20 Reason – Why You Should Start Oil Pulling Today

Oil pulling is an ancient technique which has been around and in use for many centuries, and there’s only one thing to justify that; it works! In fact, according to recent studies, it surpasses the use of toothbrushes when it comes to wonders it does to your teeth. It simple and easy and you need to learn this great technique.

Here are some of the major reasons, which make this method truly invaluable. With that being said, they will explain why you should start oil pulling today; because it’s worth it.

  • An easy solution to dental health
  • Brightens teeth
  • Treats bleeding gums and gingivitis
  • Kills all harmful bacteria in the mouth
  • Removes sinus problems
  • Eliminates allergies
  • Prevents from skin breakouts
  • Saves from arthritis
  • Gets rid of headaches
  • Manages Hormone imbalances
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Cures diabetes
  • Improves stinky breath

This ancient Ayurvedic technique needs to be brought into your daily schedule today, and it needs to be adopted by you for day to day life, if you want to detox your mouth and keep your teeth at the best of their health, as well as tones of other benefits. Some of the most significant advantages of oil pulling are listed below. Rest assured that it’s worth it.

20. Reduces Bad Breath

Reduces Bad Breath

The first and the quickest benefit of oil pulling is that you will notice a considerable decrease or even a complete absence of bad breath. You will find your mouth to be fresh at the end of a day as well as early in the morning. The feeling is just wonderful, and it has scientific evidence to support this claim.

It’s simple and obvious, once you have gotten rid of the bacteria in your mouth; there is nothing else, which could produce the chemicals which cause the bad breath. This tends to be a great leap for anyone’s mouth hygiene, and it is a reason why you should start oil pulling today. In fact, it is as beneficial as a synthetic mouthwash but devoid of any harmful effects.

19. It Helps Treat Temporomandibular Joint and Jaw Soreness

It Helps Treat Temporomandibular Joint and Jaw Soreness

There is a number of illnesses which target your mouth, and it is better to go with preventive measures than to look for curative techniques. In that regard, the best thing for you to do in order to prevent any chances of a future gingivitis, bleeding gums, formation of cavities or pain in the temporomandibular joint is to start oil pulling today.

Although at first you will find your jaw weakened and tired from all the swishing, but in fact, it will adopt after a few days, you won’t feel that anymore, and you will also get rid of any previous pains in the jaw. The pain will diminish and your jaw will get stronger.

18. Prevents Diseases of Mouth and Gums

Prevents Diseases of Mouth and Gums

There is a whole lot of them out there, and there isn’t any one method to prevent every one of the countless and painful jaw diseases. Oil pulling is the best chance you get to tackle all of them. It will prevent the formation of cavities in your teeth. These cavities allow harmful bacteria amass which contributes to a myriad of problems. It prevents gingivitis which is an inflammation of the gums, and it occurs when you own immune system is targeting all these bacteria in your gums.

In this regard, the best oil to use for oil pulling would be coconut oil, since it has the highest concentration of anti-inflammatory chemicals in it which is exactly what your teeth need. This is another reason why you should star oil pulling today.

17. Whitens Teeth

Whitens Teeth

This is something everyone craves, and somehow, despite all the improvements in the industry, toothpastes still fail to satisfy our expectations. Try switching to traditional medicine and try this amazing Ayurvedic technique, which will help you get shiny white teeth. Ditch the chemical-filled white stripes and the plastic hair toothbrushes; they are doing you as much harm as good.

These products contain fluoride, tar, bleach, aspartame, aluminum and benzene which have a whole series of never ending side effects. The next time, you feel unsure; ask whether it’s worth it? On the contrary, research as well as accounts from almost every user has indicated a significant whiting instantly after using oil pulling.

16. Improves Skin Conditions

Improves Skin Conditions

Oil pulling is not only eliminating the toxins from your mouth but also helping you detox all over the body. When your body has gotten rid of toxins, your skin conditions will dramatically improve. Any skin problems like acne and mild psoriasis has a high chance of going away gradually if you are using oil pulling regularly. That makes this technique one of the best methods to prevent any kind of skin problem from occurring in the future.

