15 How To Get Rid Of Fever Blisters Home Remedies

Fever Blisters most commonly referred to as cold sores, is a condition where a number of painful, itchy sores are formed that and are often accompanied by headaches and strong fever, thus named Fever Blisters. These blisters are caused by a virus Herpes Simplex, these sores are mostly seen around lips, cheeks, nostrils, fingers and in severe cases, the genitals. Fever blisters that are caused by the virus are highly contagious and it is strictly advised not to come into direct contact with the person who appears to be suffering from the disease. Precaution is far better than having to bear the pain and going through strict medical procedures and treatments.

It is often noticed that fever blisters appear in the form of an outbreak where once you will see just a single sore and then moments later there will be a group of a large number of painful, fluid-filled lesions. This not only tarnishes any attraction that remains on your facial personality, but these are extremely painful as well. Just like a pimple they break, discharging the fluid and later on form a thick crust on top of the affected area, making the place horribly itchy. Though there has not been found a possible long-term cure for the disease since studies have proven that the virus once becoming a part of the body stays both dormant and active on will. We have compiled a list of easy treatments that considerably take away the pain and reduce their frequent appearances.

15. Use Tea Bags

Tea Bags..Now you might have possibly heard the use of tea bags to get rid of annoying and disgusting dark circles, but we would like to mention here that the very same method can also be used to reduce discomfort of fever blisters. It is found that the tannic acid present in the tea leaves has quite a bit of antiviral properties. These properties thus have the ability to stand up against the pain and damage caused by the blisters.

  • You need to take a tea bag (it can either be black or green) and infuse it in warm water for about a minute.
  • Take the tea bag out and let it cool completely.
  • Place the tea bag on top of the blisters and press them gently for a couple of minutes.
  • For better results, you should be using this method about 5-6 times in a day.

14. Take The Help Of Milk

milk..Milk is not only a healthy option to get your bones stronger and to fulfill your Calcium requirements, there are quite a few other benefits of having milk that most people don’t even have a clue about. Milk is based on proteins, one particular protein called immunoglobulins. Their special proteins are like savior antibodies that are known for their work against viruses like Herpes Simplex.

  • Milk can be used both orally and topically.
  • In case of an outbreak, you can use whole milk compress to treat the affected area.
  • You just need a cup or more of whole milk and cotton swabs.
  • Just dip the cotton swab in cold or normal milk and press it gently on the affected area.
  • You can later on use a wet towel or a tissue to wipe off any milk residue left by the end.

13. Play Around With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide ..For kids who have had a mischievous childhood, they must really know how hydrogen peroxide feels when it is dabbed onto the wound or a blister. It is stingy and painful, but it is a matter of mere minutes when that pain subsides and you get a relaxing feeling of being cured at the same time. For adults especially who have the problem of blister outbreaks, it is advised to use hydrogen peroxide as an anti-bacterial to ward off any further infection.

  • Being an adult, you have to hold the reign of the pain.
  • Simply dab some hydrogen peroxide onto a cotton ball and press it against the sores.
  • Now this is obvious that it may sting and cause some extra pain but in the end it will be all worth it.
  • Let the saturated mix stay on the sores for about 5 minutes or so for it to work well before you rinse it away.

12. Have Fun With Vanilla

Vanilla extractionThe smell of vanilla is enough to set you into that mood where you are extracting something magnificent coming out of either the freezer or the oven. Vanilla essence sets you in that diabetic and sugary mood that is, all in all, related to food cravings. But trust us when we explain to you that the use of pure, rich and organic vanilla extract is something that people have sworn to have a great effect on the fever blisters. This might be because the vanilla extract is part alcohol based so the topical use somehow vanquishes the chances of the virus to spread any further.

  • Get yourself organic vanilla extract and some cotton balls.
  • Moisten or wet the ball with the vanilla extract and dab it nicely on the area with the blisters.
  • Just hold the swab there for a good few minutes to soak the extract well into the blisters.
  • You will definitely feel much better results while using this method about 4 times in a day.

11. Amazing Effect Of  Toothpaste

TOOTHPASTE..Toothpaste is not just good enough to fight all kinds of oral infections and types of tooth decay and stuff; they are pretty good to help you get rid of those cold sores/fever blisters as well. Toothpaste is produced with a combination of a number of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, some alcohol, and menthol. These compounds are known to dry out blisters quickly and reduce the time period of the outbreak.

  • Help yourself by applying a small amount of white toothpaste directly onto the blisters.
  • You can either keep it overnight or apply it for about 2-3hours and then clean it away using a wet cloth.
  • You can optionally apply petroleum jelly if you feel too much tightening in the area.
  • Additionally you can mix up a bit of toothpaste with some salt and use a cotton ball to apply it on the blisters and keep this mixture on overnight. The next morning cleanse it with a wet cloth.

Tip: It is advised to only use white toothpaste for this purpose. Do not opt for any colored gel, or whitening based toothpaste.

10. Game Strong With Ice

ice cube...3.pngIce is a fun thing already, you imagine yourself having ice cubes in hot summer mornings and while imagining you can feel half of the heat vanishing away. It is scientifically proven that ice suppresses any kind of infectious or bacterial outgrowth. In many experiments, you might have known that bacteria do not spread due to the cold temperature. So basically, the use of ice over a fever blister does the same for not only it reduces the pain but also lessens the chances of any further infectious or bacterial outbreak.

  • Add a bunch of ice cubes in a clean cloth.
  • Place the cloth on to the blistered area and keep it there for about 10-15minutes.
  • You will feel numbness in the area after a while which is good for a reason.
  • You can repeat this procedure 4-5 times in a day.
  • Later on just apply some lemon balm ointment nicely on the fever blisters.

