20 Appealing Home Remedies For Toothache That Work

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The throbbing pain of tooth and jaw is really distressing and affects the normal routine. Due to this severe pain a person feels difficulty in doing his work properly. Pain is a sign of illness, it can be considered as an alarm to danger. Any mild soreness of jaw and throbbing pain in tooth is unbearable that hinders the routine chores.

Toothaches are due to the inflammation and irritations in the tooth pulp caused by cavities, broken tooth, infections, jaw joint disorder, loose filling, gums disease and an exposed tooth root. The tooth pulp is the central region of tooth that consists of numerous nerve ends and is thus a highly sensitive area.

There are many remedies for toothache in kitchen but none of these can be regarded as a permanent cure. Although these natural remedies are very much effective to control the throbbing tooth pain, still the patient needs to meet his dentist for a proper treatment to cure the pain for a longer and permanent period of time.

Here are some of the natural home remedies for toothache to control the dreadful pain.

20. Asafetida


It can cure the gum problems efficiently.

  • Mix asafetida powder with lemon juice and slightly warm it. Apply it to the aching tooth with the help of cotton to relief the pain.

Fry asafetida with butter and put in the cavity for immediate relief.

19. Black Seed Oil


Black seed oil has proved to be very effective in treating toothaches. In fact it is one of the most amazing toothache remedies you  can find.

  • To alleviate the pain rub the oil on the affected gum and teeth for 15 seconds. You can also mix the oil with water and use it as a mouthwash.

Since toothache is a serious and dreadful problem so it needs to be cured as soon as possible, the more you delay the more it throbs.

18. Salt Water


Take a glass of warm water and add aspoonful of salt to it. Dissolve the salt completely and then rinse your mouth by swishing the solutionthoroughly. It will help fight against the infection causing bacteria and will reduce any inflammation and swelling in gums. So for an instant toothache relief just try this simple but amazing remedy. 

17. Onion

Onion-Toothache-That Work

The antimicrobial and antiseptic properties of onion make it an excellent gem fighter. It provides a relief from the pain caused by infections in gums or teeth.

  • One of the remedy to control the pain is to directly chew the onion for a few minutes which will help you in relieving the toothache.

You can also cut a piece of onion and place it on the effected tooth or gum.

16. Cloves


Cloves are traditionally used for toothaches due to the presence of natural anesthetic element known as eugenol that helps in numbing the nerves. Also with it antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties cloves are best to alleviate the throbbing pain. It is highly recommended and considered one of the best home remedies for toothache.

  • Place the clove onto the infected area for some time until the pain goes away.
  • Take a cotton ball and pour a few drops of clove oil along with olive oil. Now place the cotton on infected tooth this will help ease the pain, but also keep in mind that it can worsen the situation if the clove oil reaches the sensitive area of your mouth or tongue.
  • It is a fantastic pain reliever particularly for the cracked tooth and cavities. Make a mouth wash by boiling cloves in water and gargle with it when it cools.

Also by simply rubbing the clove powder on the aching tooth and gums will relief you of the severe pain.

15. Cinnamon


  • If you want to get rid of the toothache, simply rub the cinnamon powder onto your teeth and gums just like clove powder and rinse your mouth with normal tap water.
  • You can also avoid the pain by sprinkling the cinnamon powder on your toothpaste and brushing your teeth with it.

The intolerable pain can be remarkably controlled by the use of cinnamon. This natural remedy is good in removing the severe pain. Take it directly with water as a medicine for 2 to 3 times a day that will surely control the throbbing toothache. But it is not a lasting cure so you need to visit your dentist.

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  • Mix 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 5 teaspoons of honey and gently rub it over the aching tooth and gum. Use the paste 2 to 3 times a day to relieve the pain.

Similarly the cinnamon oil if use for this problem is equally effective.

14. Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil de-sensitizes the aching nerves and thus can be an effective remedy for toothache. It is also one of the best toothache remedies you can find.

Pour a few drops of oil into a glass of water to make a pain soothing mouthwash. Mix the oil into the water and then gargle with this mixture.

13. Pepper Salt


Both the ingredients are known for their anti-inflammatory, numbing, analgesic and anti-bacterial properties. And thus work wonderfully for removing the pain.

Mix equal amount of pepper and salt, then make its paste with water. Apply the paste to the infected tooth and leave it to sit for some time. After a few minutes rinse it with tap water. Continue this remedy for several days daily to achieve better results for toothache relief. 

12. Garlic


Garlic with its medicinal and antibacterial properties alleviates the pain easily.

  • Crush a garlic clove and mix salt to it. Now rub it onto the affected tooth for a few minutes to provide an immense relief.

