25 Maternity Cocktail Dresses

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A cocktail party is a formal social gathering that demands on you to make a worthy entry, dressed with the finest clothes, wearing a flattering hairstyle and the best quality accessories. You need specially made outfits before, during and after pregnancy. This comprehensive list of classy and gorgeous maternity cocktail dresses will help you choose a stunning costume that describes your personal magic with the best attractive accent.

25. Low Neckline Maternity Cocktail Dress in Royal Blue Bengaline

Low Neckline Maternity Cocktail Dress in Royal Blue BengalineRoyal blue has been a source of regal grace in the past and even today it is one of the hottest hues! Hence this visual stunner, developed out of bengaline fabric, dipped in royal blue showcases that rare beauty that is incomparable, stunning and elegant. The gathered low neckline of the costume adds an astonishing touch to your appearance and it is further accentuated with features like cross-over style bust, a back zip and an adorable walking slit. Ensures you the most impressive and sophisticated look that will turn heads!

24. Sleeveless Cotton Knit Maternity Cocktail Dress with V-neck

Sleeveless Cotton Knit Maternity Cocktail Dress with V-neckPerfectly luscious option in season’s best quality maternity dresses! Its fascinating aspects include a comfy sleeveless silhouette, v-neck cross-over bust and an adorable swing skirt. The dress also flatters alluring gathers that cover shoulders, the waistband and skirt length. The texture with which, the outfit is designed is of high-quality stretch cotton knit, ensuring an amazingly soft feel and meeting the needs of your changing body. An ideally created bodycon that consists of the rare and fantastically modern aspects that define your feminine grace and allure with strikingly unique accent!

23. Black Ponte de Roma Knit Maternity Cocktail Dress

Black Ponte de Roma Knit Maternity Cocktail DressThough this especially created outfit is meant for an expectant mother but in trimming, design and texture, it excels other maternity cocktail dresses of the year. This superbly fit and flare ensemble is made up with Ponte de Roma Knit texture, displaying ruffled shoulders, classy bodice and a tailor-made fishtail hemline. Its awesome design is perfectly adorable and stunning. Clad with this cool attire, you can make a striking entry in party; attend office or any formal gathering.

22. Gathered Neckline Maternity Cocktail Dress with Back Zipper

Gathered Neckline Maternity Cocktail Dress with Back ZipperA chic and sassy silhouette! This fantastic gathered necklined costume frames your bodice with cross-over style bust and a stunning zipper back. The dress also flatter gathers on the entire outline, maximizing its sultry sophistication and irresistible glow. The dress can accommodate various body shapes and sizes, being made with a supple and stretchy fabric. You wear it at any formal and informal gathering and garner applause for your fine taste and exquisite selection.

21. Maternity Cocktail Dress with Red and Black Lace

Maternity Cocktail Dress with Red and Black LaceA wardrobe essential in season’s best cocktail dresses collection! This costume is adorned with a sweet aura of contrasting colored laces that double its richness and superb gorgeous appeal. The dress also boasts of classy features such as a wiggle silhouette, double kick pleats, a glamorous waistline and zipper back. Above all, it is marvellous stretchy and comfy bengaline fabric that would certainly entice you to wear this dress during your pregnancy! It will perfectly accommodate your body needs, satisfying your quest to have a fashionable look as well.

The dresses here cascade an extensive variety, catering to the requirements of various whims and tastes. They introduce you to the flawless and unmatched quality outfits that are right in line with the latest trends in maternity dresses.

20. Blush luxury stretch lace Maternity Cocktail Dress

Blush luxury stretch lace Maternity Cocktail DressAwesome lacy silhouette with an enticing color impact! The dress is made up with a superlative stretchy fabric that accommodates well changes in body shape at all stages of pregnancy. Its fantastic features include boat neckline, satin waist band, and detachable sash. On the back, it flatters an alluring keyhole button detail. The skirt displays a knee-length hemline to complement its beauty.

19. Shakira Satin Plunging Neckline Purple Maternity Cocktail Dress

Shakira Satin Plunging Neckline Purple Maternity Cocktail DressShakira satin texture of this costume makes you pleased having an association with your favorite celebrity. The texture is soft and flatters a gorgeous high shine intriguing eyes for your gorgeous look, dressed with it. The plunging neckline and enchanting bodice frames your figure perfectly. This classy option in maternity cocktail dresses cascades an attached wrap belt and on the rear, a zipper enhancing its fitness more ideally. Above all, it is the purple hue that dips you in a heavenly grace that is peerless in appeal and prettiness.

18. Knitted Purple Maternity Cocktail Dress with Cut Neckline

Knitted Purple Maternity Cocktail Dress with Cut NecklineCotton knitted fabric is immensely comfy for your changing body and provides you ease in movement. Hence this costume will prove to the best super comfortable option for you in cocktail dresses. Made with super soft jersey texture, it flatters many glam features that would not let you stay unnoticed in the party. The sultry aspects of the costume include center bodice pleats and an alluring cut neckline. It is an icon of perfection that can bring you the best adorable look that you wish to have at a formal social gathering. You will never feel frustrated wearing this fit and flare outfit.

