How to Cut Your Own Hair – Give Yourself A Good Look

cut-your-own-hairIf you are one of the girls wanting your hair out from your face during this hot and humid summer, you need to fork out for a haircut. Well, many times we do not find time to wait for an appointment with a salon while our hairdo turns into a hair don’t. You wake up in the middle of the night to get rid of long locks to feel in a desperate need of having a trim.

Cutting your own hair can result in a disaster. As a professional woman, a college student or a mother with newly born baby, you might have shed some saline water after such a disaster and a rush visit to a hairdresser to fix up the craft you created. The money saved is money spent!

If you are ready to compromise on less than perfect hairdo, you can cut your own hair but do not expect a crisp, polished and professional look as we spent a lot of money in the salons to get what we pay for. Well, if Beyonce and Dame Helen Mirren can do it, you can also cut your own hair. All you need to cut your own hair are an elastic hair band, a pair of small scissors, half an hour time away from your mobile phone and …a lot of courage.

If you want to lose those shiny locks at your own, we have the following tips for cutting your own hair. The following tips are easy to follow if you are ready for a simple Cosmo cut. To cut your own hair into Cosmo cut, you do not need to wash your hair. It is dry cut and you do not need to wash your hair. First, you need to tip your head upside down and comb your hair forward and gather them into a nice tight at hairline in the center of your head.

While you are halfway to cutting your own hair, it is better to determine where you want the first layer of your hair to start. It is up to you if you choose for a fringe, or layers. Measure the distance from the desired place to the starting point of the ponytail with a comb. Shear your ponytail at the length you determined for your hair layer.

You have done more than half of the job. Look at your face and stop trembling it is nothing more than a bunch of your shiny hands in your palm!

The next step is pointing the scissors directly into your hair and snipping the blunt ends to the extent that it takes the shape of a shaving brush, the one that you use to feel the softness on your cheeks. Lean forward as much as you can, but be careful about your pants not to show the edge of your bumps to others. This posture will help you to save your eyes from fallen hair. You have done it. Lose your ponytail and with a decent shake, your hair will fall into place. Look at the mirror you have done marvelously.

How to Cut Your Own Hair tips

It is said that practice makes a man perfect, but entering into the trade of hairdressing could be an absolute risk if you are not well accustomed with the practice. Cutting your own hair at home can save you a lot of time and money. After Cosmo cut practice, now you are ready for more experiments. Follow these simple but basic techniques for DIY cutting your own hair and you will soon one from those women that are doing it themselves for several years.

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8. Practice Makes you Perfect


It is not just a saying but also a truth. Little bangs and trims of your own hair gives you the much needed confidence to go for entire cut. The experience gives you more knowledge about your own hair. You feel that you know your hair. have a look at these hairstyles for long hair.

7. Seek Help Whenever It is Available


Your friend or someone else may not actually help you in DIY spree but it is better to have someone closer with at least to serve tissue papers if you end up in a disaster. Your friend can let you know whether you are at the right track or you have messed up all the things. People around you would also help you in knowing whether you did your job with full confidence.

6. Do Not Quarrel With Your Tools


It is better to invest a little on getting professional tools such as a pair of professional scissors and combs before you go to cut your own hair at home. While investing in the tools makes the cutting your own hair a simple task rather than a fatigue. You may think it is nothing but wastage of money to get professional scissors and combs.

Remember, professional tools make your task hassle free. These tools keep your hair from any damage. On the other hand, a blunt scissor is unable to provide you clean and professional cuts. The dull and blunt scissors harm your hair and you may end up getting split ends. If you feel it difficult to handle with professional scissors, you may use fabric scissors. While cutting your own hair, you must have sharp professional scissors.

5. Prepping Pays


Take it one of the most crucial steps in cutting your own hair. Wash your hair, conditioned them and comb them evenly to detangle. Repeat the combing session several times before you start you session of cutting your own hair. Prepping helps you in sectioning off your hair. It is better to use clips for different sections. Start from the very bottom layer of your hair, cut your hair in a professional manner to the desired length, and then release the section. Repeat the process with all sections one by one if you are really serious to get perfect hairstyles like celebrities.

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