20 Most Romantic Flowers For Girls

Since flowers have their own way of expressing your feelings and emotions for your loved ones, so you need to choose them wisely according to the occasion. Flowers posses a beauty which is like no other. From its fragrance to its colours, everything is just so romantic about them. So, picking up the right ones to gift her will make her feel glad for sure. There is a lot of variety of flowers, but all of them just aren’t for your special one. A few amongst that variety is chosen and said to be labeled as romantic ones, which a girl should be gifted.
So, for your convenience a list of flowers is given, hence the next time you go out to buy a bouquet for her you exactly know what to include in that bunch!

20. Azalea

AzaleaThese pretty flowers are a symbol of care and love. The beautiful hues of light and dark shade look so amazing. One just can love to have such beautiful flowers as a gift. Other than showing love and care these romantic flowers also showcase femininity.

  • These flowers are a good option to gift someone whom you’re soon thinking to propose.
  • Or you can also gift them to your very close female colleague who might be going through a tough time these days! I’m sure they would surprise her .

19. Gardenia

GardeniaTaking about these beautiful flowers, they symbolize love but a secret one! We often get to like or love someone, but it just doesn’t come on our lips to utter those three words. These, flowers are for those kind of lovers. They have a beautiful off white appearance that gives a peaceful image.

  • You can gift these flowers to your loved one if you’re loving them secretly but aren’t ready to say it yet.
  • You can also gift these flowers to your mother on mother’s day, if she likes this as her favorite flower.

18. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossomThese pink little flowers have been traced to have their cultural roots in Japan and as well as in China. They possess a sweet romantic smell which is being used in different body creams and body baths. In China, if we see these lovely flowers are showing a sign of femininity while, in Japan it has a totally different concept. They are supposed to signify nature of life in Japan. So, it’s a flower with dual meaning!

  • Gift it to your daughter this time, and raise her standards of expectations from her guy by making her feel special if she’s upset over a stupid guy.
  • You can also gift these to your friend who is upset with you over something.

17. Yellow Daffodil

Yellow daffodilThese bright yellow coloured flowers give a cute look. These pretty flowers are a sign of luck. They even symbolize any sort of new beginning. Even if they don’t top the list of favorite flowers of hers you can still gift her to wish her luck.

  • Give her these flowers, if she has an interview tomorrow to wish her luck.
  • Plant these flowers in the garden, to give your garden a fresh look.

“Gift her with the most romantic flowers which she would always remember as a memory of her first date with you.”

16. White Dittany

White dittanyThese flowers are a symbol of passion. It looks beautiful when placed in a bouquet. The long green stem with pretty white flowers along it looks amazing. They show case love and often gifted to a couple as it also said to be aphrodisiac.

  • These romantic flowers can be given to your lady on a romantic dinner date.
  • They can also look great if held by a bride on her wedding day.

15. Jasmine

JasmineThese white little flowers show elegance. With a great elegant look these scented flowers show grace and nobility. Their amazing fragrance makes them loved by the women more, while its meaning is also very touchy. ‘I attach myself to you’ is what it actually means. So gifting t your loved one is not a bad idea. The fragrance of it cherished in that moment will be remembered in the later days to come.

  • Putting a single little jasmine flower when she asks you after getting ready for a party will make her feel so special.
  • Placing a plant of these flowers in your backyard would give a mesmerizing aroma to the environment.
  • Or gifting her a garland or a tiara made of these flowers is beautiful gift for your princess.

14. White Lilac

White lilacThey signify innocence and purity. There simple fragrance adds extra points to its beauty. Gifting these white lilacs will be simple yet pretty and would add beauty to the bouquet.

  • If it goes with the theme of your room, try and put a few of its stems in the vase next to her bed side. She would love it.
  • Merging these flowers with the colour of flowers she loves will also make a nice combo.

13. Forget Me Not

Forget me notAs the name shows this flower is given to symbolize such people or moments that are not be forgotten. They show love and feelings with depth. Often given to the one who is departing for a while, showing how truly you love them. This cute little generally 4-5 petaled flower has a cool colour that gives a much soothing appearance to the eyes.

  • Gift these flowers if your girl is shifting to a different state.
  • Or gift them even to the one who is going on to a short trip out of town.
  • Or even if you are leaving for your business trip, leave these flowers for her before going on the bed with a note. She would love it!

12. Blue Salvia

Blue salvia‘I think of you’ is what it says. They are also associated with healing and health. You can gift these ones to your loved even when she feels sick.

  • Giving them to your friend merged with some white lilacs will make a nice combo.
  • Or putting its long shafts with a few daffodils could be given to your lady if she’s not feeling well. Wishing her a sign of luck and also telling her at the same time that you’re thinking of her even if you’re not around.

