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19 Ideas To Start And End Your Day With Joy

With the daily day to day schedule we usually forget to take out time for the most important things. These things that we ignore makeup for the little improvements in our lives. You could count it as a daily dose to keep yourself happy and active.

In this busy life we must slowly and gradually incorporate things that are good for our mind, soul and body. With the minor changes we can make a vast difference, so know what you could do and make a challenging difference in your life. These little differences would one day be a noticeable change on a larger scale

19. Start WIth A Morning Walk


You need to start with good walk. When you get up you really do not feel like moving, but once you get that cozy blanket of yours off from yourself you move a step forward towards getting up.
Getting up from the bed and then opening those closed curtains shall be your next step. And as you draw the curtains open you see the morning light and the lovely little birds preparing to fly for their hunt of food.

  • Here, you get the motivation to jump into your track suit and go for a morning walk.
  • This morning walk and the cool breeze is the best thing in the morning to experience.
  • It makes you feel energetic and refreshed.

18. Follow It With Yoga


Once you are done with your morning walk, you can hop n to some stretches then. Morning walk is no doubt a wonderful way to start your day with but there is nothing that could beat yoga. Morning yoga, particularly sun salutation is one recommended type of yoga for every individual. There are several posses which with the passage of time could be adopted perfectly.

  • Beginner’s yoga is a bit different or you could say an easier version.
  • Yoga helps the body to stay healthy and fit.
  • Moreover it also helps to slow down the aging process progressively.

17. Cleanse Your System

Cleanse your system

This means you need to detoxify your inner body. Early morning cleaning out the system helps you evacuate the toxins build up during the night. Detoxification of the system is one important phenomenon. It helps you clear out the harmful ingredients from your body.

  • There are number of food elements that can help you with this.
  • Even drinking a glass of water when you are too lazy to do anything could be taken as an option.
  • Otherwise, lemon squeezed in a glass of luke warm water along with a teaspoon of honey is one good early morning drink.
  • Lemon has detoxification qualities and so it can help your body with it.

16. Take A Refreshing Bath

Take a refreshing bath

You must get sweaty after a walk and a good yoga. So, now you must take a warm water bath. It is not necessary that you need to sweat first to take a shower. It is just to make you refreshed and you shall follow it daily irrespective of the fact that you are sweaty or not.

  • A quick shower is all you need to in the morning to finally start your day clean.
  • You can use a few drops of antibacterial liquid in your bucket of water to maintain your protection against bacteria throughout the day.

15. Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy

The first meal of the day must be the richest. You need to take a complete diet as your first meal. This is the beginning of your day and you shall treat your system with the best you have. It is recommended by the doctors to take a very healthy breakfast, this shall be the heaviest meal of the day.

  • Your breakfast must include every category of food including carbohydrates to proteins and good fats.
  • Prepare your meal with all these foods and enjoy the first meal with the richest flavors on your taste buds.

14. Get Dressed

Get dressed

You need to look good to feel good. You must give time to your looks every morning you wake up. See how you look, observe if you need that long awaited haircut. You need to look better for no one but your own self. Because you’re special and you need to take care of yourself.

  • Dress u properly, brush that hair nicely, wear your favorite perfume.
  • Wear a clean and an ironed dress. Get out of your night suit.
  • Don’t wait for a special occasion to wear that new shirt of yours. Wear it today!

13. Set Your Goals For The Day

Set your goals for the day

A life spent without setting goals is a life spent worthless. You need to set your goals and act to reach them. Every sun that rises in your life shall bring a new day to get you closer towards your goal. If you have not set your goals then start setting them from today. You can start with the little things on daily basis that will finally help you reach your destination.

  • Tick your goals of the day and target to achieve them.
  • Be determined to achieve your goals and stay focused on them each and every day.

12. Say Your Prayers

Say your prayers

The most important thing of the day is the remembrance of your lord. You need to that inner peace to feed your soul with. And for that inner peace you must get in touch with your lord.

  • Start your day with the name of your god. He is the most beneficial who surely serves you with the best and you shall pray to Him as the most important duty of your day.
  • Let the prayer be of a short while. It’s never bad to talk to your lord for a long time, but this could be carried forward for later in the day as well.

11. Smile And Greet

Smile and greet

You have the power to change someone’s pathetic day into a better on. And your smile is the thing that can make a good difference. A smile is that beautiful curve that curves to set many things aligned in their proper place. All it requires is the contraction of a few muscles of your face.

  • Smile because it costs nothing.
  • Smile can bring positive vibes, so do it more regularly.
  • Greet everyone with a smile on your face and welcoming note in your tone.
  • Make your day and the one you greet great just by smiling.

