11 Easy Yet Beneficial Ways About How To Treat ADHD Naturally

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ADHD effects on the overall life, which is a common problem in children especially. This is not a disorder caused by a virus or any other germ but this is a disorder takes place due to mostly habit or deficiency of such nutrients, which are vital for the brain to perform its functions. Of course, brain also needs food to work properly just as other human body parts and ADHD cause when it does not get the required supplements. This is a disorder treated mostly by changing the social and eating habits by creating a healthy environment.

ADHD affects the pulse control and behavior. ADHD has different types of signs and symptoms such as couldn’t give proper attention to studies, being very quick in everything, fast anger, feeling bad at anything or want to live alone, couldn’t sit at one place, couldn’t give attention to assigned tasks, forgets what to do, couldn’t wait for the proper time infect wants to do anything very fast, can’t feel relaxed and many more.

“ADHD can be hereditary and can transfer from parents to their children. We can easily call it spreading one because a person suffering from ADHD can affect the other family members. It should be treated at time before increasing. Try to be happy as much as possible.”

Many natural remedies can treat ADHD at home such as:

11. Sleep Well


ADHD is a disorder associated with brain, which also needs some rest. A proper sleep at night without any type of thinking can naturally avoid ADHD. Everyone has noticed that while staying at whole no one gives the required attention to studies or work at morning. If a person sleeps well at night than at morning, he will get up with fresh mood and can freshly do his daily activities. Sleeping well mean:

  • Taking disturbing thoughts out of the mind.
  • Soft and comfortable bad and pillow should be used.
  • There should be a well-balanced room temperature, very hot or cold temperature will not let anybody sleep well thus the mind will become tired.
  • This should be a daily routine to ease adhd symptoms.

10. Relaxation


After doing a long-term work or any activity, the whole body needs some relaxation. Relaxation is something different from sleeping in some meanings.  During relaxation, you concentrate on the proper inhaling of oxygen into your body. Relaxation is really helpful in reducing signs of adhd. It should be done in the way described below:

  • Try something like mediation and visualization.
  • Use a comfortable place.
  • You may go outside in a garden or in a lush green field far away from the industrial and noisy area to relax your brain.
  • Lie on the ground, take deep breath so that oxygen reaches to its requirement, and help the body to perform function by increasing the rate of different metabolic functions.
  • Tell your child to follow you or to be instructor, in this way he will relax himself mostly.
  • Try to be in natural environment as well as possible.

9. Weekend Outing


Your child goes to school in the whole week and he expects some fun and play on the weekend. Give him time to feel better and to be in open air like a bird. He will love this.  Traci from Portland says in a report that she lets her child to play and to live in the nature and after that he behaves well infect best because he feel better inside. He does notface problems in focusing in his studies. Another parents says that her child do not leave his place after every interval and become patient in every activity. So going outside every now and then can be considered as an effective adhd treatment. There should be an outing routine like this:

  • Make a picnic plan to a full of nature area.
  • Parents should accompany their children.
  • Let them by their own instead of monitoring them all the time.
  • Give them some green time and let them play with natural things such as mud, grass. These are the activities, which do not demand more attention, but they make a child of giving natural attention.
  • According to a report of 2004, an experiment done on children shows that the children having some time in natural environment performs and gives attention better

8. Changing The Social Environment


Social environment or the society is the combination of homes, which is made up of a family, parents, grandparents and the siblings. These all are having a great role in a child’s life. They affect directly or indirectly. It is a proven saying that man is a social animal and he does suffering from ADHD like disorders when he faces or he has to face irregular activities or social bounding. He feel that he is alone or everyone is hurting him which leads him to think more deeply about the problem which doesn’t give him the solution but instead of that it captures his mind and then he starts showing the signs and symptoms of ADHD like disorders and does suffer from it. A peaceful environment greatly helps in easing adhd symptoms. Social environment should be changed in the way showed below:

  • There should be a friendly environment in the home.
  • Parents should be friends more than being father and a mother.
  • They should encourage their child to share his thinking and his problems.
  • All the family members and the society fellows should respect his or one another’s feelings and way of thinking about the life so that the child sees himself as an important and special member of his society.
  • One should talk softly and in the way child understands.
  • Encourage them to participate in the co-curricular activities.
  • Give those rewards and appreciations.
  • Try to be a loving family with each other.
  • Parents should avoid shouting on each other, which mostly affects the child indirectly and gives him fear but a loving relation of husband and wife encourages a child.
  • This will improve the child’s behavior naturally and will make him able to think positively.

