12 Essential Ways About How To Stop Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is also known as bruxism in the medical terms and this is the condition in which people grind or clench their teeth time to time, mostly when they are sleeping. Usually, Teeth grinding is of no harm to the body, but because of the continuous teeth grinding different kind of oral complications may arise. There are many reasons why people grind their teeth on and off, but the most common ones among them are stress and anxiety. Most of the times, Teeth grinding occur when people are sleeping. They clench their teeth unconsciously in their sleep that is more likely to be seen as an abnormal bite or missing of the teeth. Sometimes, Teeth grinding is also caused due to the sleeping disorders known as sleeping apnea. People who don’t take proper sleep of 6 to 8 hours at night are more likely to face this problem of Teeth grinding. However, there are a lot of people who face this problem from childhood. The oral health of the people is really very important and it needs to be look after. This is the reason why the problem of Teeth grinding needs to stop. People who don’t know how to stop teeth grinding must try any of the given ways:

12. Wearmouth Guard


People who grind their teeth while they are sleeping can prevent this problem by wearing a mouth guard while they are sleeping at night. These are basically the pressure across the jaws in the mouth that becomes a physical barrier between the lower and the upper teeth of the mouth, so that any kind of further damage may be protected. These mouth guards may also reduce the grinding noises that most of the people make at night. However, the mouth guards are so like those that are used by the boxers while they are in the battle of the boxing. Most of the mouth guards are made of the rubber or the plastic, while a lot of them can be made by the dentists to fit in the mouth of their patients. However, people can also purchase these mouth guards from any kind of the local pharmacy, but the best ones are those that are fitted by the dentists in the mouths of the people going through this problem of Teeth grinding.

  • Wearing the mouth guards for a few days results in the reduction of the Teeth grinding problem.

11. Wear Mouth Splints


The mouth splints that are also known as the biting plates are made from some hard kind of plastic that amazingly fits over the upper and the lower teeth of the mouth. However, these are not as much effective as the mouth guards for reducing the chances of the Teeth grinding, but they are no less than reducing further damage to the oral health. However, the mouth splints may tend to be used for so many years as well as they are more expensive than the mouth guards. Moreover, these are only able to control the condition of Teeth grinding, not to cure it. You might want to read out home remedies for yellow teeth.

  • The mouth splints can be purchased from any of the pharmacy or they can also be prepared by the dentist.

10. Yoga


As discussed already, the most common causes of teeth grinding are stress and anxiety and they can be treated best with the regular practice of yoga. Yoga is actually best for the overall health of the body and the flaws of the body can also be treated with the help of yoga. This is the reason why people suffering from the problem of teeth grinding are always advised to maintain a regular habit of doing yoga for half to one hour. They can either do yoga at their homes or can join the yoga classes as well, so that they can perform yoga after the instructions of the trainer.

  • Making a habit of doing yoga everyday releases the stretch muscles of the body that results in getting over stress, so that the habit of teeth grinding may be cured.

9. Massage


Going for the body massage twice or thrice a week can be the best thing for getting over the problem of teeth grinding one way or the other. Massaging helps in the relaxing of the body muscles amazingly that help people get rid of the anxiety and stress. This is how they can effectively cure their problem of teeth grinding at night unconsciously. The stressed up masseter muscle is always the root cause of the teeth grinding. Massaging the masseter muscle is not at all a difficult task as it can be done easily at home. The underside of the cheekbone on the side of the face of the human body lays the masseter muscle. However, the bottom of this muscle always attaches to some kind of the broad area of the jawbone. This place needs massage, so that the habit of teeth grinding can be stopped. Face massage is best for this purpose.

  • Either people can relax their masseter muscle all by themselves by giving massage to their face, or they can also go to some massage center for the same purpose.

8. Reduce stress


Stress is actually one of the main reasons of the teeth grinding. This is the reason why it is always recommended to get over the stress first, so that the problem of teeth grinding can be sorted out. People can easily relieve their stress with the help of the stress counseling, meditation as well as the exercise can be really very effective for getting over stress issues. Some of the best ways for the reduction of the stress are:

  • Kick out all of the major sources of stress from the life because life is too short to deal with the things that only bring problems in the life.
  • Go to the bed early every night and wake up early in the morning at the same time. This thing gives people a lot of energy for dealing with the problems of everyday life.
  • Spend more time with friends and enjoy every moment of life. Laugh much, so that stress can be eliminated from the life naturally.
  • Engage yourself in such kind of activities that makes you happy, not in those that only brings stress.
  • Eat healthy and on time, so that the well balanced diet can make the life much better a stress free.

