20 Safe And Natural Appetite Suppressants

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Hunger pangs are one of the biggest reasons of over eating and often make us eat when we don’t really need to. To control your appetite, burn calories and to achieve your body shaping goals is certainly a tough battle. We mostly loose the battle with this foe no matter how hard we try and we just can’t stop ourselves grazing like a lazy cow every time. Marketers add further fuel to the fire with the excessive marketing of their food products which drives us to eat more and more. If you are a healthy being, and are not suffering with any disease or sickness then you need to know that your hunger pangs are 99% psychological and 1% need.

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There is a huge variety of pills available in the markets that suppress hunger but they can have very harmful effect. Suppressing a natural process in an unnatural way is definitely not a good idea. Orexin hormone is responsible for triggering hunger so, when we take pills to suppress appetite, it hinders the production of orexin and in turn it disturbs our hormone system. So try using natural appetite suppressants instead of synthetic suppressants to curb your hunger.

Orexin hormone

These natural suppressants have many advantages and it is a secure method to lose weight, therefore it is first choice for millions of people around the world. Synthetic suppressants are very effective solution but for the short time period and they also have many side effects. Try these natural suppressants and see the magic. You will simply love them.

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“Control your cravings; try out these natural and healthy appetite suppressants to keep you feeling full to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

20. Coffee

coffee....It is not essential that natural appetite suppressants are all solid food products. An average amount of coffee consumed with less sugar can act as a safe and natural appetite suppressant. It will also help you to keep your metabolism active. An ingredient known as caffeine present in coffee helps you to feel fuller for longer time. Various studies have showed that caffeine also improves mood and provides relief from headache.

19. Nuts

NUTS..Nuts are a natural way of taking nutritious food in small package. Nuts are fabulous in taste and are well known for being a healthy, safe and effective natural suppressant. Nuts contain healthy fats which controls cholesterol level in your body. The vitamin E, omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids and fiber present in nuts make them ideal snacks to keep you fuller all day. It promotes healthy skin and keeps you healthy. Snacking on meals in between meals can help you to keep your hunger at bay.

18. Oatmeal

oatmeal..Oatmeal is a healthy choice to keep you fuller. Oatmeal can help you to control your hunger as it boost appetite regulating hormone known as cholecystokin in your body. The beta glucan fiber in oats keeps low cholesterol level in your body when taken regularly. It also helps to improve digestive problems and balances bowl movement. It is said that oatmeal is ideal to consume in breakfast. Any kind of oatmeal is a good choice among different varieties. Avoid using flavored types of oat which may contain sugar. You can use oatmeal with natural honey and milk to keep you full all morning. Try oatmeal in breakfast as it is easy to cook and tasty too.

17. Apples

appleApple makes it easier to lose weight and to maintain digestion. Apples are very healthy appetite suppressant. They are loaded with fibers and antioxidants. Pectin in apple also keeps your insulin level in control. If you use apple as an afternoon snack, you won’t feel much hungry at lunch time. One normal size apple contains 4 grams of fibers. Apples can be consumed in variety of ways. Best way is to make fruit salad and add apple in higher concentration.

16. Ginger

ginger.Ginger slices and powder have been in use for centuries in both eastern and western cuisine. It has many health benefits but in use particularly for its ability of help in digestion and boost energy. Both of these properties help control appetite. In addition, many researchers have discovered that ginger contain fat burning and metabolism boosting enzymes and an animal studies in Japan also reported the presence of a compound called zingerone which resulted in significant weight loss in treated mice.

15. Mint


Mint, also known as Mentha is a herb. It is known for its strong and refreshing aroma. It is used in many products from toothpastes to inhalers and chewing gums because of its numerous health benefits. Mint tea is a very common appetite suppressant. People use mint tea for dieting because of its metabolism boosting and appetite controlling properties. It won’t only suppress your hunger but will also soothe your stomach in case of indigestion.

14. Bananas

Intake of BananasIf you want to suppress your cravings without consuming calories to stay smart, you definitely can’t miss adding bananas in your diet. It is one of the top rated appetite control foods. The best thing about bananas is that they make you feel fuller and hence the urge for a heavy meal get suppressed. It has uncountable health benefits. It contains high amount of minerals especially sulphur and potassium and many dietary fibers. It can be consumed in variety of ways, with or without combination with other fruits.

13. Avocados

avocado...Avocado is a unique kind of fruit often known as alligator pear or butter fruit because its shape is like a pear and possesses a bumpy skin. This nutritious fruit contains variety of vitamins and minerals with low saturated fats. It is perfect to control your hunger as it is high in fiber and nutrients. Besides that, avocado contributes to weight loss, improves digestion, maintains sugar level and fights against certain diseases including cancer. It is a complete diet to prevent many diseases and achieving good health. Studies show that oleic acid in avocados informs brain that your stomach is full and thus you don’t eat much.