17. Maternity Cocktail Dress with Adjustable Halter Ties

Maternity Cocktail Dress with Adjustable Halter TiesDuring maternity days, your body goes through physical changes hence a fitted and fixed silhouette does not fit well. You need an adjustable silhouette particularly at the waist and bodice. This chic and trendy maternity costume can serve your needs the best. Featuring adjustable halter ties, back zipper and a gorgeous figure flattering bodice, the dress is an absolutely eye-catching for cocktail parties and other social gatherings. It perfectly frames your body features and accentuate them with the soft and pleasant accent that will certainly be admired by all people around you.

16. Maternity Cocktail Dress in White with Black Polka Dots

Maternity Cocktail Dress in White with Black Polka DotsA hottest fitted wiggle dress for pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy days! The slinky texture displays pretty polka dot in red and black and make it look like a gorgeous vintage dress. The fine quality silhouette has stunning and beyond compare flawless features. The costume begins with a befitting enchanting bodice combined with standup collar and a halter top. At the waistline it has a patent belt ending up with a rear side pleat belt to help you adjust the costume as per your needs. One of the head-turner maternity cocktail dresses!

 This maternity dresses ensemble pictures flirty, smart, bejeweled, long, knee-length, fit and flare gowns. They display a wonderful workmanship that creates a definite big impact of your composure and prettiness.

15. Maternity Cocktail Dress in Champagne and Silver Lurex Knit

Maternity Cocktail Dress in Champagne and Silver Lurex KnitStylishly fashionable! The beautiful color and lurex jersey texture deliver this outfit an aura of sweetness and sophistication. It can be enlisted with those rare maternity dresses that have multiple features to boast of and enhance your vibes with bewitching and sultry touches. It frames your bustline with an elastic band, putting the sleeves loosely stay on your shoulders. Hence you get a beautiful romantic image accentuating your gorgeous look.

14. Crossover Bustline Black Maternity Cocktail Dress

Crossover Bustline Black Maternity Cocktail DressThe best thing about this chic costume is the availability of full range of sizes to accommodate the needs of your varying body. The pretty crossover bustline enhances the beauty of your curves. The matte knit fabric helps the silhouette fits well on your body, leaving no wrinkles and gathers. For a smart and flawless look, the dress has an inside built-in body shaper that covers and supports the entire torso. Being an expectant mother, this costume should entice you to articulate a sweet accent in the cocktail party.

13. Sailor Swing Maternity Cocktail Dress in Navy

Sailor Swing Maternity Cocktail Dress in NavyAn absolutely attention grabbing wiggle dress in fabulous maternity cocktail dresses range, featuring an innovatively stylish silhouette with simple yet elegant adornment! The nautical-inspired outline has a vintage fitted bodice and an alluring swing skirt. The dress is beautifully trimmed with a white satin band that swirls around the skirt hemline and on bustline as well. It flatters a removable while leather belt on the waist to fix the dress perfectly according to your body stature.

12. Dolman Sleeves Maternity Cocktail Dress in Velvet

Dolman Sleeves Maternity Cocktail Dress in VelvetSweet and impeccable construction! This idea in maternity dresses is for an exceptionally beautiful look! The dress is made with soft and comfy stretch velvet bodice, deep V-neckline and dolman sleeves. This is beyond doubt an excellent blend of slinkiest features that give you the best definition and coverage to impress everyone. The skirt of this dress is even glamorous created with printed red satin that presents a stunning contrast of red and black. Choose accessories, matching the silhouette and wear a superlatively flamboyant appearance.

11. Green Maternity Cocktail Dress with Lined Bodice

Green Maternity Cocktail Dress with Lined BodiceYour pregnancy days require you wear stretchy and comfy dresses, keeping your body feel comfortable with all the body changes. This knee-length, soft silhouette developed in bengaline fabric provides the much needed comfort and glow. The design of this costume reminds Old Hollywood glamour. It pictures also incredibly flattering features such as ¾ sleeves, lined bodice and collar that is adjustable as per your preference. For an extra comfort, the bodice is lined with supple charmeuse silk.

10. Cinched Waist Maternity Cocktail Dress with Lace Trimming

Cinched Waist Maternity Cocktail Dress with Lace TrimmingThis unbelievably comfortable maternity wiggle has a classy silhouette that would certainly attract you as an expecting mommy! It stands unique in maternity cocktail dresses for its opulent style that manifests a true vintage beauty, created from premium quality stretchy bengaline fabric. The sleeveless costume displays bust cups adorned with lacy adornment, a sophisticated bodice, attached with thin shoulder straps and a cinched waistline. The skirt is of knee-length, showing kick pleats at the hemline.

9. Crossover Bustline Maternity Cocktail Dress in Gold Lurex

Crossover Bustline Maternity Cocktail Dress in Gold LurexNow when you’re enjoying the sweetest moments of your life, being an expectant mother, with other things, your dress needs your utmost attention too! Obviously, the dress should suit to the size and structure of your body, changing with the passing days of pregnancy. This stylish dress is absolutely created keeping in view your bodily requirement yet meets all standards of latest fashion and flare. Its soft Lurex Jersey texture lets you enjoy cool and pleasant feel. The sleek and clean silhouette also boasts of crossover bustline, elasticized off-shoulder neckline, hidden side zipper and a flattering skirt. These features will certainly cater to your fine taste and will accentuate your pretty look.