7. Remove Caffeine From Diet


The excessive use of the coffees, energy drinks and other things like that must be stopped in order to get rid of teeth grinding. All the things contain a huge amount of caffeine in them and caffeine itself is the stimulant that makes it much more difficult for the muscles of the face, especially the jaws to relax. The regular and excessive use of the caffeine always results in the continuous teeth grinding at night while sleeping.

  • For better results and the permanent cure of the teeth grinding, stop every use of the caffeine containing drinks.

6. Avoid Alcohol


Alcohol is another one of the root causes of the teeth grinding and this is the reason why the people who use alcohol on regular basis are more likely to face the problem of teeth grinding. In other words, alcohol is more like a depressant that makes it difficult for the human beings to sleep healthily. However, the habit of teeth grinding becomes even worse after the regular consumption of the alcohol related products. Although, alcohol do makes it really very easy for the people to fall asleep, but it doesn’t let them sleep in peace. The more consumption of alcohol, the more shallow the sleep would be that would result in the worse condition of teeth grinding.

  • The use of alcohol should be eliminated from the regular lives for avoiding the problem of teeth grinding.

5. Lessen The Desire Of Chocolates


Eating too much of the chocolates can also be a reason of the condition of teeth grinding. This is why people facing this problem are suggested not to eat too much of chocolates. The regular consumption of the chocolates must be avoided, so that the problem of the teeth grinding may be sorted out. This is the reason why people consuming more amount of the chocolates everyday are more likely to face the problem of teeth grinding.

  • Leave the consumption of chocolates for a few months for witnessing better results.

4. Start The Intake Of Calcium And Magnesium


Calcium and the magnesium supplements are really very important for the better functioning of the muscles as well as for the nervous health of the human bodies. The people who lack the proper amount of calcium and manganese in their bodies are more likely to face the problems of tension, clenching and such other problems related to the muscles.

  • Add the supplements of calcium and magnesium in the regular diet for getting rid of the problem of teeth grinding with time.

3. Stop Chewing On Non Foods


There are so many people who have the bad habit of chewing on the non foods all day long like the pencils, pens or even the nails. This habit should be eliminated from the lives as the people having this habit are more likely to have the habit of the teeth grinding. There are a lot of ways for getting over this bad habit as if it becomes permanent, then getting rid of the teeth grinding at night can also become impossible. This is the reason why people are suggested to keep themselves busy in such activities that would help them get rid of such habits.

  • Chew a gum or a piece or mint whenever the urge of chewing on the non food arises as this would be helpful in weaning off that habit slowly.

2. Relax Before Going To Bed


Every night before going to bed, people should try to relax their muscles, so that they do not clench their teeth all night long while sleeping. This is the reason why it is really very important to reduce stress before going to sleep, so the people can feel more relaxed while sleeping and the chances of teeth grinding are lessened. Some of the best ways for reducing the stress are:

  • Massaging the muscles of the neck and the shoulder with the help of the fingers before going to sleep.
  • Taking shower with the lukewarm water.
  • Reading some good novel in bed for half an hour or listen to soft music.

1. See A Dentist


If nothing works for the cure of the teeth grinding, then the only option to know the reason of the teeth grinding is to visit a nearby dentist.The dentist would check the problem of the teeth grinding and find for the better cure. This is really very important because if a person don’t visit the dentist on time, then the condition could get worse.

  • Visit the dentist every 6 months for getting better results of the oral health.

Points To Be Noted:

  • The most common reasons of teeth grinding are stress and depression and they should always be treated on time.
  • Teeth grinding might not seems to be harmful for the health, but it can be really bad for the oral health.
  • Regular massage is the best therapy for getting rid of the problem of teeth grinding.


  • Go for massage of the facial and shoulder muscles twice or thrice a week.
  • Avoid stress and the intake of caffeine.
  • Take warm bath for relaxation of the muscles.


  • Consume much alcohol.
  • Stay in depressive environment.
  • Stick to the things that become a reason of depression.

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