Home Remedies For Knee Pain

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Owing to our hectic and tiresome schedules knee pain, arthritis, joint pains, inflammation and other bodily pains are nothing new. A survey was carried out to find out how epidemic joint pains are. The results showed that out of every ten people, 2 people have some kind of pain in their body.Our schedules have gotten so busy that we barely get to take some time out to take care of ourselves. But you know what? THAT IS WRONG! ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

 Our body does so much for us. It lets us walk, it lets us eat, it lets us work, it lets us dance, it lets us move and it lets us do so many things that I can’t even mention them all here. In return, the least we can do is take care of it.

Knee pain is just the starting to a bigger problem. Instead of polluting our body with loads of medicines we can opt for a natural solution to it.

“15 home remedies for knee pain that can be easily implemented without spending a lot of money and without polluting your body with medicines. Stay in your budget and say no to chemicals now!”

 15. A Good Massage For Knee Pain


After a whole tiring day you deserve to be pampered a little even if you do not have some kind of pain and if you do, then getting a massage is a must. Massage will provide you instant knee pain relief. The massage can be done by your closed one, your maid or your physiotherapist. The physiotherapist can give you a more careful massage to ease your knee pain. They know where the body’s pressure points lie and where to put pressure on, in order to ease the pain of that particular part of the body. If you get a massage done but it does not make youfeel better, you are probably getting it done wrong and you should refer a physiotherapist.

 14. Resting Is Key


To restore the energy we have consumed throughout the day, resting is crucial! It helps you be at your best when you wake up. Here I would like to clear the confusion between sleep and rest. Sleeping is like shutting down your brain while resting is just hibernating your brain for some time. You need to rest when your body reaches the “I cannot work anymore” mode. You have to either shut down your system or hibernate it for a while or else your body will wear out before time. Not taking rest when your body asks for it is one reason behind the bodily pains we suffer from.

 13. Add Calcium Rich Foods To Your Diet


We were taught in school that Calcium helps in building bones and it also helps in keeping the bones strong. However we keep forgetting it! When knee pain or any other joint pain occurs, your body is giving you a clear signal to shift towards a healthy and balanced diet. We should add foods that are rich in Calcium and Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in the absorption of Calcium in your body. Here in the picture we have oranges, they are not as rich in Calcium as other foods. Oranges eaten in combination with any other food high in Calcium will assure that your Calcium intake will be successful. So make sure to eat calcium rich food for the effective knee pain treatment at home.

 12. Eucalyptus And Peppermint Oil


You must have noticed that most of the pain ointments have a menthol-effect to them on their application. These oils have wonderful qualities for knee pain relief. They cool down the area where it has been applied. That cooling effect is due to these two essential oils. Check the ingredients at the back of your ointment; it must mention eucalyptus oil and/or peppermint oil. I checked mine, it does!

You can avail the benefits of these oils by following the steps below:

  •  Take half a teaspoonful of both the oils.
  • Apply on the affected area.
  • Massage well until the oils are completely absorbed.
  • Cover the area to keep it warm.

 11. Castor Oil, Turmeric And Goat’s Milk

Castor Oil-Turmeric-And-Goat’s-Milk-Knee-Pain

Castor oil has a lot of health benefits. It is a must have at your home for it solves a lot of your health problems at hand. For knee pains, it is very beneficial as it helps you get rid of it overnight.Turmeric and goat’s milk added into it will make it an even more effective remedy. To avail the benefits of castor oil for knee pain treatment you will need to:

Quick link = Turmeric benefits

  •  Make a paste of Castor oil, Turmeric and Goat’s Milk.
  • Apply the paste on the affected area.
  • Cover the area once dried, and leave it on overnight.

“Get a relief from knee pain and other joint pains by using all these natural home remedies and prevent the minor knee pain from becoming a major problem of arthritis. Arthritis patients can also benefit from the remedies over time and with some patience.”

 10. Sleeping Position Matters A Lot


When you have pain in your knees or in any other joint of the body, you need to make sure that you are sleeping in a position that will provide comfort to the area in pain. In case of knee pain:

  •  Try to sleep with your legs straight.
  • Keep a pillow underneath your knees that is not too soft and not too hard.
  • It is better to cover the area in pain to keep it warm for knee pain relief.

 9. Fenugreek And Cumin Seeds


Fenugreek and cumin seeds are two magical little spices that are used in south Asian dishes and help ease joint pains. These spices have antioxidant properties. They prevent our blood cells from getting oxidised over time.They also help by thinning the blood and easing with blood flow. To gain their benefits for knee pain treatment at home, you need to:

  •  Take 5 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds and 3 teaspoons of cumin seeds.
  • Soak them over night in water.
  • Filter them and drink the water.

 8. Turmeric And Asafoetida


In the treatment of joint pains, turmeric has a significant importance in Ayurveda. It has an active ingredient, Curcumin. Curcumin is an antioxidant that saves the cells of our body from getting oxidised by being oxidised itself. Combined with asafoetida, the benefits will double. To avail the benefits of it for knee pain relief, you have to:

  •  Take two teaspoons of well crushed turmeric and one teaspoon of crushed asafoetida.
  • Make a paste by adding an essential oil.
  • Apply the paste and leave it overnight. You will see the results after a few applications.

