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25 Little Known Natural Beauty Tips That You Need To Know

There are some beauty tips that you always hear from people around you. However, apart from those usual beauty tips, there are a few tips which are not well known to the masses but are equally essential as the usual ones. Let us look at those essential beauty tips that you do not normally hear:

25. Use Beer And Vinegar On Your Hair


You may not believe this, but beer and vinegar are good for your hair’s health. If you have dry and unruly hair, rinse your hair with beer and add vinegar when you are done to add shine to your hair. Regular use of these two products will improve the condition of your hair tremendously.

24. Want To Remove Acne From Your Face? Use Ice Cubes


While ice cubes are famous for keeping you fresh and cool, they also have the power to protect your face from acne and wrinkles. If you have stubborn acne on your face which does not go away with other beauty tips, try rubbing ice cubes on your face swiftly every night before going to sleep. Your acne will vanish within a few days.

23. Allow Your Manicure To Stay For A Long Time


Do you love your perfectly manicured round nails and want them to stay in this condition for a long time? If yes, then make sure you clean your nails with acetone-based cleanser every time you manicure your nails. The cleanser will make sure that your effort stays on your nails for a long time.

22. Lighten Your Hair Naturally


We are all aware of the damage chemical treatment does on our hair. Have you ever thought of dying your hair naturally at home? Well you may not know this but things as easily available as lemons have the property to lighten your hair. So the next time you think of giving your hair a lighter color, apply lemons on your hair without any fear of damage. Lemons are very important if you want to maintain and improve your natural beauty.

“Every woman needs beauty tips for health, smartness and beauty. There are a few makeup and beauty tips that you need to know to make sure that you do the makeup the right way.”

21. Sooth Your Eyes With Potatoes


It has been recently known that the potatoes can be used to de-puff your eyes easily. Water contents inside potatoes will also comfort your eyes and will lighten your dark circles. So use them to give your eyes a bright and fresh look. It is probably simplest of the natural beauty tips but also really effective and amazing.

20. Use A Foundation Brush Instead Of A Make-Up Sponge


You may not know this but the make-up sponge that you so fondly use can soak up the foundation before you can apply it on your face. This results in wastage of your foundation as you have to squeeze out more and more to get the desired application. Thus instead of wasting your liquid foundation by using a sponge, use a foundation brush to apply the foundation to your face. This will enhance the application and will save the foundation from going to a complete waste. So make sure to remember these little but effective beauty secrets.

19. Apply Blush The Right Way


Remember these simple but effective beauty secrets whenever you need to apply makeup. Dark rosy cheeks seldom look good on a woman. They can sometimes give an artificial look to the face, wasting the time and energy you have used to do the make-up. Thus make sure you apply the blush in a limited quantity. Try keeping a gap of two fingers between your nose and the blush and apply the blush only on the apples of the cheeks. This way you will get the desired effects of blush without getting hose overly rosy cheeks.

18. A Good Way To Get Rid Of Pimples


Nobody loves those stubborn pimples on the face and always tried to find out solution on how to get rid of pimples fast. You may now easily get rid of them by just applying toothpaste on the affected area before going to sleep. Your pimple will be gone in a few days and will hopefully not come back as toothpaste has the power to clean up your pores. Avoid using a gel toothpaste though as they are not as effective as the natural ones. Learn and follow these amazing beauty tips to get rid of pimples naturally and easily.

17. Remove The Oil Shine Instantly


You can now easily remove the oil shine from your face using blotting papers. Blotting papers will soak up excess oil from your face, relieving you from looking like a mess.

16. Remove Your Makeup Using A Body Lotion


You don’t always need a makeup remover to remove your makeup. Your body lotions are equally capable of cleaning your face from the makeup. Hence if you do not have a makeup remover at home with you, use your lotions to get rid of the makeup. It may seem ordinary but it is one of the most effective beauty tips you can use.

15. Prevent Your Hair Color From Fading Out


We all want our hair color to stay on our hair for a long time. If you want to see yourself in your favorite hair color for a few more months then go for a deep conditioning treatment every month. The treatment will prevent the color from fading out too soon.

