Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight

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The main problem which is faced by today’s generation is eyesight problem/vision disorder. Here, we are discussing to cure it with home remedies but at first it is important to know what the vision disorder is? And what are the causes of it?

Vision Disorder/ Visionary Syndrome

We are connected with the world through our eyes. It has linked through the function of light machines. A person experiences the visual disorder in the result of the function’s anxiety. It arises differently in individuals. The main visionary problems are:

  • Blurred image: In this case the person cannot be able to see the vision clearly.
  • Spots in Vision: A person, who is facing blank spots, is unable to see on that area of the spot.
  • Allergies: It creates conjunctivitis and dry eye problem.

“We are hoping that all those remedies will help you to protect your eyes from different diseases or get better eye power again.”

20. Myopia And Hyperopia

hyporioMyopia (shortsightedness) and Hyperopia (long sightedness) both are common problem in this disease light cannot emphasize completely on retina of the eye.

19. Causes Of Eye Syndrome

eye sydromThe main causes of eyesight weakness are working for long time on computer/laptop, irregularity in lifestyle, not taking proper diet, watching TV for several hours or heredity.

18. Home Remedies For Improving Your Eyesight

improve-eyesightThe main source of communication towards the world or you can say the essential part of our body which connects us with the world is our Eyesight. There are numerous remedies for defense of your sight.

17. Stay Away From Smoking

stay away from smokingIf you do not want your eyesight become weaker, so keep yourself away from smoking. Because smoking can increase the risk of age related macular collapse, damage in optic nerve, glaucoma, dry eye problem and continuous water fall. So if you want to know how to improve eyesight, make sure to stop smoking first.

16. Walk

WalkingFor reducingintraocular pressure of glaucoma, walk is very beneficial. The patient should do daily walk about 2 to 4 time. Walk will prevent the risk of glaucoma. Make it a habit; it is more beneficial if you do barefoot walk on the green grass in the morning. It will remarkably increase your eye power.

15. Dry Air

dryairHeaters in the houses, which are essential to use in cold countries, increases the risk of dry eye problem. Because, these can dry the air of the house.Humidifiers are suggested to use because they can maintain the humidity of the house. Also the plants in the house can be useful to increase the humidity. So make sure to keep these things in mind if you’re wondering how to improve eyesight.

14. Control Your Blood Pressure

control your blood pressureCheck out your blood pressure regularly because increasing the blood pressure is very harmful for the blood vessels of eye and it can cause blindness.

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“Eyes are the best gift of God. Be careful about your visionary power. Don’t spoil this, prevention is better not to get any eye problem.”

13. Change Your Eye Makeup

eye makeupThose women who are habitual to do eye makeup in routine should be aware to clean it properly. The eye makeup should be changed in a year especially Mascara should change in 3 months. Whenever you removemascara make sure to remove it properly because its pieces are very harmful for Cornea. These suggestions are very important to follow if you’re wondering how to improve eyesight.

12. Protect Your Eyes With Sunglasses Or Safe Eye Wears

sun glassesSunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays. UVA and UVB rays can be blocked by proper sunglasses. It is suggested to use polarized sunglasses during driving that blocks the sun’s glare.
The risk of AMD may increase with these factors. Use the protective goggles during swimming because it may stop the exposure of chlorine. The carpenters should use some eyewear to protect from splinters which may enter in the eye.

11. Protective Computer Screen

protect computerWhile using computer try to below the screen from the eyes. It will help to decrease the risk of blindness or any injury regarding cornea because in this position the eye lids are slightly closed so the eyes will not dry out. Give rest to your eyes in every 30 minutes while reading book or using computer.

10. Use Clean Towel

towelsTry to use clean towel daily to wipe your eyes. Make sure not to use the towel in sharing because the sharing of towel may transfer the germs and creates infections in eye.

9. Multivitamins

multivitaminsTake multivitamins daily to keep up your eye health. Research proved that those who take the Vitamin C supplements daily will less suffer the visionary problems. Daily ingestion of multivitamin may stop the age related macular collapse and blindness. So if you want to know how to improve eyesight make sure to take proper nutritions.