 7. Hot Compress On Knee


Sometimes the pain is just too unbearable and you cannot wait for it to go by applying turmeric pastes or massaging with essential oils and leaving the leg to rest overnight. You need to continue with your work and recover faster. For such times, all you need is a well heated hot compress. It helps ease the muscle stiffness – one of the root causes to knee pain. You can buy a ready-made hot compress or make one at home filled with grains in a sack bag. For an effective knee pain treatment at home,you need to:

  •  Heat the hot compress.
  • Once it is at a tolerable temperature, rest in on your knee and you will feel better within no time.

 6. Walk And Keep Walking


Your knees are already crying and I am asking you to walk. I must be crazy. No!When your legs hurt, walk more. It helps a lot. You will evident yourself that as you walk, your muscles will feel less tight and the pain will start to diminish. At first your legs will feel more stiff, as you continue, the stiffness will go away and so will the pain. Walking is the best and the simplest of all exercises that will help with blood flow and ease your knee pain.All you need to do for knee pain relief is:

  •  Head out and start walking. Or simply walk at home.
  • Keep walking and you will feel the pain disappearing after 15 minutes or so.

 5. Have Some Fun With Pineapple Juices

Have-Some-Fun-With-Pineapple Juices-Knee-Pain

Pineapple is my favourate fruit. It is sweet and tangy both at the same time. It tastes delicious and has way too many health benefits alongside.Pineapple has a substance called Bromelain, it helps with knee pain by reducing inflammation and easing all other kinds of joints inflammation and pain. Its stem has the highest amount of bromelain, if you can possibly consume it. So make sure to eat pineapple regularly as an effective remedy for knee pain treatment. To benefit from it you have to:

  1. Consume a glass of fresh pineapple juice or incorporate it into your diet.
  2. Consume it after every three hours.

 4. Knee Exercises


You can also benefit from knee exercises in the long run. It increases the blood flow in your knees and enhances your stamina at the same time. There are several knee exercises to choose from. To start off, we have chosen the simplest one for knee pain relief. To do the exercise you will:

  •  Take a chair. Sit on it.
  • Set your legs at a comfortable angle.
  • Get up from thechair. Stay still for 30 seconds!
  • Sit down. Stay still for 30 seconds!
  • Initially do 3 sets of 10. Increase the frequency later on.

3. Ginger


Ginger is another ingredient in the kitchen which has antioxidant properties and numerous other health benefits. Ginger hasanti-inflammatory properties in it. You can add it as a spice in your food, enhance the taste of your food and ease your knee pain. However when consumed raw, it is most beneficial for knee pain treatment. There is, however, another way to intake it:

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  •  Take a whole ginger and cut it into little blocks.
  • Immerse it in a pan with 2 cups of water and bring it to boil.
  • Let it simmer on low heat until there is 1 cup water left.
  • Add lemon and honey to your desired amount and drink this herbal ginger tea.

 2. Garlic


Garlic is another ingredient that is part of our kitchen musts and has health beneficial properties. Garlic helps with thinning the blood and dilutes the cholesterol deposited in our arteries, therefore easing blood circulation throughout the body. When the blood circulation will be smooth, the chances of suffering from all kinds of pains will reduce. All these benefits make it perfect remedy to get knee pain relief. You can do this by:

  1.  Consuming a clove of garlic raw. Or,
  2. Adding garlic to your food.

  1. Soak In Epsom Salt


Epsom Salt is high in Magnesium, a mineral that is very important for human health. It maintains the body’s pH and has many other beneficial aspects. Epsom salt also helps reduce the cholesterol in our body when consumed. Epsom salt helps release the days stress when added in your bath. You can ease your knee pain by:

  •  Take two table spoons of Epsom salt and a cup full of hot water.
  • Dissolve the salt and soak the affected area for an hour or two. Or,
  • Fill a tub with hot water and mix 2 cups of Epsom salt to it. Soak in it for 1 to 2 hours.

 OLWOMEN Things To Know

  1. Goat’s milk has a high absorption power.
  2. When you cover your knee with a blanket, it stays warm. The heat eases with blood flow and provides an optimum temperature for the enzymes to act.
  3. If you can, simply chew fenugreek seeds, chewing it raw has more benefits. It tastes a bit weird but it will be worthwhile.
  4. Make sure the hot compress is tolerably hot. Don’t end up burning yourself.
  5. Consume the pineapple along with its centre part. The centre part and the stem of the pineapples have the maximum amount of bromelain in them.
  6. Bromelain is only effective when the pineapple is consumed fresh.
  7. Do not be impatient if you do not get results in one time. Continue doing a few of these remedies for a week and you will definitelyget results.
  8. Ginger can be added into your normal cup of tea as well.
  9. Garlic can help you reduce your weight when consumed raw.
  10. Victoria Beckham adds Epsom salt to her bath tub to maintain her flat tummy.

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