10 Odd Reasons You Bruise Easily And What You Should Do!

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A bruise is the reddish and purple stain of the skin which does not lighten, or turn white or pale when pressed upon. It is caused by many reasons that broke blood vessels under the skin which created bruise on your skin. In the start, the bruise is in black and blue appearance and when it starts to fade, it becomes green or brown because the body absorbs the blood cells and bilirubin pigments in the skin. The best treatment for easy bruising is to apply ice pack immediately after the injury.

Easy bruising can occur when the blood vessels in the body are weakened by some diseases such as scurvy or it can also occur because of the deficiency in blood clotting elements. There are various medication which also causes bruising easily including aspirin, prednisolone or blood thinners. Besides all these medical related reasons, there are other surprising explanations on why do I bruise easily, here are the 10 odd reason for it.

10. Pale Skin

Pale Skin

The people having pale skin are more likely to bruise easily than those who have darker skin but it is just an assumption because on the pale skin, bruise are visible easily and are more obvious. Though the people with darker skin also suffers from the visibility of the bruises, it rarely depends on the skin color, whenever you get injure or bruise, apply ice immediately which can help in reducing the pain and swelling of a bruise, the quicker it is applied, the quicker it will help in reducing the visibility and swelling.

9. Sun Damage

Sun Damage

As we all know that we need vitamin D for which the best source is sun but exposure of too much sun can cause damage to the skin because of its UV rays; it also damages the ability of a skin to repair itself. Skin which is damaged by the UV rays loses its pliability and resilience which can turn into easy bruising and more noticeable bruising. If you are sunburnt, this can also cause the bruising as heat causes the tissues of body to swell which in turn can also cause internal bleeding.

8. Lifting Weights

Lifting Weights

Though doing exercise and lifting weight is good for you but excessive amount of it can cause blood vessels to burst which will certainly lead to bruising. The common thing in exercising which causes bruises is the weight lifting because it leads to microscopic tears in the muscle fiber which shows up as bruises. There are some exercises which also might cause bumps which gets unnoticed which causes little traumas to certain areas ending up in bruising.

7. Getting Older

Getting Older

When people get older, they are more likely to bruise easily compared to when they were younger as it is the fact of life that when you get older, you lose your fatty layer under your skin which was there to provide cushioning in the event of bad falls and severe bumps. With the age, the production of the collagen slows down which results in the thinner skin that’s more prone to bruising. When you are old, it does not take more effort to cause bruising than it probably took when you were younger. A good treatment for the production of collagen is to take vitamin C lotions and creams for the skin.

“Disorders which reduces the ability of blood to clot, such as leukemia or hemophilia and any other blood disorder disease can cause bruising easily.”

6. Wrong Medication

Wrong Medication

You are taking wrong medication which leads to the blood thinner and makes the blood harder to clot which means that when you bang your leg or arm, the blood cells of your body will bleed a little more than normal which causes bruises easily, from all the medications, aspirin is the biggest criminal.

The blood disorders causes the bruising because the blood does not clot the way it should, the medications like aspirin are taken by some elderly people who takes it to help prevent harmful blood clots. There are certain medications which weakens your blood cells and leads to an increased possibility of bruising.

“Bruises happen when the blood inside the skin breaks after being hit by something and then it starts to bleed under the skin which causes bruises, swelling and pain.”

5. Underlying Illness


Sometimes turning purple can be a sign of blood clotting disorder or leukemia but with this purple skin, you will also find some other strange symptoms. Don’t consider a bruise as a bruise, if you can spot a lot of them and also feeling sick and if there is a new development, it can be a warning sign so you should raise the possibility to see your doctor as soon as possible.

4. Purpuric Dermatosis

Purpuric Dermatosis

It is the vascular condition in which the blood leaks out from very small capillaries which results in the very tiny orange and purple bruises. The bruises are caused because of chronic skin disease, the bruises are mostly visible on the shins or other parts of the legs. This condition is common in elderly but can also happen in the younger age. In the most severe cases, it can cause itching but good sunscreen habits are enough to get rid of this situation.

3. Runs In Your Family

Runs in your Family

Some people get bruises more easily and they are unable to find reasons for it, in this instance, it may be a generic tendency in your family to bruise. The people having the generic tendency of bruising have to be extra careful for their diet to make sure that the capillaries stay as strong and flexible as they can.

For this kind of problem, you should eat plenty of organic vegetables and fruits and make sure that you eat food which contains garlic, onion, green vegetables such as spinach, kale and as well as berries.

2. Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C is the important factor for the production of collagen and it’s cross-linking, if you don’t take enough of vitamin C, you are humiliating the support around the blood vessels which causes bruises easily. If you find certain signs in yourself then you surely need vitamin C in your life.

  • Fatigue.
  • Depression.
  • Nose bleeds.
  • Swollen joints and
  • Dry hair and skin.

1. Blood Disorders

Blood Disorders

A blood clotting failure results in the visibility of bruising on different areas of your body even when there is no usual trauma or injury. If this happens often without any reason then there is surely a sign of blood disorder in your body.


  • Apply good sunscreen whenever you go out.
  • Have a healthy diet.
  • Apply ice pack immediately after injury.
  • Consult your doctor if having continuous bruises and swelling.


  • Don’t eat junk food much.
  • Don’t ignore the facts of bruises.
  • Don’t panic when find the bruises.

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