10 Long Distance Relationship Aids

There are no doubt some highs and lows in a relationship but that are all part and parcel of it being solid and really worth it. If the guy or the girl is not worth the time, effort and energy, trust me you will never even bother to see and check up on them. The part where one of the partners has to move on then becomes a blessing. But this is not a universally accepted behavior within couples; many couples actually break terribly inside when they get the news of their partner/spouse getting a huge and life changing opportunity elsewhere.

Why so? Because this means that the good opportunity intends to take them away from you. It doesn’t occur all the time that you are in a position to move along with them and the staying behind part is the worst of all. You do not get to see them every day when you wake up and even have to go to bed all alone. It is in fact torturing to have a pillow next to you that smells of them and yet they are not here. There might be a similar long distance pillow for the partner, and the chance is they would be missing you as badly. It is indeed a really tough time for a couple to stay united and remain equal on all grounds during the long distance relationship phase.

Technology, though, has advanced in so many grounds that with cheap calls and text messages staying connected with your loved ones is not that difficult anymore. In fact, you can easily connect and send in multimedia along with your messages without worrying about the cost. But there are still lots of yearnings attached with the physical aspect of the person. Let me share with you some really exciting apps and robotics that are set to be released soon or are already seen in their prototype phase that are destined to blow away that night long physical needs.

“It is in fact torturing to have a pillow next to you that smells of your partner and yet they are not here.”

10. The Amazing Pillow Talk

THE AMAZING PILLOW TALKMost of the couples actually look forward to spending the night together. After getting done with all the hard chores of the day that includes the job, the groceries, household work or any other physical activities that keep them away from each other, the night is the time of the day when couples relax and be with each other. They share their day-long activities, gossip about people they are connected to, make plans for the next day or even for the weekend and for those who are really into it, they enjoy having some hard and intimate physical moment as well. This all seems to vanish in thin air when you get inside your bed to realize that the love is far away from the home and you. You two cannot see each other with the same love and enthusiasm and the physical love part is completely out of question.

Pillow Talk is the answer to all your lonely needs. This long distance pillow is meant for couples who long each other’s presence next to them, the ones that are used to hearing their heart beats and love to wake up to see their face. The pillow talk is synchronized with a wrist band and is synchronized with your partner’s pillow when you both are set to sleep. The long distance pillow glows in order to indicate that the partner has rested their head on their pillow and thus all the information from the pillow gets transmitted to the other. Not only are you able to hear your partner’s heart beat but you can also feel the pressure induced by their head on their pillow.

Note: This project of the Pillow Talk is yet to be released to the consumer market.

9. Skype

SKYPEWe know what an aid this teleconferencing technology has become. You get to see and talk to not only your partners living far away but you can also connect with your family and friends who live at a distance from you. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on making long distance calls and in fact in place of those audio-only calls the added bonus in teleconferencing is the availability of the video that gives you the full picture along with having to see how they are going about with their lives. You can greet your grandparents who are not too strong to come to the phone whereas a laptop and even a smartphone can be taken to them to show the video and they can easily converse with each other.

For partners, teleconferencing also means a lot of other intimate things that they can show and do to each other. Only the real, physical aspect of the exercise will be missing, but the visuals aid a lot in terms of creating the vibe and pumping the emotion rollercoaster.

8. Clone A Willy

CLONE –A- WILLYThis is a must have s*x- toy for all those love-hungry couples that cannot really live without the intimate aspect of a relationship. To keep things faithful around and to protect the sanctity of the relationship, clone-a-willy actually provides a very solid and a very original base for the sexual needs.

Though this toy is only applicable for the female counterpart’s needs but the guys can be happy thinking they have contributed one real attribute before leaving them. Clone-a-willy allows the male partner to actually clone the most *needed area* in a sexual relationship and they can pass it on to their wives/girlfriends who can then enjoy the rest of their stay alone. Added bonus is when you can set-up a date online and both can enjoy doing it to each other with the close-to-real thing, going inside.

7. Kissinger

KISSINGERThis robotic technology actually aids couples like the long distance pillow. It works on similar grounds but with a greater number of intimacies. The Kissinger is basically a kissing simulator that responds to your lip impression in the way that your partner sends back to it. It comprises of a lip pad where you are meant to place your lips to put pressure and receive the pressure from your partner’s Kissinger robot.