14. Get Rid Of Your Dry Lips


Flaky and dry lips are never attractive. You need to exfoliate your lips often to remove the dead skin and to make them look fresh. Beautiful lips are the part of natural beauty. You can exfoliate your skin by applying a lip balm and then gently rubbing your skin using your toothbrush. This exercise will remove the dead skin from your lips, making them look fresh and healthy.

13. Need A Brow Brush? Use Your Mascara Wand


Do you have a spare mascara wand that you no longer use? If yes then use the wand to brush your brows instead of discarding it away. The mascara wand acts as an excellent brush for the brows and will easily give them a good shape.

12. It Is Now Easier To Hide Your Grey Hair


Here is another one of these amazing beauty secrets you can find really effective. Most of us have a few strands of grey hair even though we are not in our old age. Instead of frowning upon the situation though, you can take some simple steps to hide the grey hair before going out. If you do not want to dye your hair, you can easily cover your grey strands using your black mascara. The mascara will perfectly hide the grey strand until you wash your hair.

11. Reduce The Frequency Of Your Pedicures


Do you want to cut down the costs of your pedicures? If yes then try cleaning your feet regularly to reduce the need for a pedicure frequently. Scrub your feet and moisturize them twice or thrice a week to keep them clean. You will see that your visits to the salon for the pedicure will reduce. You’ll learn that these natural beauty tips will also help you save a lot of money.

10. Clean Your Scalp With A Dry Shampoo


A dry shampoo is an excellent tool to get rid of the oily scalp. The shampoo makes sure that the excess oil from the scalp is absorbed and that your hair is clean and healthy. You will also save yourself from the damage of using shampoos frequently.

9. Balance Your Eye Makeup And Lip Color


Here is another one of the simple but effective beauty tips you can use. Your eye makeup and lip color should always balance each other. If one is dark, the other should be light to avoid looking like a vampire on the event. Hence if you are going for shimmery or dark eye makeup, make sure you choose a matter and light lip color.

8. Extend The Lifeline Of Your Mascara


Does your mascara dry out frequently? One reason why the mascara becomes flaky easily is because the moisture might be getting out of the mascara quickly. Hence the next time you use your mascara, make sure you keep it tightly packed to avoid the loss of moisture.

7. Avoid Getting Pimples


You can now avoid pimples on your face by cleansing your face with a particular facial cleanser. The cleanser you choose to clean your skin should contain salycilic acid or benzoyl peroxide as these ingredients keep the pimples at bay and help yo achieve natural beauty.

6. Choose Your Red Lipstick Wisely


A red lipstick can have a lot of shades but not all of them will go well with your skin. You should always choose the shade which suits your skin tone and undertone otherwise the lip color will not look good on you.  Hence choose a warm shade of red if you have a warm undertone and vice versa.

5. Keep Your Brushes Clean


You must always keep your makeup brushes clean as the residual makeup and bacteria on the brushes can cause harm to your skin. To clean them up, take soapy water and them gently swirl the brush in the mixture to clean the brush.

4. Remove Your Nail Color Without Remover


In these amazing natural beauty tips, this one is very special to keep your nails healthy. If you do not have the remover with you at the moment, you can always remove the nail paint using a clear nail polish. Just apply the nail polish over the old one and see the old one getting removed.

3. Seal Your Makeup


It is often seen that the makeup does not last for a long time. Here are some natural beauty tips to ensure you’re having perfect makeup. To ensure that you shine throughout the day, apply a makeup settling spray on your makeup. This will make sure that makeup lasts for more than 24 hours.

2. Apply Eyelashes The Right Way


The correct way to apply the lashes is to curl your original ones so that they blend well with the artificial lashes. Then use a dark colored glue to stick your lashes to the eyes as light colored glue will be prominent on the eyes. Make sure to use these simple beauty secrets to have beautiful eye lashes.

1. Use A Clarifying Shampoo


In order to remove the excess oil and the dirt from your hair without getting them dry, you should use a clarifying shampoo once a week. A clarifying shampoo will clean your hair from all the buildup that you may have in your hair. So make sure to have clean hair in order to achieve natural beauty.

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1 Comment

  1. Ana Rojas

    Sep 26, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    That works too! I think natural oil( Argan oil, coconut oil etc) is good for dry skin ?

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