11. White Clover

White cloverThis flower is given to show a sign of good luck. It’s a white coloured, multi-petaled single flower on a stem.

  • As, it is a sign f good luck so you can gift your daughter on her wedding to be held as she walks on the isle along with you.
  • These flowers could also be used on your candle light dinner table to give a romantic yet peaceful ambiance.

10. Clematis

ClematisThis lovely flower is used to climb the walls and wrap around trellises. Its light shade is used to symbolize ingenuity. It also showcases mental beauty.

  • Your wife could walk on your wedding day with these flowers towards you.
  • You can also decorate your wall by plant these climbing flowers in your garden.

“Pick and assemble the most pretty flowers for her, and make a bouquet for her with your own hands. It is going to be the best bouquet ever gifted to her.”

9. Angelica

AngelicaThis white coloured flower is suggested to show a symbol of stress relief. It is definitely preferred to given to the ones who feeling down and low to revive their spirit and make them feel hopeful. The recipient is presented to give a feeling of courage.

  • Gift your loved one in her down moments to make her feel cheered up.
  • You can gift these with a few lavender flowers as the fragrance of it helps to release stress. Hence a combo of these to flowers would be good to gift her if she’s stressed.

8. Yellow Acacia

Yellow acaciaThese flowers are a symbol of friendship or even a secret love. This is a versatile flower so could be gifted on any occasion.

  • You can hand these flowers to your colleague on her hatch day or maybe if she’s your really cool buddy you can put some of these on her desk to surprise just on a regular day.
  • You can also gift your grandma to make her still feel young and special for all.

7. Rose

RoseA well known and true symbol of love and romance is a red rose. It has its own special fragrance which is so mesmerizing. A lot of girls prefer these flowers to be gifted to them even on a regular day just to make them feel special and wanted by their men. Roses are used for the purpose of decoration on special romantic dinners. They give a very romantic ambiance.

  • Spreading a bunch of rose petals on the bed on your wedding night is just so romantic.
  • Gifting her these flowers on your first date would make it so special for her.
  • A single rose would even please her if you surprise her after when you come back home from work.

6. Tulip

TulipSymbol of love could be its meaning. These delicate flowers are a good spring time gift. Making a bouquet just filled with different colours of tulip forms a refreshing gift.

  • If you both to have lunch together on your break from work, get her these flowers she’ll surely feel good.
  • Gifting her, the favorite coloured tulip instead of all different colours would be equally special for her.

5. White Carnation

White carnationWhite carnation symbolizes love, fascination. They are said to grow easily and once they grow they look perfect when in full bloom. Some even like red carnations too and mostly prefer the white ones. A loved one could definitely be gifted these flowers.

  • Decorating the events with white theme or even with any other theme could make the event look amazing.
  • Brides might like to carry these beautiful flowers.

4. Hydrangea

HydrangeaThese flowers show case beauty and grace. They are a lovely way to present your love for the girl you want. Ladies, like to use these flowers at their weddings. And they too give a colourful appearance to the event when decorated or maybe when just kept in a vase assembled together on a table.

  • Take a handful of bunch of hydrangeas and tie them up with a ribbon of her favorite colour and gift it to her when she’s having a tough day. The colours might help her cheer up.
  • Put these flowers on your friend’s desk on her birthday before she arrives. This would be a pleasant surprise for her.

3. Sun Flowers

Sun flowersThese attractive yellow petal flowers are a symbol of loyalty and longevity. They are said to turn and grow in the direction of the sun hence named as ‘sun flowers’. They look adorable when kept in a flower vase.

  • Planting your garden with these adorable flowers would make your garden look just so appealing when they are in full bloom.
  • Just grab a few of these flowers from your garden and present her every morning. This would be a very sweet gesture to make your bond stronger together.

2. Daises

DaisesDaises are a symbol of happiness, liveliness and purity all together. They are cute in their own innocent way.

  • They would look so cute when you fill the room of ward before your wife is brought their after her delivery, she would feel amazingly surprised.
  • Buy a bunch of fresh daisies on a Sunday morning and present her these with her bed tea when she wakes up. She would love it.

1. Lilies

LiliesPlant lilies in your backyard to enhance the beauty of your backyard. These flowers are a wonderful symbol of friendship and devotion. So gifting her these would be sign to enhance the element of friendship in your relation.

  • Buy her these flowers on a dinner date next time you guys plan a date.
  • Present her these flowers when she’s ready to go out with you and ask you how she looks. She will feel emotional and glad about it.


  • Prefer putting the fragrance full flowers in your bedroom on your wedding night rather than the ones which have no fragrance.
  • Always gift her flowers she loves, not what you like to present.
  • Plant a few flowers in your garden so that you don’t have to go to the flowers shop time and again to surprise her.
  • Keep changing the flowers in your vase with different colours and kinds to give a changed look always.

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