Tip: This tip is known to work the best when it is started right after you get the sensation of about to have an outbreak.

9. Grab Some Licorice

Licorice Root...Now who thought that this herb could have had all these positive things about it? Licorice, to be honest, has tons of anti-inflammatory and antiviral abilities and hence it is being recommended to get rid of the pain and the blisters. Glycyrrhizin is the main ingredient present in the herb that gets rid of all kinds of swelling and redness.

  • One best method is to mix some licorice powder or extract with a small amount of water to create a paste with the desired consistency.
  • The other is to mix the extract with petroleum jelly. It can be used either way.
  • Simple dab on some of the licorice mixture with the help of cotton ball on the blisters and preferable leave it overnight.

8. Try Out Some Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil..You might as well love the minty, fresh feeling that comes as soon as you open up the cap of peppermint oil, we all love that smell, but we know that too much of that essence can cause a good load of headaches. Peppermint oil is a good way to beat off the virus once it has been out broken from the affected area. It is not of any point to orally have some of the oil because it is known to attack the virus once they are out of their comfort zones.

  • Just need water to clear off the area and allow for the oil to do the work.
  • Next step is to dip the cotton ball in water and then dip it in peppermint oil to make the mixture feasible to be applied on to the blisters.
  • Apply it daily till it is no longer needed.

7. Prevent  It With Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil....Tea tree oil has been found to be really effective for a number of skin diseases and so it is also advised to apply some as soon as you get the signs of a fever blister outbreak. The plan is to identify the outbreak before it actually appears and begin the use of tea tree oil to lessen the intensity of the lesion outbreak and the pain that is associated with it.

  • You are advised to dilute the mixture of tree tea oil with water as much as you can and do not opt for applying a concentrated version of it on the sores.
  • The antiviral properties present in the oil have the abilities to suppress the excessive outbreak of the blisters.
  • Try and identify the outbreak before it actually appears and immediately start the use of this mixture for your skin health.

6. Thought Of Garlic?

garlic...It might sound quite smelly to many, but Garlic actually is known to have the cure for many minor ailments that are really annoying. Garlic has a number of antibacterial properties that help disinfect the blister affected area and is also composed of enzymes that are known to work against many viruses. Isn’t it simply great that this cheap and readily available household ingredient can do so much at the time of need?

  • You need a couple of garlic cloves, about 2-3
  • You need to crush them up to make a paste like a mixture.
  • Apply it onto the affected area and keep it there for 15 minutes.
  • Just work up this method 2-3 times a day and not more than 2 days continuously.

Tip: Keep that in mind that Garlic is known to sting.

5. Use Some Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel..It was years ago when people actually had to hunt down tree and plants to get some herbs that were known for centuries to combat all kinds of minor ailments, but now everything has been far commercialized and things are readily available and accessible in tiny bottles and jars. Witch Hazel is yet another herb that is used to suppress the pain and reduce the time of the blister outbreak.

  • You need witch hazel hydrosol and some cotton pads.
  • Simply soak it in witch hazel and dab the cotton pad onto the blisters.
  • You can use this procedure, 1-2 times in a day.

4. Don’t Leave Without Sunscreen

Great SunscreenSunscreen is the only way to help save you from the unwanted sun exposure we often put ourselves into. Sunscreens are the best way to prevent the skin from tanning and getting burnt unnecessarily. After getting a fever blisters outbreak don’t get out of the house without applying a good sunscreen even on your lips. This will protect the affected area from directly getting harmed by the UV light.

3. Just Throw Away Your Toothbrush

Soft ToothbrushHerpes Simplex virus is the main cause of fever blister outbreaks. This is a highly contagious virus and is known to spread with even a small contact. It is always advised to keep a distance from people suffering from this virus and avoid unnecessary physical contact. The same goes for your own personal hygiene. Just as the virus affects the areas around the lips it is told to throw away the toothbrush as soon as an outbreak ends and never to return to the old toothbrush again. Get a new one and have a fresh beginning to avoid future outbreaks.

2. Avoid Substances Based On Arginie

Chocolate..This is indeed going to be an emotional crusher for people who are addicted to chocolates colas and nuts because arginine is the amino acid that is the main component in all of these foods. Arginine though not completely scientifically proven is known to have a positively elevated effect on the frequency of outbreaks. Reduce the consumption’s of chocolates, colas, beer, cashews, peanuts and even peas.

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1. Go For Some Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera...Aloe Vera is actually a part of many home remedies and is known to have a real time soothing effect on itchy and painful blisters. It battles against any bacteria that are known to cause excessive pain on the blisters. The cheapest form will be to grow an aloe plant in your garden. These plants are very cheap and grow with very minimum assistance.

  • If you have the plant at home simply cut a small piece off and split in from the center.
  • Take out the gel and apply it directly on to the blisters.
  • Or if you don’t have the plant then aloe vera gel is readily available at all stores.

Prevent  The Outbreak From Spreading

We have mentioned this a lot of times that the virus is highly contagious and it can very easily be spread on to the direction of someone who comes into real close contact with the infected individual.

  • Do not touch your own blisters too much because you will end up spreading it in other regions.
  • Do not come in direct contact with another individual, avoid hugging and kissing.
  • Stress is known to be a factor that elevates the outbreak. Try and relax yourself.
  • Do not get out of the house without apply sunscreen on the affected region.
  • Avoid sharing your clothes, towels and handkerchief with other individuals.
  • Women are known to experience an outbreak before or during their menstruation.
  • Hormonal changes are also associated with an outbreak and hence your birth control procedure might also be a reason for an outbreak from time to time.

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