Depending upon the choice, you can also chew the garlic cloves to relieve yourself from the ache. It is also one of the best home remedies for toothache you can use at home. 

11. Guava Leaves


  • Boil 3 0r 4 leaves in one glass of water and let it cool. Strain the leaves out of the solution and use it as a mouthwash by adding some salt to it.

If you prefer, chew a new tender leaf properly until the leaf extract starts acting on affected tooth.It provides soothing effect to the troubled tooth by its analgesic properties.  

10. Vanilla Extract


Vanilla extract with its soothing and calming properties is immensely popular in home remedies.

Completely soak a cotton ball in vanilla extract and then pat the cotton ball on the throbbing tooth. Repeat the remedy several times a day to ease the ache. In toothache remedies it is also very important. 

9. Wheat Grass


  • Wheatgrass is another natural remedy that helps to control the toothache. One can easily make its mouthwash by simply extracting the juice out, and use it as a cure for mouth problems.

Chewing the wheatgrass reduces the bacterial growth by absorbing the toxins from the gums. Thus it controls the infections and reduces the pain and provides toothache relief. 

8. Baking Soda


  • Baking soda neutralizes the acid and bacteria present in the mouth that may be the reason of gum sore. To avoid such dreadful pains, mix baking soda with warm water and gargle with it after every brush.

To calm the pain before going to visit a dentist, simply make a paste of baking soda with a few drops of water and rub it gently to the aching tooth. It is also one of the known home remedies for toothache you can use. 

7. Cucumber


Cucumbers are well known for their soothing and calming effects. Apart from skin beauty item it can, as well, be used as a cure for toothaches.

  • Crush the cucumber finely and add salt to it and then rub the paste to the aching tooth.
  • Other oils like clove and cinnamon oils with peppermint or spearmint can also be added to the mashed cucumber- that is greatly useful in alleviating the throbbing pain.

6. Green Tea


The ingredients in green tea helps in treating inflammations and infections.Therefore, it is recommended to take two cups of green tea daily to prevent any sore in gums and teeth. In toothache remedies, green tea is also known for its amazing health benefits.

5. Ice Cubes


  • Fill the ice bag with ice cubes and hold the pack on your cheek near the aching tooth for some time to numb it.

This provides just a temporary relief for a few minutes or split seconds.

4. Lemon


Lemons due to its acidic properties are widely used as an anti-bacterial and cleansing agent in many products.

Cut and squeeze out the lemon juice and add to it a small amount of baking soda to make its paste. Apply the paste on the infected teeth and get rid of the dirt and pain.

3. Neem


Neem stick was commonly used by ancient people and it helped them greatly to guard their teeth against many bacterial and germ attacks.

  • As toothbrushes replaced these organic brushes, this provoked many dental problems. But it can still be controlled by using aneem brush 2 or 3 times a week for toothache relief.

Its mouthwash is also very much effective and it kills the germs that cause infections. Take some neem leaves and boil them in one glass of water. When it cools, remove the leaves and rinse your mouth with it daily after every brush.

2. Peppermint


Peppermint has analgesic properties similar to that of cloves and is useful in calming the sensitive nerves.

Cooled peppermint tea bags can be directly applied on the affected tooth for at least 20 minutes to lessen the pain or it can also be kept in freezer for a few minutes before use. It is an amazing remedy for toothache relief. 

1. Hydrogen Per Oxide


Hydrogen peroxide is not only a cleansing agent but is also an effective germ killer. It acts strongly against the bacteria and helps in curing the infections.

  • Mix equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water and use it as a mouthwash by swishing the solution in your mouth for 30 seconds. Repeat the process again if required.

Hydrogen peroxide if not diluted with water can even burn your mouth.


  1. Use mouthwash after every brush or once in a day to prevent infection and other dental complications.
  2. Following good oral hygiene can prevent tooth decay and thus toothache.
  3. Regular brush with fluoride containing toothpastes is best for healthy teeth.
  4. For a complete dental checkup and for professionallycleaning your teeth, visit your doctor twice a year.
  5. Eat healthy food containing less sugar to brighten your smile.
  6. Remove the food particles that remains stuck in your teeth as it can cause the infection.


  1. Do not ignore the pain by simply delaying to see a dentist for diagnosis as it will make the situation worse.
  2. Do not exceed in eating sweets and chocolates as it can be the reason of forming cavities.
  3. Do not use a hard brush it can damage the gums.
  4. Do not use toothpicks as it can damage your teeth and gums if used carelessly.
  5. Do not forget to brush twice a day and preferably after every meal.
  6. Do not grind your teeth as it can destroy the enamel coating teeth.
  7. Do not drink carbonated drinks or soft drinks as it stimulates the bacterial growth and thus can cause tooth decay or erosion.

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