8. Sleeveless Maternity Cocktail Dress in Leopard Print

Sleeveless Maternity Cocktail Dress in Leopard PrintA distinctively classy option in maternity dresses that delivers you a fun and flirty appearance displaying an eye-grabbing print! The texture of this unique dress is ultra-comfortable adorned with innovatively crafted features. It includes an alluring v-neck cross-over bust, a wide waistband and an elegant swing skirt. The flexibility of the texture is enough to keep you frame the best, needing not back or side zipper. Moreover, it is all over gathers on the silhouette that make it more attractive.

7. Lacy Maternity Cocktail Dress with Curved High Front Panel

Lacy Maternity Cocktail Dress with Curved High Front PanelThis entry in maternity cocktail dresses features an impeccable construction that makes it a wonderful wardrobe staple. The designing is scintillatingly stylish, framing your bust with a lacy top while the knee-length pencil skirt is made up with super stretchy fabric, providing extra comfort and convenience in your movement. The skirt has double kick pleats and a back zip adjusting your body perfectly. You can dream of having an enchanting look, attired with this slinky costume.

6. Boatneck Top Maternity Cocktail Dress in Black and White Stripe

Boatneck Top Maternity Cocktail Dress in Black and White StripeAbsolutely tummy-friendly and chic costume in maternity dresses for a glamorous look! Wearing this costume means to ensure applause at cocktail party, office or at any formal event. The top has an attractive eye-catching look with its white and black stripes displaying also a modish boat neck and three quarter sleeves. The fabric is blending of poly/cotton that surely increases its suppleness to comfort your changing body. In all respects, it is the superb feminine fit and best alternative of your money.

5. Sparkling Lace Masterpiece Maternity Cocktail Dress

Sparkling Lace Masterpiece Maternity Cocktail DressOne of the hottest maternity costumes that help you flatter your charm in a profound and innocent accent. The dress pictures many glam and captivating features that include sheer cap sleeves adorned with fine-looking pearls and a fitted and flared skirt. This ensemble is fabulous for its scalloped lace details all over its bust. Peppered with shining crystal embellishments, this dress makes a dramatic statement of your impressive look.

4. Hotrod Honey Maternity Cocktail Dress in Black

Hotrod Honey Maternity Cocktail Dress in BlackAttired with this costume, you should be sure to stand out from the crowd, manifesting an enticing look! The ultra-feminine silhouette fits well with the features of your body structure imparting it a superlative glitz and elegance. The knitted fabric is flexible enough to deliver you the best coverage. Below the trendy tea-shirt top, it boasts of a cinched waist, adorned with faux leather belt for fixing the dress. It is an absolute wonder in the collection of cute maternity cocktail dresses that give you an incredibly soft and sophisticated look.

3. Maternity Cocktail Dress with Spanish Red Roses Print

Maternity Cocktail Dress with Spanish Red Roses PrintIt is surely a high time of your life when you are expecting to be mommy. During your pregnancy days, you should be mindful about your dressing, choosing those fine silhouettes hat purpose-made, flattering the curves and features of your swelling belly. This option brings you one of the best maternity dresses that are rich in glam and flawless in construction. The alluring satin texture exhibits Spanish red roses, accentuating your own rosy look. The other fabulous features include an elegant plunging neckline, faux wrap front; wrap belt and hidden back zipper adding to your gorgeous impression. The dress finishes off with a classy tulip skirt.

2. Cap Sleeve Lace Trim Maternity Cocktail Dress

Cap Sleeve Lace Trim Maternity Cocktail DressDuring these special days, you should be looking for costumes that are not only sleek and scintillating but are also eye-grabbing for their perfect and elegant silhouettes. Try this unique outfit that fits like a dream. The highest quality stretch texture wraps you in an ultra-comfy and tummy-friendly gorgeous dress. The subtle v-neckline, joined with cap sleeves and lace trimmed bodice emphasize your best features, dramatically enhancing your prettiness. The texture is a perfect blending of nylon and spandex in jersey knit keeps your body enjoy the best feel, you wish the most.

1. Sleeveless Scoop Neck Embellished Maternity Cocktail Dress

Sleeveless Scoop Neck Embellished Maternity Cocktail DressStunning and captivating jersey silhouette! The alluring scoop neckline combined with a sleeveless bodice enhances the beauty of your shoulders and long neck. The wrinkle free full-length polyester gown has an illusion decorated top from neck to bustline. The adornment looks immensely stylish because of its innovative beading work in grey and black, On the back, it flatters organza deep v that boosts up romantic appeal. The rest of the gown is plain maximizing your graceful femininity. You can win tremendous applause option for this wonderful option in maternity dresses.


The alluring designs and ultra-comfy textures of the maternity cocktail dresses are sure to please you. They are picture-perfect silhouettes that take on a dramatically sweet and impressive look, while you are going through your pregnancy days. You will surely find this page absolutely beneficial!

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