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12. Water

Warm WaterA glass of water fills up the stomach and keeps you hydrated. Water causes the stomach to stretch and the sensors known as stretch receptors surrounding the walls of stomach helps you to control hunger. These stomach nerves send message to the brain that stomach has filled. Water also helps in digestion and to reduce belly fats.

11. Grapefruit

grapefruitGrapefruit work as an appetite suppressant and is used for weight loss. The juicy sweet and refreshing grapefruit keeps you beautiful and fights against aging process. It contains vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that lowers cholesterol level in body. This citrus fruit contains naringing which increases metabolism. Add grapefruit to your diet and it will definitely work to keep your hunger at bay.

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10. Watermelon

Watermelon-slices1Water melon is high in fiber and consists of 92% of water. This most watery fruit is very low in calories that mean you can take it anytime without worrying about calorie count. The abundance of glucose in water melon acts as an appetite suppressant by maintaining a proper insulin level in the body. It also will help reduce belly fat as it contains very less calories and very high vitamins. Water melon is not the only fruit that suppress your appetite. Besides that, certain other fruits like banana, oranges and pears can also curb your hunger.

9. Healthy Beverages

Healthy Beverages fluidIf you want to prevent yourself from eating too much than adding liquids to your diet is the best idea. It will not only keep your body hydrated, but also makes you feel fuller. Keep in mind that beverages you add in your diet should be healthy. Ginger tea, Cucumber water, lemon water and juices can work well for this purpose. Another good idea is, drink a glass of water before your go for meal, it will suppress the pangs of hunger and automatically you will eat lesser.

8. Cayenne Pepper

cayyene pepper...By adding this spice in your meals, you can boost your metabolism and calorie burn. In this way you can feel fuller and stop overeating. It also aid digestion and is known for its anti-fungal and anti-cold properties.

7. Eat protein In The Morning

Eat protein in the morningAnother good idea is intake of protein in breakfast to keep you satisfied whole day. Eating egg or yogurt in the morning will keep you satisfied to control your hunger. Studies showed that taking lean protein at other time rather than breakfast does not have same effect. So, make sure to consume it in breakfast.

6. Eat Dark Chocolates

Dark ChocolateWhen you feel hunger for sweets, eat dark chocolates to control your appetite. A piece of dark chocolate will help you to minimize your craving for it as the bitter flavor signals the body to reduce your appetite. Rather than consuming candies and milk chocolates try dark chocolates to control your hunger. The steric acid in dark chocolate slows digestion process and hence you feel fuller. If dark chocolate is bitter for you try using black coffee to feel you fuller longer.

5. Green Tea

green tea...The most famous drink in the world is green tea after water. Green tea has an ability to suppress appetite and prevents desire for food. It contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) a content that increases a hormone that keeps you satisfied instead of feeling hungry. Green tea also helps to reduce belly fats and prevents fats accumulation in your body.

4. Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds..Sunflower seed is another healthy snack to curb your hunger. These seeds are packed with nutrition that helps to stop the insulin projection which causes to accumulate fats in body. Remember that sunflower seeds are high in calories so don’t take more than half bowl.

3. Popcorns

PopcornsIf you want a healthy and tasty snack try a large pack of popcorns to control your appetite. Honey popcorn or butter popcorn contains more calories than simple air- popped popcorns. So, it is an excellent choice to select simple air-popped popcorns. You can get enough amounts of fibers through air-popped popcorn. Enjoy different flavored popcorn by adding pepper, chili powder or garlic powder.

2. Fresh Vegetables

VegetableTo curb appetite, consuming fresh vegetables is best option.try consume green salads after short intervals to control your appetite. They are rich in fibers with enough amount of water content present in it. You can add lettuce, cabbage and celery in your diet for suppressing hunger. Make a salad including all vegetables like carrot, cucumber, onion and fresh tomatoes. You can also take vegetable juices to suppress your appetite naturally. No matter how much hungry you are, trying these vegetables is a healthy choice. Mushroom soup is also an idea to suppress hunger. Boiled mushroom soup is bitter in taste that boosts up energy and you will not feel hungry.

1. Beans

beans..Beans are good source of fibers and they also contains proteins. Cholecystokinin is a substance found in legumes that helps in digestion as it is a digestive hormone. They have less calories and rich source of minerals. Diet experts recommend 2 to 3 cups of beans a week for robust health. You can take beans in different combinations including salads and soups.


  1. Don’t make yourself too dependent on appetite suppressants. Make sure you are taking balanced diet.
  2. Don’t take hunger suppression medicines as they can cause major health problems.
  3. Make sure that you are using natural appetite suppressants. Don’t go for artificial means for killing hunger.
  4. To reduce weight and to burn calories, take the help of exercise rather than completely depending on the appetite suppressants.
  5. Overtaking of suppressants may harm your health and can disturb your digestion. Don’t forget to take protein rich meals.