15 Effective Home Remedies About How To Prevent Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a result of your skin stretching. When a woman gains weight, especially in pregnancy, the skin around the abdomen must stretch to accommodate the baby inside the womb. Stretch marks do not necessarily have to be around the abdomen, they can be present on any part of your body such as the thighs and buttocks. They start off as red in color and gradually fade to white or gray.

Almost everyone develops stretch marks when pregnant. You should not let the fear of them wipe out your happiness, love the skin you are in.

Stretch marks are not very attractive, nobody wants them. But the good news is that stretch marks can easily be prevented and here are 15 easy ways to show you how.

“Are you scared of getting stretch marks? You should put all your fears to rest by using these techniques, which will help prevent the stretch marks from occurring.”

15. Healthy Diet


Say goodbye to all of your junk food and bad eating habits. It is very essential that you maintain a good and healthy diet. A good diet results in many major benefits. Help your body by understanding its needs and requirements.

Maintaining a healthy diet in pregnancy is not only beneficial for your baby but also for your skin. Help improve the elasticity of your skin with foods rich in antioxidants and vitamin A.

You should eat:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Carrots

14.  Keep Your Body Hydrated


Keeping your body hydrated is very important. Your body is 70% water and it needs a constant supply of water, as water is being lost constantly. Replenish your body’s water by increasing your daily fluid intake.

Water helps maintain soft and glowing skin. If your water intake is low your skin will grow dull and hard, it will lose its softness and elasticity.

If you do not like drinking water, you should try drinking different juices. A different juice each day will help you not think of it as a chore. It will become enjoyable.

You should also incorporate fruits that are rich in water, such as watermelons and strawberries.

13. Moisturize Your Skin


Moisturizing is the key to soft and supple skin. Many people skip using a moisturizer every day, which is not only a very bad habit but a major cause for stretch marks.

You need to maintain smooth and elastic skin, which requires you to use a moisturizer on your body daily. Rub in the cream using soft massaging motions; this helps the circulations as well.

12. Use Natural Oils


Apply natural oils on your body, massage them on the skin. This will soothe your skin and help replenish its elasticity and smoothness.

Make it a habit to apply natural oils right after a shower or right before bed. Your skin will remain calm this way and you will not have red and itchy skin. The usage of natural oils has been linked to the prevention of stretch marks since ages.

If you feel an area is not smooth or itchy, just apply some more oil to it.

11. Use Shea Butter


Shea butter is made from nuts; it is famous for its skin benefits. Shea butter not only helps hydrate the skin but keeps it smooth and soft for a long period of time.

Shea butter is also known to help speed the renewal process of the skin. This property along with its hydrating power benefits the skin tremendously.

It is because of these benefits that shea butter is known to help prevent stretch marks.

10. Vitamin E And C


Foods rich in vitamin E should be incorporated in the diet. Vitamin E has many skin benefits. It helps protect the skins cell membrane. Therefore, it helps avoid stretch marks.

Foods rich in Vitamin E include:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli

Vitamin C is used by the body to form collagen and cartilage, which are both very important for the skin to maintain its elasticity and strength.

Instead of taking supplements, vitamin C should be included in the diet from a food source.

Foods rich in Vitamin C include:

  • Kale
  • Turnips
  • Green and Red bell peppers
  • Guava

9. Exercise (Low Impact)

Exercise-(Low Impact)-Marks

Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy glowing skin. One should exercise at least 10 minutes every day to build up strength even if it is not for preventing stretch marks.

If you are pregnant and do not want stretch marks, you should take out a few minutes daily for exercise. Do low impact exercises every day. Exercise will not only help you prevent stretch marks but will also make the pregnancy easier on your body.

Exercise helps you from gaining too much weight too fast, which is one of the primary causes of stretch marks.

If you do not like exercising, you should try pregnancy yoga. Both help maintain your body’s suppleness by improving circulation.

8. Make A Lifestyle Change


Being pregnant demands a life style change. You cannot go back to your bad habits now. A healthy diet and exercise can work wonders for your skin, body and mind. It improves your mood and helps build up your strength thereby helping you have productive days. This life style change should be permanent, as it provides you and your body with many pros and no cons.

However, eating an unhealthy meal every now and then does not hurt.

“Pregnancy is that special time in your life when you get to lay back and enjoy yourself. Put your fear of stretch marks to rest by using these easy preventive measures.”

7. Gain Weight Slowly


One of the primary causes of stretch marks is gaining too much weight, too fast. Gain your weight gradually. You might need to talk to your doctor about this and work out a plan.

We all have cheat days, and so can you. But just make sure that you control your food cravings before they get out of hand.

6. Keep Away From Harsh Chemicals


Your skin is sensitive during this special time in your life, so keep away from harsh chemicals that can alter your skin’s softness.

Many products in the market include harsh chemicals, which may make your skin hard and dull. Avoid such chemicals in your products as they may contribute towards developing stretch marks.

Make it a habit to check the list of chemicals on the back of the product, before you use it. Try and avoid putting your skin and your health at danger. Use products made for sensitive skin.

5. Use Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is very famous for its skin benefits. It had been used by people of all ages, because it is natural and does not harm the skin in any way. Coconut oil can be used on the hair, or on the skin.

To prevent stretch marks massage coconut oil on your body every day. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will also help smooth your skin and prevent it from losing its elasticity.

4. Use Prescription Creams


If you feel that none of these prevention techniques will work for you and that your skin needs some extra care, you should consult your doctor.

Your doctor will help solve your problem and prescribe you creams that prevent and treat stretch marks. Do not use self medication as it comes with a lot of risks. You should always consult your doctor first.

3. Continue Your Healthy Diet


When you have delivered your baby and your pregnancy has come to an end, do not go back to your old ways. Instead, maintain your healthy diet. Your body needs nourishment and hydration just as much after the pregnancy as it did during the pregnancy.

Do not neglect your body’s needs and requirements when you have had your baby.

2. Strengthen Your Exercise


Pregnancy requires you to do low impact exercises, but once the pregnancy has come to an end build up your exercise day by day. Strengthen your exercise slowly and gradually. Do not make the exercise difficult on your skin and your body.

This will help reduce stretch marks if you did have them.

1. Practice Dry Brushing


Dry brushing is used as a technique to treat stretch marks but can also be used as a preventive measure. It helps increase the circulation. Therefore, it also helps prevent stretch marks.

  • Use a brush that does not have stiff or hard bristles.
  • Start brushing from the bottom and work your way upwards.
  • Focus on areas such as the abdomen and buttocks.
  • Wash away the dead skin by taking a shower.
  • Moisturize your body.

Do not use this technique on sensitive areas such as the breasts.


  • Do moisturize your skin daily if you are pregnant or are taking any supplements to gain weight.
  • Increase your water intake if you are gaining weight. It will not let your skin get stretch marks.


  • When using the dry brushing method, do not apply the technique on sensitive areas such as breasts or pubic bone etcetera.
  • Do not scratch the area where you feel itching as this would be the place where the skin is stretching and is likely to develop stretch marks.
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