Miranda Lambert Haircuts Over The Years

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Women should keep changing their looks. Read the article to choose a Miranda Lambert Haircut from the list of some of her famous hairstyles over the years.

Miranda Lambert is the celebrity whose hairstyles and haircuts are greatly followed. She has always made appearances on the red carpets with elegant and classy hairstyles which the women love. She currently has a short bob haircut which is pulled off really well by her. No matter what her haircut and hairstyle is, Miranda Lambert manages to look good in it regardless of the event. Let us look at some of the easy hairstyles and haircuts she has come up with over the years.

8. Waves And Layers

This hairstyle was adopted in 2005 when she was nominated in the CMA awards. This hairstyle has a very fun and casual look with a lot of waves to enhance. This look can easily be replicated at home if you blowdry your hair and then scrunch your hair with either a gel or wax. Make sure to give yourself a messy look as in the picture. You also need to have a layered haircut if you want to adopt the same hairstyle.

7. Long Layers And Curls

This is another Miranda Lambert haircut which she got in the CMA awards in 2006. This haircut consists of long layers, which are starting from the face, and some loose curls which are easy to obtain. She looks incredibly cute in this look and her soft makeup has successfully enhanced her beauty. You need to get the exact same cut to get this look. Also, blowdry your hair and then use a curling iron to create soft curls as in the picture. Make sure to curl your bangs outwards though. Combine this look with a soft makeup and you are ready to shine in an event.

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Miranda Lambert has always appeared on the red carpet with a different hairstyle. All of her hairstyles have made her look beautiful though.

6. The Elegant Half-Updo

elegant half-updo

Isn’t she looking cute with this simple yet beautiful look? This girl knows how to pull off a simple hairstyle really well. This haircut has nothing special in it yet it manages to look good on anyone who tries it. All you need to do to get this look is to create light waves in your hair and then pull back your hair in a random manner. Make sure to give your hair a bit of volume and the hair should not be tied tightly at the back.

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5. The Sleek Straight Look

This is another Miranda Lambert haircut where she has successfully managed to look amazing. This haircut involves nothing more than bangs and straight hair. This hairstyle was adopted by Miranda in 2008 when she attended Grammys for the first time. To obtain this sleek cool hairstyle look, you need to blowdry your hair first and then flat iron your hair to make them straight. Enhance this look even more with appropriate makeup.

4. The Partial Updo

This hairstyle is a beautiful one especially if you are planning to go out on a formal event. You do not need a special haircut to get this look, except the bangs of course. This is basically a partial updo where half of the hairs are pulled back while the rest are allowed to fall on the back. To get this look, you need to pull back your hair rather neatly and then curl the lower section of your hair, allowing the curls to fall on the back freely.

“She has recently decided to go with a short bob and has successfully looked amazing in the new look.”

3. The Medium Feathered Hair

Miranda Lambert changed her looks in 2009 and went for medium feathered hair. As you can see in the picture, she has also colored her hair red which has successfully managed to make her look great. This Miranda Lambert haircut is casual and formal at the same time and can easily be adopted. Get a lot of layers and feathers in your hair and then curl them up to define the steps even more. Make sure to curl those outwards. Flat iron your bangs then and get ready to look no less than amazing.

2. A Formal Updo

There was no drastic change in the Miranda Lambert haircut in 2011 as she still decided to continue with medium length hair with side bangs. In these awards, Miranda decided to opt for a formal look by choosing to go with a hair updo. This hairstyle is no less than amazing and is making her look very cute and stylish.

As seen from the picture, the hairs are a bit messy, especially towards the ends. You can achieve this look easily with any hairstyle by simply pinning your hair at the back in sections. Make sure to straighten your hair if you have curls.

1. The Short Bob

The singer who has been playing with long hair for so many years, decided to opt for a short bob in 2014. We must complement here that she has managed to pull off the look with grace and beauty. This Miranda Lambert haircut, which was discussed a lot in the media, can easily be achieved with short bob and curls. All you need to do is blowdry your hair and then curl them up using a curling iron.

Give a lot of volume to your hair, especially towards the ends and pin one side of the hair as in the picture. Make sure to apply the hairspray in the end to sustain the look.
All the haircuts and hairstyles which she has adopted over the years are elegant and graceful. They are easy to replicate so you must try each one of them at home.

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