8. Must Do Eye Exercises

eye exercizeEye is the essential part of our body. This also wants some exercise to be relaxed. Your eyes want rest to stay fit, and exercise is the best way to get better blood flow and the working of eye muscles. Lack of rest may also cause the eye problem. If you are a regular user of computer you should make a habit to do some eye exercises. These eye exercises will help you to brighten up your vision and also helps to remove glasses permanently.

Following are the eye exercises which will help to strengthen your eye muscles:

  1. Two dot vision exercise.
  2. Blinking.
  3. Eye Massage method.
  4. Palming.
  5. The figure of eight method.
  6. Eye closing method.
  7. Near and far focusing technique.
  8. Eye stretching method.
  9. Up-down and Left-right moving method.
  10. Zooming method.
  11. Stretching exercise.

7. Take Healthy Diet

Healthy-dietProper and healthy plays an important role in your health as well as to have better eyesight. Make a habit to take Vitamin A supplements. Omega-3 fatty acids gives you the protection against dry eyes. Fish, fish oil or canned tuna have required omega-3 fatty acids. Daily consumption of Omega-6 eliminates the defensive effect of omega-3 fatty acids. Try to avoid packaged snacks, cakes and cookies; they are full of omega-6. Sweet potatoes are rich in Vitamin A. The antioxidants which are present in blueberries may help to prevent age-related macular collapse. It is really good to include blueberries in your diet. The red onion reduces the risk of cataract. Beetroot are best to add up in diet because they are full of antioxidants which provide shelter to blood vessels of the eye and body. Spinach is also best, it have lutein, this nutrient helps to reduce the risk of cataract and age-related collapse.

6. Triphala Remedy

TriphalaCombination of three herbal fruits are called Triphala. It is the combination of two words which are; tri and phala means fruit. This is made with combination of three fruits harad, baheda and amla. It is very effective for weak eye treatment. For improving eyesight, wash your eyes with triphala water.

5. Fennel and Almond Seeds

fennel n almond seedsFennel seeds and almonds are remarkably improve the eyesight. Crystallized sugar (mishri) is the marvelous remedial combination with it. Try the following mixture to get the better eye sight.Her is how to improve eyesight using this simple remedy.
Crystallized sugar.
Large fennel seeds.
Take the equal amount of all ingredients, grinned well and make a fine powder. After that safe them in a plastic container or any air tight box.

4. Dose

doseBefore sleeping at night take 250ml of milk and 10 grams of this mixture. Take this for 40 days. You will no need of glasses anymore and your eyes will become brighter. It will also cure twisted mind, memory loss and weakness of mind.

3. Remedy with Gooseberry

gross beeryGooseberry also known as Amla is very useful herb to cure the eye diseases. It is the rich source of Vitamin C. You can eat it as a jam, capsule, tablet, powder or drink as a juice. Drink fresh amla juice with the mixture of honey daily. Or take one teaspoon amla powder at night, while sleeping. This is the best tonic to improve eyesight. So if you’re wondering how to improve eyesight, just try these remedies.

2. Bilberry

bilberryIt will make stronger your blood vessel, it may increase the retinal pigments which give the protection of your eye from harmful things. Fresh bilberries help to cure night blindness and weak eyesight. This is the best remedy to improve your vision. It is an excellent antioxidant to arouse blood flow.

1. Carrot

carrotsIt has vitamin A, calcium, iron and phosphorous in rich quantity. Take carrot juice or eat raw carrot regularly both are very beneficial for your eyesight as well as your skin. It is best and very effective remedy for weak eyesight. It is highly suggested remedy by experts if you’re wondering how to improve eyesight. 

More Remedies to Protect Your Eyes

  • Wash your eyes properly thrice a day.
  • Use black pepper with cow’s butter, it has really effective result for weak eyesight.
  • Take proper sleep to give rest to your eyes.
  • Take proper diet and food.
  • Take protein and vitamins supplements.
  • Include salad, fruits and green leafy vegetables in your diet.
  • To get rid of weak eye sight do some obligatory eye exercise.
  • Keep your eyes away from chemicals.


  • Be careful about your eyes from direct sun exposure.
  • Make a habit to take Vitamin C supplements.
  • Wash your eyes properly, without rubbing it.


  • Don’t take stress it will also harmful for your eyes.
  • Avoid smoking and all type of alcohol.
  • Don’t take fried or oily food.

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