The tested prototypes are approved to provide a virtually real experience of kissing and the couples who are separated from each other because of the wrath of distance are said to benefit the most out of it. Not only are these kisses very close to real, they will actually try and mend the broken heart by delivering to you a true lover’s kiss.

“Technology, though, has advanced in so many grounds that with cheap calls and text messages staying connected with your loved ones is not that difficult anymore.”

6. The Couple App

THE COUPLE APPIf only kissing with lips wasn’t quite enough you can now send in your thumb impressions in times when lip kissing aren’t really possible. Kissinger is actually a robotic kiss simulator whereas Couple App is a smartphone app, the takes your thumb impression and sends it over to your partner’s app. This way your partner gets to send you back their thumb impression and this process of imprinting thumb impressions should be synchronized for the app to simulate a vibrating sensation sending the impression of the virtual thumb kiss. This app is great for creative users who like to doodle a lot and base the platform of Thumb kiss to carry on and share their doodles with each other.

5. Hug Shirt

HUG SHIRTHow would you feel if someone could come over and give you the exact hug that leaves behind the same scent, aura and warmth as your partner does? These kinds of messengers are really hard to find, in fact, this concept is close to being impossible. But what technology does here is simply remarkable. The Hug Shirt is a hug simulator that you can wrap around yourself and feel the warmth of your partner’s cuddle anytime of the day.

This Hug Shit is technically connected with an app that is easily downloaded on a smartphone. How it operates is that your partner sends in a virtual hug your way, your Hug Shirt transmits this virtual hug through sensations with feelings of warmth and cuddliness. The technology is dated long back but still needs to hit the mainstream market. Don’t you think this might be a little too creepy, if not looked after properly?

4. Journal For The Writers

JOURNAL FOR THE WRITERSEvery couple has a unique kind of bonding agent, some like the same kind of music, the same kind of food, fashion sense, books, literature and even the mode of expression. Couples are often expressive in ways of saying it aloud to each other or expressing with roses and chocolates whereas some are writers and silent readers. These readers love to read expressions of their loved ones after passing them something marvelous to read.

Online journals or even old school journals help keep such couples together. Because at times when you are too busy in your life routines and because of the difference in time people actually tend to forget a lot of things, feelings, encounters that they wanted to share. Journals in this regard, help you to jot down all your feelings and events in a timely manner that you can either send them over or share with them when they come over for a visit.

“Most of the couples actually look forward to spending the night together and share their daily routine before going to sleep.”

3. Virtual Reality

VIRTUAL REALITYA man says that if a woman loves to play games or never really stops you from doing so, is an actual keeper. This is, in fact, true. Many couples who are gamers in real tend to understand the psychology of each other well. This platform actually aids couples that are stuck in long distance relationships. Gaming platforms like PS and Sony Xbox are all based on the internet which means these are greater connectivity and more reality based simulators. Games like Sims and the likes are based on virtual reality gaming platforms, meaning you can create your avatars as closer to your personal look as possible, along with that there are also plenty of opportunities for you to stay connected together, meet up and even have some virtual, s*xually intimate time. Such a technologically great way to save a date!

2. Frequent Trips

FREQUENT TRIPSWhen you are living at a distance, traveling and meeting up with family and friends or your partner becomes really important. But this all depends upon your pocket and how light you tend to make it after buying constantly expensive tickets. There are a number of trip advisors that are programmed to share with the cheapest and earliest flights in order for you to plan in a better manner. Many apps also enable rewards for you to redeem and benefit from the perks provided. Some of these apps include TripIt, Kayak, and Hipmunk.

1. Online Saviors

ONLINE SAVIORSHow would you like getting into a fight with your significant other and then realizing later on what kind of a douche you have been? Sad enough, you are too far away from them to do something romantically pleasing or try and undo the bad that you did. This is one of the saddest parts of being in a relationship that you do not get to share the good and the bad memories. But what this online getaway is entirely capable of is now known by the world. You can always appoint a website to send flowers, cakes, cookies, and gifts to your partner on their birthday, Graduation or any other achievement or holiday. This way even if you’re not with them to celebrate, you can always send and share your love for them.


  • Being in a long distance relationship is actually really tough and even if people claim that they know what you’re going through, none of them can actually relate to it.
  • Only the couple can understand the intensity of the feelings that holds between them.
  • But with the help of the technology and the help and aid that it provides through various mediums is actually really commendable.
  • Always, always understand the difference there exists between the now separated lives of you and your partner. There might be time differences, climate change and even greater commitment towards work.

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