How To Do Ombre Hair; 15 Fabulous Treatments

Hair coloring is a constantly evolving industry. What merely started as a narrow set of hair colors you coiled choose from, expanding into a vast variety of hair colors. Now, the genre has evolved it into ombre hair. This new method has become a style statement for many if not all.

Ombre hair is all about the right texture to compliment your hair, and the right combination. Although it seems more inviting to just invest in styling with periodic visits to your local stylist, the fact is that it is not that challenging a task to ombre your hair. With the right equipment add well practiced and confident hands, you can shade your hair perfectly at home. It’s not even that time consuming! Here is a list of ideas on how to ombre hair.

15. Honey Ombre


This theme is a practicable option, as you can try this at home, without the need of any pricey accessories and components. The charcoal black hair at the roots cascade gradually, smoothly and uniformly to a gradient of brighter shades, with rich honey tips. You simply must try this for once if you have dark hair. Apply solution to tips by handpicking random sections, making it rarer to the tips.

Rest your hair for as long as it takes to achieve the shade you desire. A practical way to speed up the process is to cover the strands in aluminum foil. Try some other hair color ideas as well.

14. Sun Kissed Ombre


This is the easiest approach on how to do ombre hair. The gradient appears in gentle waves which give your hair an exotic hue. With just the right finishing, you can enhance the look to an astounding extent. Try curving the tips outwards. Gentle waves will work just as well. You need to prepare three mixtures of the color, each with a varying intensity. The lightest and least intense goes to the tips, while the densest mixture will cover the roots. Fold your hair in foils to let the color seep in for this beautiful and gorgeous look.

13. Brunette To Caramel


The theme appears particularly natural, as both the two shades in play are shiny. The hairstyle looks great with both long and short hair. It makes you hair appear more voluminous and healthy, consequently more imposing. You can personalize the shade with voluminous curls for a gaudy appearance; perfect for parties and prom nights! Click to get some more brown hair color ideas here.

12. Medium Brown With Ombre Ends


Medium blonde hair tend to look boring, but with the slight adjustment and a gentle of touch of blonde at the tips, it can be evolved into an amazing combination. This ombre hair theme looks great on straight short hair. You must try this if you know how to do ombre hair. Section the hair from the top portion of your hairline backwards, clip it away. Then prepare a dark brown hair color of any brand you desire to use.

Start from the top of your head, and slowly begin descending, keep applying decreasing quantities down to the ear line, and then gently rub the rest of your hair with gloved fingers dipped in the solution. Then, gather hair from the top area of your hairline, and secure it atop your head. Proceed with the rest of your hair, covering them up. This creates the rich texture that makes your hair look so amazing.

11. Copper Ombre


This ombre hair color theme is a must for you if you have medium length and voluminous dark wavy scene hair. A squared face takes advantage of the bold transitions, making the cheeks less angular, and more oval in appearance. Copper is a great choice for dark hairs. It brings warmth to the brunette hair, and the shine fits perfectly.

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10. Brunette To Ash Blonde


Keep your looks youthful with this bold and beautiful combination of two contrasting shades. You must practice on how to do ombre hair beforehand. It satisfies your work place needs most of the time and is party ready as well. It demands little attention to detail: you don’t have to pay your stylist a visit for this slight change in style.

Think of honey blonde, if you think that suits you better. Another phenomenal way to improve this style is by going for streaks in your brunette base, all the way to the roots. Keep it lively with shine spray.

9. Light Blonde Ombre


With very minor transitions, this look will adjust to your short hair in a very comfortable way. That is precisely what makes it elegant and gorgeous. This ombre features varying shades of blonde itself. The warm honey brown at the roots evolves into a thick blonde, followed by ash blonde with platinum tips.

This subtle and gentle theme shore is complicated and consequently pricey, if you call on a stylist. You need to prepare four different shade bleach. With each layer you want half an hour for the hair to dry. Is the effort and the investment worth it? You decide

8. Dark Brown To Gold


This is another common approach on how to do ombre hair. With this shimmery combination, they are sure to be astounded by the sheer intensity of the gold in this theme. There is no place for messy when you have such a sharp hue. Nonetheless this style is a natural for short haired ladies who want wavy hair. This autumn style is currently in vogue. And is widely recognized as a daring choice. Maybe that’s what you want with your hair.

7. Platinum Blonde Ombre


This theme is lively and radiant, but not too bright and gaudy. Curls will do you more good than harm. You need to begin with honey blonde base for your hair, then to the tips, switch to a platinum blonde shade for the tips. This theme, looks exclusively a summer style for short hairs. Bangs look great with the shade pattern.

6. Chocolate And Caramel Ombre


The two shades are not very distinct in hue, just two different intensities of the same theme. The sharp switch as appears in short hair won’t hurt with this duo. Pick milk chocolate shade for the root, and do the tips with warm caramel palette. You may use a third color for the central area, but be careful to pick one that comes in a perfect transition between the two shades.

5. Dark Brown To Copper Ombre


This is a slightly less shiny version of the brunette to caramel. It particularly suits round faces, and light wavy hair. To wear the style at its best, be sure to straighten your hair, using a straightener. Make sure the copper streaks begin high up, and that you bleach the tips, before applying the copper highlights. This combination goes amazing with a bun, or if you want to wear a head band.

4. Blonde To Ombre


It is relatively easy to just bleach the ends of your dark hair to obtain the hairstyle for short ombre hair. The real challenge lies for the blonde girls out there. Now you get to transform yourself from totally blond to short ombre hair at your home. In fact, it is more versatile with blonde hair. You can monitor the shades more easily, and the tips look more natural.

3. Subtle Brown With Ombre Tips


Try this ombre theme for a refined and sophisticated look. Nothing too bright and girlish, this style can be flattering. It makes your whole appearance, a bit straighter forward, and business like: great if your work demands for similar qualities. A tip is to avoid the clashing of two shades at the same level. Rather, try to create soft highlights that extend into the other color.

2. Black To Mahogany Hair


A stunning sharp black that cascades into a rich copper tint makes your hair stand out with a surprising intensity. This is a common top choice on how to do ombre hair among experts. This style is a must if you have a medium complexion, possibly with freckles. This theme also suits round faces, as it draws attention from your round jaw. This style always demands shine serum to make the look complete.

1. Golden Ombre

Golden Ombre

Now here is one style, you can truly deem a pro short hair. A bob would make it looks all the more gentle on your facial features. Golden shades are lively, with their exotic glow, and universal applications. Be it brunette or blonde, the golden streaks will stand out from your hair prominently. Be cautious not to overdo the highlighting, too gaudy is bad news for you. Also make the intensity of ombre as uniform as possible.

With ombre hair, one has to be extra careful in order to avoid overdoing all the while maintaining a unique and attractive look. When comes to choosing the right theme, one tends to bias towards the more popular and common choices over other extraordinary ones. It is best to experiment with new ideas on how to do ombre hair, and try something new every time you pay your stylist a visit to make the time and investment worth it. Feel free to experiment. One day, you may discover your ultimate statement!

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