part your hair and add them in between your hair. They will not be visible that you are using extensions either.

Long hair, voluminous hair are a dream of every girl; no one can ignore you after wearing these extensions. You will not be hopeless anymore; Extensions are there for you, same of your hair color. They are easily available in the market. Buy them from near stores out there.

9. Curl The Ends


Undoubtedly, curling your hair will add style to your hair. It is charming, suitable for any hair; whether you have wavy, straight, long, medium or short hairs. It means all in one package. You can add colors to your hair. You can curl just the ends if you have long or medium hair but if you have short hair you can curl all the hair from head till the ends and by that you will be successful to have fluffy curls. Isn’t it amazing? Give it a try, keep experimenting and follow your heart.

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10. Without Partitioned Bangs

Without Partitioned Bangs

It’s a very girlish hairstyle. It suits with every face cut and hair tone. It’s more looking like a Justin bieber style. Well she is a girl and it suits her also. I am suggesting you go for it. Hollywood styles are at your door but there is no way out except of wearing and carrying this style. Bangs have the rare quality of making your looks into other forms of beauty. Uncountable pleasure of looks with confidence.

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11. With Partitioned Bangs


With parted bangs you can differentiate the layers make them outward or inward. Getting back to Side swept bangs put them on one side and other hair from the forehead to other side. Tease your crown part put long hair on the shoulders put some in the back layers and the long hair both. Your simple style completed. You know what It belongs to you. It is a carry conviction move.

12. Style With Outward Bangs


Emo style is famous for its bangs which, no doubt gives a baby look and focuses your face at an urge of extreme cuteness. There is a misconception that both are two different hairstyles but it’s not the exact picture actually. Scene hair has a lot much layers but both have fringes on the forehead. Take a straightener,

Take the side swept bangs wrap around the plates of straightener and move out the straightener in the upward, outward direction away from the face. Apply dark liner and you are ready within 5 minutes. I love it. Do you?

13. Style With Hair Bow


It is another spray free hairstyle, without much teasing. Straight your hair with a straightener then from the parted bangs area take some hair, place your fingers in hair and make two loops in opposite direction then take some hair and wrap it between the two loops it will firm the hair bow on the top side of your head. Use black bobby pins. You are ready now!

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14. Style With Bun


Beauty is at its peak! Have someone picked up a line on you? If yes, how much its feel secure, young and energetic. If no, then convert this NO into yes. This indie hairstyle with scene hair bun on the top makes you eternal. When you hear about an actress, what of her things appeals you the most?

It’s probably her styles especially her updos. You follow them why? because it clicks you. The idea derived from the whole scenario is when something looks good it attracts you. Do you want to be attractive? Decide it and then let me know by making it.

15. Style With Leopard Pattern

Scene Hair With Leopard Pattern

This short scene hairstyle has taken all my preference and love. I have never seen such versatility and design on hair. Things like these appear only on shirts and accessories but it takes my heart. This is so much variant, vibrant and up to the mark style. I am not kidding because it’s the time to take a serious note on your hairstyles. Not just leopard pattern but the polka styles, zebra pattern and many more. You can accessorize it with below mentioned tips and styles.

16. Style With Crimping

Scene hair with crimping

Am I looking good? Am I looking the way you want? Are you an attention seeker? Scene hair with crimping. It is an awesome idea to go with, without wasting time. Take an iron with zig zag plates apply onto your inner hair and flaunt them on your shoulder leaving upper hair straight on the sides. You can flourish it with many styles.

Like side ponytail, with bandana and many more above mentioned styles. Seduction ends on this style. Seduce the world with your hair, because hair know your worth and way to express you in more appropriate way than words.

17. Style With Braid

scene hair with braids

Strands and Scene hair, Let me show you, you have been refraining from this all of your life because you thought that you might not look good, People will laugh on you, you will lose the shine and brightness of your hair and then you stopped yourself from it. Ah! Just false thinking with wrong assumptions.

This style will tell you it’s not harmful at all. Take a comb remove all the tangles in your hair. Wear extensions if you need them make three strands braid, front layers must be on the face like bangs and side flick. It’s flawless; I think you don’t believe me. Experiencing something is better than tempting.

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18. Style With Curly Crown


Your praise encourages me whenever you look at me your eyes tells the story of your love for me. Thinking something about your loved one and sitting on a couch can make anyone feel wonderful. But to become someone’s love is not that easy, try to look perfect. Make hairstyles like her. It’s very easy just take few layers of your crown curl them and fix them with bobby pins. With parted bangs on the forehead you are ready to share another lovely moment.

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19. Scene Hairstyle With Teasing


Without teasing, scene hairstyle cannot get into perfect shape and style. Take the crown hair; take a comb move up and down your hair but be very careful because it can break your hair. If you want extra volume on your crown, then take some other hair near to the crown with comb move up and down your hair. Sprinkle some spray on your teased part. By spraying your hair will retain the teasing as it is.

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20. Style With Side Ponytail


Yes it’s me. Bangs on the face, teased crown, long hair in a ponytail and goggles. I found myself, it seems. The everyday look suitable for every occasion though your teacher is strict and want you to just try simple back to school hairstyle. What if I have Scene hair but still that notorious routine with ugly look? If you want to look stylish and want to be noticed by your mates go for it without any second thought. I am going for it, will wear it tonight. Will you?

21. Style With Beanie

scene hair-Style With Beanie

It is funky, it is easy, it is of my type none other than scene hair with beanie, yet simple and stylish. Style does not mean copying someone other. It is not dressing, looking and behaving like a woman always. Style is something you can carry without hesitation and vulnerability. Beanie is a knitted cap with a button on the crown which seemed together on the sides. You wear glasses with it and lots of bangles in your hands with tons of attitude. Are you ready for shopping?

22. Style With Long Pigtails


We have seen big ponytails, side ponytails, braided hairstyles but now it is the time to show a blend of these three. Make a partition of your hair make three strand braids after ending up with braids wrap it with elastic. Put all the fringes on your forehead and face. It is suitable for teenage girls specially to make it their everyday look. Kind of a back to school hairstyle. Want to dye you hair with one or different color, want to tease the crown as per the requirement you can adjust with this style. Easy to make!

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23. Style With Metal Crown


Do you want Miss Universe look? What are you thinking? Still confuse? Stay tuned with me, I will take you the next level of hairstyling. Yes you can be a cute princess, yes you are right. It’s not difficult, Take a metal crown of less weight or you can use silver, gold or diamond crown adjust it on your head right after the bangs and you’re done. Diva look and it feels like a miss universe is standing. Surprisingly less time consuming and enriched with style.

24. Style With Headbands


It’s about blue Scene hair, Headband of metal and longs hair. This woman in the picture is not only carrying a simple style with courage but her hair color is also unique but she is enforcing you and inviting you to try this without and fear. Long hairstyles are rewards of years. They take years but they will speak in the same as you want them to show. Do not afraid!

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