7. Exercise


Exercise is the most important need of the modern busy life, which helps the body, recovers. The exercise in the early morning boosts up the power of attention in the whole day by refreshing someone.  Serotonin is a chemical very essential to the human brain, which has a vital role in its paying attention like duties.  Having exercise in the early morning increases the level of serotonin in the brain. It should be done in the following way to reduce signs of adhd:

  • There should be a 10 to 20 minutes for normal walk in a park.
  • Try going up and down on stairs, which increase your internal energy, and makes you fit.
  • People can do their favorite exercise at any time.
  • You can play an outdoor game of your choice, which refreshes you.

6. Zinc


Zinc is an element that is having a direct impact on the function of the brain. It works in regulating the fatty acids of the brain andthe most importantly helping the melatonin, which plays a function of controlling the human behavior hence treating ADHD. Beside this, it has more functions in the body and is attached with the proper growth and development. To treat ADHD It should be a part of daily routine like this:

  • There are a number of fruits, which are rich in zinc.
  • One should increase the intake of raw vegetables instead of having them in cooked form because as described in many other articles that cooking the fresh vegetables kills the essential nutrients in them.
  • You should take zinc around 35 mg in a day in any form as an effective adhd treatment.
  • It should be a part of the daily meal.
  • Many fresh juices also contain zinc.
  • One should take care and advice while taking it in a much quantity because it can show side effects and can be dangerous for people suffering from other health problems.

5. Herbs


There are various herbs about which people are considering that they work in enhancing the thinking level and memory. But no doubt that these herbs may have several side effects especially for the people who are suffering from various health problems such as diabetes and hormonal disorders that’s why herbs should be avoided as many as possible and try to go with a healthy environment instead of eating the directly hitting medicines including herbs. Herbs can strengthen the body’s natural performance. Some of the herbs, which have been considering helpful in treating ADHD,have been listed below:

  • Valerian is a natural herb helping in reducing ADHD symptoms but can be harmful by interacting with seductive activities.
  • One of the helpful herbs in treating ADHD is lemon balm.
  • Gingko biloba increases the memory and it sharpens the mental level and can work for curing ADHD.
  • Gingko may be used with another ingredient called ginseng. Combination of these both can help in removing ADHD.
  • The herbs can be taken in any form like in powdered form, one can make a cup of tea out of them using warm water or they can be cooked.

4. Brahmi


Brahmi is a natural herb, which grows in the wild environment and found mostly in India. Some of the studies on natural herbs has shown that people who had a memory and attention problems have now benefited from brahmi and it has improved their natural ability of fighting against ADHD proving at as an antiADHD is recommended by many people.  This helps in remembering something.

  • This can be taken in raw form if you’re feeling signs of adhd.
  • You can make a tea of it by boiling.
  • Powder can be made from the brahmi after drying them.

3. Vitamins


Vitamins are the most essential food supplements. They play an important role in the whole body including the function of the brain.  They work in many hormonal activities and are attached with the chemicals, which are necessary for brain to work. These vitamins are helpful in hyperactivity a symptom of ADHD and they improve the behaving naturally.  Make sure to use vitamins as an effective adhd treatment. Some of the required vitamins are:

  • Vitamin B-6, which is associated with the chemicals, found in the human brain.
  • Others are vitamin B1 and B2.
  • These can be found in many food items such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Proteins And A Good Eating Habit


Proteins are the well-known building blocks of the human body having a great role in growth and development. Food rich in proteins indirectly enhances the brain level and is helpful in treating ADHD like disorders. Beside proteins, there are various minerals whose deficiency can lead to ADHD. Some of the important elements, which prevent a person from ADHD, are as follows:

  • There should be an amount of magnesium in the food.
  • Iron and zinc are vital for the memory.
  • Protein rich food should be there during having a breakfast.
  • Fish and milk can be providing a good amount of protein and iron.

1. Fresh Green Oats


Oats have been considering among the healthy foods. Green oats can help in improving the memory and the thinking ability. Some experiments conducted on green oats in 2011 have shown them as the preventing food items, which can avoid ADHD. The method of using green oats is below:

  • Take some green oats in the raw form.
  • Make a mixture of oats with milk according to the taste to reduce adhd symptoms.

“ADHD can be varying in different people. It can be in different form in children and in adults. All the natural remedies of treating ADHD will effect differently in various people. Age, health, and some other factors can also effect. Personal life and a relationship issue lead to ADHD in teens mostly. This disorder can make some very aggressive. One should take care while using herbs because it is not important that all the herbs should work for you.”


  • Do a regular exercise to avoid such problems.
  • You should eat fresh and healthy food instead of the packed one.
  • Try to relax the mind
  • Listen to your favorite soft music to avoid the tension.
  • Be far away from tension and depression.

Do not’s

  • Do not use drug with consulting a doctor.
  • Do not herbs to children, as these may be harmful.
  • Hormonal and heart problems facing people should the use of herbs.

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