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Katy Perry was born on October 25, 1984, in California. She is an American celebrity, actress, singer and song writer. Kerry Perry is not her original name; she changed her name from Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson to avoid name confusion with the actress Kate Hudson. She was born in Christian religious family so she gave her first performance in a church during her teenage. Starting with a church, her passion of singing continuously grew up. After a not very successful first album, she recorded her second album “One of the Boys” and in spring 2008 she released a leading song for her album titled “I Kissed a Girl”. This song gained high popularity and reached at number 1 slot in many countries. Many other hit song followed and the album got huge commercial success when released. Her third album “Teenage Dreams” also gained popularity and Kate Perry became successful in making her name as an emerging star. In 2012 Katy Perry served as an actress in documentary featured filmed named Katy Perry: Part of Me”, and she gained high popularity afterwards as well.

She married with Russell Brand but the marriage was not proven as successful and he filed for divorce just after a year of marriage in 2011. The comedian Russell Brand posted a picture of Katy Perry on his twitter page without makeup in which she seems just woken up. The public appearance of Katy Perry is usually with lot of makeup. Her sudden without makeup appearance was totally different than usual public appearance. Katy Perry must not be happy with Russell Brand twitter post and it was deleted very quickly from the page.

She also captured without makeup while recording. She was looking young in it but not perfect. Her eye brows were looking very thin and eyes appeared very smaller. Still she got a sweet and girly looks even at the age of 30. Her fans on social media gives mix reviews about her looks without makeup. Some people say that she looks very ugly without makeup and some say that she still has a charm without makeup.

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