10. Do An Act Of Kindness

Do an act of kindness

Be the one who someone prayed for the last night. Everyone looks for someone to do an act of kindness to them. And by kindness it never means something huge and heavy, your presence sometimes is a silent act of kindness. Be the angel to someone and love doing it. Cherish this and change things for someone around you.

  • If someone wants your shoulder don’t hesitate to give it to them.
  • If you see a rock hindering the passage, don’t hesitate to remove it from the way and make the passage clear for other.
  • If you see a thirsty bird, give him some water.

Try little but meaningful acts, you will feel good about it.

9. Do Something Creative

Do something creative

Explore yourself and start your journey on self hunt talent. You never know what beholds inside of you until you go deep and extract it out of yourself. Do not hesitate when it comes to trying new things. Always give yourself new chances, every day is a new chance to try new things and be creative.

  • Be innovative and try new things.
  • Try to get the positive factors out of yourself, work on them and polish your creativities.

8. Take Out Time To Relax With A Cup Of  Tea

Take out time to relax with a cup of tea

A sunset and your couch, your fingers wrapped around your warm cup of relaxing tea! What an amazing part of the day. After a long that you have had you must now take a relaxing posture. Try and provide your body with a calm moment, enjoy the change of light into dark with a peaceful and blissful stance either with someone or all by yourself.

  • There a few herbal teas that are available which are meant to provide you with relaxation.
  • They are holding such properties that help to soothe your nerves and get you relaxed.

7. Call An Old Friend

Call an old friend

You had been missing on calling your friend since a long time. This is the time of the day where you can spend a few moments to catch up on that friend of yours. You must be aware of their whereabouts, in case they wanted your help. Your call just to ask how they are doing would make them feel important.

  • Call your friend up, you never know he/she must be in need of a friend.
  • Call to check on them. Make them feel their importance they have in your life.
  • Friends are an important part of your life, so stay connected.

6. Prepare Your Dinner

Prepare your dinner

Start to prepare a wonderful meal for yourself. Cook what you like; food can make you feel better. So, start with your preparations. Enjoy what you are cooking; this shall be your treat by you for yourself.

  • Choose your meal wisely. Do not add on unhealthy items that are not recommendable for your health.
  • While you prepare, keep yourself busy with some new on television.
  • Do any of your left over chores while the food cooks.

5. Light The Candles

Light the candles

Candles are an amazing product to change the ambience form nothing to just brilliantly beautiful. You can try so many different styles with just one of this amazing product. These days you may find candles with amazing colours and variety of fragrances. These fragrances range from yummy fruits to seductive specials. They also come in with soothing fragrances to provide a relaxation to the mind.

  • It’s your choice to choose from any of these and enjoy your meal with an amazing aroma.
  • Light up the candles and see how beautiful your dining room looks.
  • To add up to the beauty you can arrange a couple of flowers on your dinner table too.

4. Cut Down On One Of Your Bad Habits

Cut down on one of your bad habits

Every one of us have negative traits that make up a part of our personality. So, here is the time to make yourself a promise and cut down on any one of them.

  • It is never difficult to start with small little efforts, but you need to make that 2 % of an effort.
  • Start with the minutest of things and reach to the greater ones.
  • This will be a process to occur slowly and gradually.

3. Adopt One Good Habit

Adopt one good habit

Curtailing on one bad habit and adding a good habit will make a difference in your over all self. You must try and adopt at least one good habit if not daily but on regular basis. You know where you must improve and you shall know how to work over it. So, do not take a step back to act upon it.

  • Be the little change that you want to see in others and it will make a big difference.
  • Try to mend the broken and undone good parts within yourself to better and bigger ones.
  • Adapt, put an effort and change.
  • You will love it, and you will look forward to build yourself positively this way moving forward in life.

2. Find A New Song

Find a new song

Are you a music lover? Because finding a new song is a treat for the music lovers. This is the best thing that happens to them, it brings them energy and excited. If you are also one of them then you can always select from your favorite genera a song and get in love with it if you like it.

  • Go one to different websites and search for a new song, there are still a number songs awaiting to be a part of your song list.
  • So increase your playlist with some new additions and enjoy.

1. End Your Day With Your Lord

End your day with your lord

This is the time with your creator. The best part of the day to assign it for a meeting with your god is this. When the day ends and you are left with yourself and the stars shine bright on the sky, make the best of this time. Enjoy the solitude of night with your creator. Make discussions and speak your heart out on your matters.

  • Limit this part of your night for your lord.
  • Ask him whatever you like and meditate before you go into the beautiful world of dreams.


  • Never forget to smile, even in the worst of times.
  • Keep your diet healthy.
  • Do not skip yoga, it’s very healthy.
  • Begin and end your day with the name of your lord.

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