15 Reasons To Stop Eating Red Meat

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We all love having juicy steaks and cheese burgers because our taste buds love it for its taste. But, it’s always not healthy to listen to your taste buds and fulfill its craving but it’s more important to love your health more than anything. So, now you need to rely more on vegetables and fresh fruits to make your body more healthy and better.
Besides the health benefits it is more economical too. If you want to spend less and stay healthy then switch your diet to pulses and vegetables. Let your fridge be stuffed with vegetables this month and see your budget managed better along with a healthy skin and body.
Read some of the reasons listed below that will help you choose vegetables over non-veg.

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15. Chances Of Allergies Increases

Chances of Allergies increasesSome people are allergic to dust some are allergic to smoke while the other are allergic to pollens. Allergic reactions occur when the body comes in contact with the allergen such as dust and it starts to an adverse reaction on the body like rashes, itchiness, swelling etc.
A study carried out on Japanese pregnant women who had meat including fish as well showed adverse results on the new born babies.

  • Infants aging 3-4 months showed allergies when their mothers consumed meat and fat during pregnancy.
  • A study even showed that consumption of meat also showed increased allergies that included drug allergy, hay fever, bee stings and asthma in certain individuals.

14. Increases Breast Pain

Increases Breast PainBreast pain or tenderness in very discomforting for the patient. In fact, pain in any part of the body is not a pleasant feeling to anybody. Be the pain less or aggravated it is never pleasing in any case. For most of the pains you need to take pain killers while there are some pains for which you need to take a deeper notice and cut down the root cause form your daily routine.

  • Talking about breast pain it is said that a female hormone ‘prolactin’ is supposed to cause it too besides any other reasons.
  • A study was carried out in a group of women who were fed with meat and the ones who were not fed with it. The ones with no meat consumption were showing reduced pain in the breast during their monthly cycles.

13. Causing Osteoporosis

Causing OsteoporosisMeat could be one of the causes of porous bones in your body. Porous bines or osteoporosis is a condition mostly found in the menopausal ladies who have reached in their forties. The sole reason why osteoporosis occurs in the body is when there is a lot of calcium loss from the body.

  • As more calcium is lost from the blood, more is the calcium ions been taken from the bones in order to compensate the calcium loss from blood in turn leaving the bones more prone to osteoporosis.
  • When large amount of meat is consumed more urea is generated which eats the body tissues and also counts for calcium loss in the body. Hence causing osteoporosis ultimately.

12. Difficult In Digestion

DigestionMeat is usually difficult to digest by the digestive system. When indigestion occurs it result in a lot of discomfort and abdominal pain. The indigestion leads to nausea and vomiting whereas sometimes it causes great amount of acidity for the person.

  • Besides this the meat protein when stays undigested in the intestines it gets putrefied and causes toxicity in the body.
  • The result of toxic products in the body is very unsafe and harmful for the body.

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11. Development Of Kidney Stones

Development of Kidney StonesKidneys are one of the vital organs of body. Healthy kidneys are so important for a better functioning body. They are said to be the blood purifiers of the body because all the unpurified blood that is coming from the heart and going through the kidneys gets checked and purified to be circulated in the rest of the body. Hence kidneys play the most important role to give the body toxin free blood.

  • Vegetables and fibers help the body to eradicate the toxins from the body easily by binding to them.
  • When there is lesser consumption of vegetables than the kidneys have to work more than their usual capacity to purify the toxins and the chances of various kidney diseases may also increase.
  • This work overload can lead to renal kidney stones development in the body.

10. Leading To Cardio Vascular Problems

Leading to Cardio Vascular ProblemsMeat consists of saturated fatty acids which are not good for the body. This cholesterol blocks the arteries which is harmful for the heart, hence can cause heart disease in an individual.

9. Toxic Agents In Our Body

 Toxic Agents in our BodyBacterial agents in the body cause toxicity, such agents usually enter are body either through the air way passage or through the food we eat. Bacterial agents could also be transmitted through blood communication which is rare to occur. These bacteria toxins are also found in significant levels in the animal food we eat.

  • Endotoxemia that is bacterial toxins are supposed to activate the innate immune system are found in the meat foodstuff we eat.
  • With such food monocytic activity is induced by the body’s immune system as a result of the inflammation that occurs due to the toxins that are released from the bacteria found in meat.
  • These bacterial toxins are powerful enough to survive the high heat used during cooking.
  • It is also found to survive the stomach acids and enzymes.

