7 Pros And Cons Of Rib Tattoo Pain

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There’s a special kind of attraction in tattooing. The body part with tattoo looks extremely flamboyant and vivid. However, as everything comes paying price for it, you have to bear pain for getting a tattoo on your body. There are body parts where you feel less pain in getting a tattoo but on a few parts, it is a test of your patience such as rib tattoo pain that is the most hurting one. Following tips will prove for you to overcome rib tattoo pain and minimize its intensity.

7. Never Use Alcohol Before Tattooing On Ribs

Reduce intake of AlcoholIt is said that, the respectable tattoo makers/artist won’t get your body inked; if they come to know that you’re drunk. The bleeding time in drunken person prolongs as compared to normal one, which is why they don’t recommend you take alcohol before. So don’t compromise your health by drinking alcohol.

6. Never Take Aspirin Before Tattooing

AspirinThe over the counter medicine Aspirin which is famous for its analgesic activity has a side effect of increased bleeding time. Most of the people are not aware of this thing and they take 2-3 doses of aspirin in order to feel less rib tattoo pain. But in reality, the whole tattoo thing is messed up with increased bleeding.

5. Divert Your Attention Talking To Friends

Divert your Attention Talking to FriendsThis can prove to be very helpful, if you take your best friends along with you in tattoo parlor and start talking the usual chit chat with your friends. This thing will switch your mind more towards conversation and ultimately you would not be taking much care of pricking in the body.

4. Use Local Anesthetics

Use Local AnestheticsThere are some gels and creams available in market which provides the local numbness/anesthetic effect. These include lignocaine and procaine etc. All you have to do is to apply this cream on your ribs and massage for few minutes. The medicine will be absorbed from the small pores of skin and it will help you a lot in facing rib tattoo pain.

3. Display Courage

Display CourageThe one thing, which matters the most in tattooing is the courage to feel the pain. Tattooing doesn’t cause much pain. Once you get along with this sensation, you’ll be able to cope up in just few minutes. If you’re a true tattoo lover, then getting a freakish pain cannot be an excuse to ink down your body for sure.

2. Use Paracetamol

Use ParacetamolThis medicine might work for you at a very lower extent. Apart from Paracetamol, you can also take salts of Ibuprofen, Mefnamic acid or diclofenac sodium etc. It’s advised to consult your Pharmacist before taking these medicines. He will give you the most appropriate advice to deal with rib tattoo pain.

1. May Be Rib Tattooing Is Not For You

May be Rib Tattooing is not for YouIf you’re skinny and you can’t bear much pain, then it’s recommended for you to ink your body at places where there are increased muscles and fat deposition. These sites have less pain receptor present, ultimately producing less sensation of pricking and pocking of needle. Such parts of your party include, legs, arms, thighs and back of body.

Although the rib tattoo pain might be a little bit uneasy process to get along but once it’s done, it is the most delightful thing. Any sorts of tattoo can be drawn on ribs, that is why, people never bother about pain in rib tattooing.

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