You can find hundreds of accounts of individuals reporting a significant improvement in their skin conditions and improvement from diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and many others. That is another reason why you should start oil pulling today.

15. Full Body Detoxification

Full Body Detoxification

By oil pulling, you are actually helping your body detox, and that means your blood stream, not just the mouth area and the teeth. Our mouth is home to colonies of bacteria, viruses, and sometimes even fungi nourished by the food we eat, and perfectly thriving in the humid conditions of our mouth.

These organisms are constantly emitting toxic waste, which not only gathers in our mouth, but also finds its way to our bloodstream, wreaking havoc in areas of the body other than just the mouth. This is sometimes exacerbate and speeded up by conditions such as poor diet, stress conditions and autoimmune diseases, which are weakening our defense systems. It’s a chain reaction which is nevertheless unfortunate, but oil pulling is going to help you prevent many of these symptoms.

14. Helps Alleviate Asthma and Congestion

Helps Alleviate Asthma and Congestion

People with claustrophobia, asthma and hay fever understand the merit of this factor. It is a reason why you should start oil pulling today, particularly if you have had a history of these allergic diseases and conditions. It has been reported on a number of occasions that it helps patients with asthma to completely alleviate the condition, and clears out bronchitis with chronic congestion and emphysema.

Even if you don’t raise your hopes so high, there is a good probability that you are going to love this method to help you keep your allergies in check and under control. It has been shown to help asthma patients decrease use of inhalers almost invariably.

13. Alleviates Headache and Migraines

Alleviates Headache and Migraines

If you get them often, you will come to realize that they are a particularly cruel business, and one needs to do something about them just to alleviate the searing pain. Headaches are caused by widening of blood vessels in the brain area, and migraines are caused by the contraction of these very vessels.

A third cause, which has only recently been discovered, is the retention of toxic substances. If this theory holds merit, it is important for you to go with some pre-emptive methods in order to detox your body if you want to see less of both headaches and migraines in the future.

12. Supports Normal Kidney and Liver Function

Supports Normal Kidney and Liver Function

This is something extremely important to health and it is a reason to compel everyone to start oil pulling as soon as possible. Believe it or not, oil pulling is helping you alleviate stress from the kidneys and from the liver by simply detoxifying the nooks and crannies of your mouth.

These toxins continuously enter your body, mostly down the elementary canal, but sometimes, under unfortunate circumstances, through the blood stream as well. Both of these put pressure on the liver and kidneys, and by oil pulling, you are simply eliminating the need for that. This is a great function and it is important for everyone’s health.

11. Increases Energy

Increases Energy

The feeling of exhaustion comes, when our body’s immune system and defensive mechanism is recovering from a battle with toxins. However, by removing the culprits before they even enter the body makes it a whole lot easier for you to keep your energies high. It lowers the amount of work our body has to do to function, and it makes us feel considerably better throughout the day. It is a great way for you to push your health to the next level, and answers why you should start oil pulling today.

10. It Clears Up Acne

It Clears Up Acne

While to make your skin stronger and resistant to acne in the future requires application of cholecalciferol superficially, it is always best if you also try oil pulling to detox body. It can also remove any appearance of skin rashes along with a variety of other blemishes which often show up on your skin. Besides, we know that stress can be the cause of many embarrassing skin problems, and by detoxifying the mouth, you are removing a great deal of that stress.

9. Promotes Oral Hygiene

Promotes Oral Hygiene

Remove tooth cavities, eradicate bad breath, decrease chances of diseases, as has already been mentioned, and you are able to improve your mouth hygiene a whole lot. It is a great practice to kill the harmful bacteria in the body, but particularly streptococcus mutant species of the bacteria. These are all reasons making oil pulling a wonder technique everyone needs to bring to their daily lives and it will certainly help you tones.

8. Improves Hormone Imbalances

Improves Hormone Imbalances

Oil pulling is a great way for you to reduce any symptoms of PMS, and it will help you regulate both circadian and other hormonal cycles. These cycles will give you a better sleep at night, and you will certainly feel more fresh and ready in the morning. The natural functioning of the hormones is assisted by the toxin removal from the mouth. This is where oil pulling comes in play. This is a particularly important reason why you should start oil pulling today; particularly for women because hormone imbalances can throw the menstrual cycles balance off and they can be harmful to pregnant women and the fetuses.