8. Causing Depression, Stress And Anxiety

Causing Depression, Stress and AnxietyStress, anxiety or depression is very common condition found these days. People around suffer who go through it are in the most desperate need to know that their diet is also one of the many factors that is helping the condition get aggravated and worse. No one wants to deal with such conditions but do you really know that it’s not only the tensions of your life that are leading to such lethal and slow poisoned conditions but other factors are involved too!

  • Arachidonic acid is produced by our body just as it needs.
  • But animal food also contains arachidonic acid which causes inflammation in the brain and is linked to depression, stress and anxiety.

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7. Cataracts

CataractsA cataract is the clouding occurring in the lens of an eye. This is usually characterized with blurred vision, faded colours, halos in light, problem in vision during the night. They usually occur due to aging but may also occur due to any trauma, radiation exposure, any birth defect etc.

  • Along with these causes it is also believed that increased intake of meat could cause cataracts.
  • The risk factors also include diabetes, tobacco smoking, exposure to the sun and drinking excessive alcohol.

6. Carcinogenic

CarcinogenicStudies have shown that consumption of high level of meat could lead to brain tumors in children. Tumors are the unnecessarily growing bulky masses found in the body. It is actually the cells of a particular organ working at an abnormally high rate and multiplying themselves at a very high rate. These cells are dangerous to the body as they are eating up the normal body cells while multiplying their abnormal selves.

  • Studies have revealed that nitrites in processed meat form nitrosamine. This carcinogen is found in cigarette smoke.
  • This carcinogen causes cancer in children, brain tumors and childhood leukemia.

5. Iron Remains Unregulated

Iron Remains UnregulatedIron is an important ion of the body which gets excreted out of the body through a regular mechanism when found in excessive amount in the body. Studies have shown that iron found in meat passes through the digestive system of the body without any proper regulation which is dangerous for the body.

  • Iron is a pre-oxidant which can cause oxidative stress and could even cause damage of the DNA.
  • Excessive amount of iron can cause colon cancer, inflammation and heart diseases.
  • There is no means by which body can evict excessive iron through a regulatory system.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple SclerosisMultiple sclerosis is a neurological condition which is characterized by demylination of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. As a result of removal of the myelin sheath from the never cells the insulating cover is removed which causes communication problems between the parts of nervous system. When the nervous system has problem working it shows off as signs and symptoms including mental and physical. The cause of multiple sclerosis is yet to be found but researches have revealed a few things like:

  • A research was carried out for over a 30 year of follow up in patients with multiple sclerosis which showed that almost 95 % of the people who did not consume saturated fats were not progressed further with the disease.
  • And then again a research of 50 year follow up revealed that 95
  • 5 of the people who started eating animal meat (fat) had the recurrence of the disease again.

3. Causing Uterine Cancer

Causing Uterine CancerUterus is a female organ which is hollow and muscular and its purpose is to holds the fetus inside the mother’s body. Women with uterine cancer usually show heavy vaginal bleeding as a sign. Obesity, tamoxifen, taking estrogen etc can cause have uterine cancer.

  • But recent studies have also concluded that uterine cancer could also be caused by meat, be it any kind of meat.
  • Poultry and fish cause it the most.

2. Breast Cancer

Breast CancerResearchers have found various reasons for breast cancer, it could be due to

  • Female sex
  • Increase consumption of alcohol
  • Lack of exercise
  • Imbalance of hormone like in premature puberty
  • Hormone replacement therapy etc.

Breast cancer shows a lump in the breast, or redness may be a depression around the nipples. There is even swelling of the lymph nodes and yellow discolouration of the skin.
Premature puberty has been linked to development of breast cancer in girls and meat consumption causes premature puberty thus being a cause of breast cancer in girls.

1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseInflammatory bowel diseases are the disease of the colon and the small intestine. It falls under the category of autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks the digestive system elements. Two chief types of inflammatory bowel diseases include crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. They give symptoms of nausea, vomiting diarrhea along with rectal bleeding, anemia and weight loss but they have their distinctive features as well

  • Research says that increased intake of meat causes inflammatory bowel disease.
  • While cheese, general protein and fish intake have also associated with it.

Some Important Facts

  • Some studies have revealed that meat consumption is linked to death by cancer and death by cardiovascular diseases.
  • High intake of meat can lead to skin aging soon.
  • Animal meat is supposed t decrease tryptophan level in the brain.
  • Meat fumes from cooked meat are unhealthy and dangerous for the fetus as it might cause cancer in the fetus.
  • Animal meat consumption is linked t breast pain and various cancers.

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