7. It Leads to a Healthy Glowing Complexion

It Leads to a Healthy Glowing Complexion

Here, it is important that you should recognize the importance of coconut oil which is particularly important in detox and has other great effects which leads to better skin conditions. Since oil pulling involves the pulling of germs from the teeth, which prevents passage into the bloodstream. Many doctors believe that the improvement in skin conditions is not only in regard to the treatment of skin conditions, but it improves the glow of the skin, which is absolutely elemental. This is just another reason why you should start oil pulling today.

6. It Reduces Plaque and Gingivitis

It Reduces Plaque and Gingivitis

In a recent study comparing oil pulling to chlorhexidine mouthwash, it was discovered, that in adolescents who have plaque induced gingivitis, both were equally effective. This indicates a possibility that you can start oil pulling to get all the advantages of the mouthwash, but without the detrimental effects of other compounds found within the mouthwash. Many people today have a nag for natural medication techniques, and they tend to avoid chemicals in day to day life. If you are one of them, you should start oil pulling today. There is enough reason to support that, and it is worth it.

5. Helps With Tooth Sensitivity

Helps With Tooth Sensitivity

Certain people have sensitive tooth. They have to face pain from drinking cold water or any similar practice in day to day life, and it is annoying as ever. These and other people also have weak teeth with less solid gums, which makes it tough and comparatively painful for them to do anything short of chewing on the usual food stuff. They can’t crack a nut with their teeth. However, oil pulling is a great way to help you improve your sensitivities, and to get stronger teeth.

4. Reduces Hangover after Consuming Too Much Alcohol

Reduces Hangover after Consuming Too Much Alcohol

Hangover is a most uncomfortable feeling, when you get up in the morning with your system still laden with last night’s alcohol. It makes you feel dull and exhausted, and while there are many methods supposed to work with the hangover, the best way to make it less intense is to keep a habit of oil pulling daily. Even if you don’t do that, oil pulling once you woke up after hangover will make you feel a lot better instantly. It is a great practice which you ought to consider to live smarter. Silly as it sounds, this is another reason why you should start oil pulling today.

3. Reduces Insomnia

Reduces Insomnia

Insomnia is this intense condition where one finds himself unable to sleep. It makes you unable to concentrate on almost anything, let alone wreaking havoc to your body’s hormonal balance and immune system. To decrease the intensity insomnia or to prevent any chances of it altogether, the best thing to do is to start oil pulling as a part of your daily routine. It is beneficial without major side effects and it deserves to be recognized because of the many wonders of this technique.

2. It has Little Side Effects

It has Little Side Effects

Oil pulling is a great technique which employs only the natural resources. By using mouthwashes and toothpastes, you are applying fluorides, benzenes and a number of other harmful chemicals to your teeth. They are detrimental to your mouth hygiene in the long term but the same cannot be said about oil pulling. That does not show up in all people, and it also goes away as your jaw strengthens from the practice. In short, the side effects are few to count, which is all the more reason a solid for why you should start oil pulling today.

1. It Helps You Get Stronger Enamel

It Helps You Get Stronger Enamel

This is the layer of the tooth which sets up a solid barrier between the colonies of microorganisms and your body, and once it is compromised, that sets a passage for toxins to enter the blood. By oil pulling, you prevent this from happening, and you also help stimulate better enamel growth under the right pH conditions and absence of bacteria. This helps your teeth get stronger and more effective. This is a great advantage for you and it is worth picking up a new habit.

Today, we can see a growing trend of oil pulling for its tremendous advantages. This is also because it is absolutely safe and causes no side effects whatsoever. The credit of popularizing the technique goes to Bruce Fife, now known as an eminent naturopath and nutritionist who proved the tremendous benefits of oil pulling in his research. As medical science also approves this technique thus it is no more a folk remedy but an authentic treatment of almost all oral problems.

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