16 Known Home Remedies For Jaundice

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With the arrival of hot summers and scorching sun, there are many chances developed that can lead to several diseases and jaundice is just among those. Jaundice is clearly identified by yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes. It is also listed as one of the common liver disorders resulting in damage to the functioning of the main organ, liver. The bad conditioning of liver is due to an increase in the levels of chemical bilirubin in the body. You may get confused with bilirubin, let the article acknowledges you that bilirubin is a pigment in yellow color that arises when dead red blood cells are collapsed in the liver.

One of the common liver disorders, jaundice is of three types;

  1. Hepatocellular jaundice – This type of jaundice occurs when the disease affects the liver directly.
  1. Hemolytic jaundice – When there is speedy collapse of dead red blood cells, it is hemolytic jaundice.
  1. Obstructive jaundice – This particular jaundice occurs when the flow of bile to the intestine, gallbladder and pancreas is blocked.

It is of great importance that you should be familiar with the prominent or hidden symptoms of jaundice that may occur with you or your family members. Though the disease can be easily treated but if left ignore can cause serious damages to your life.

Get To know The Symptoms

  • Yellow tinted skin and eyes.
  • Tiredness
  • Itching or irritation.
  • Reduction in weight.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • Dark yellow urine
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Pale colored stools

When the dead blood cells do not exit from the body, the risk of bilirubin increases thus resulting in jaundice and inappropriate functioning of liver system. The liver also gets distracted when there are chances of presence of hepatitis disease in the body. Another obvious cause is obstruction of bile duct that also leads to several diseases affecting the liver like typhoid, malaria and yellow fever.

Jaundice can be occurred easily in the season of summers and can affect the functioning of liver system. Though jaundice is most common in newborn infants, hence it has to treat at the initial stages. Just like other diseases, jaundice should also be treated at early stages to cure further damage to the most important organ. Note it down the following home remedies;

16. Red Tomato

tomatoesIf you come to know suddenly that, your body is caught with the liver disorder, jaundice, and then you should start treating it at early stage. To your knowledge, red tomatoes can work for your jaundice. The presence of antioxidants and phytochemicals can cure from the disease. For maintaining good health and blood system, lycopene from tomato also works effectively. Tomatoes can be taken in many forms like tomato juice, tomato soup or raw tomato.

It is also recommended to have tomato juice early in the morning to treat the symptoms of jaundice.

A freshly prepared salad of tomatoes and radish leaves is easy to digest and is highly beneficial for liver conditions. Squeeze a juicy lemon into the salad and add a pinch of salt n pepper to cure janudice in adults.

  • Boil few fresh tomatoes for few minutes.
  • Remove the tomato skin and strain the liquid.
  • Get a glass of fresh tomato juice every morning.
  • Add salt and pepper to enhance the flavor of the juice.

15. Radish Leaves

RADISH LEAVESOne of your salad ingredients can work for your jaundice disease. The juicy radish comes in red, white, purple and black. Every radish has its diverse benefits for the human health. It can be eaten as raw ingredient in salad or directly, cooked in a meal or pickled. Radish seeds and leaves are of numerous benefits in treating many diseases. Radish works as a powerful detoxifier, it helps in eliminating the toxins and waste. The use of radish and its leaves is highly beneficial in treating jaundice as it helps in removing the bilirubin and maintain the productivity of bilirubin stable. So make sure to use radish, if you’re feeling jaundice symptoms.

  • Black radish is also most recommended vegetable for treating liver disorders.
  • Take few radish leaves; extract radish juice from it, with the use of strainer. Drink the fresh juice daily. You can take maximum half a liter of it.
  • The remedy is very effective if you use it for ten days.

14. Effective Ginger

ginger.Traditional ginger has been used from long times for treating several diseases. The strong properties of ginger are helpful for a healthier liver and it is functioning. Ginger works better for improving immune system and to soothe morning sickness. Ginger and ginger roots can be taken in many forms as it works for many ailments, and jaundice is one among them.

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  • Crush pieces of ginger and extract the juice directly or with the help of grinder. Add lemon juice or mint juice to improve the flavor of strong ginger and drink it.
  • The drink from ginger, lime and mint has powerful capacity to strengthen the liver and to work for reducing the symptoms of jaundice.

13. Sweet Sugarcane

SWEET SUGARCANE..How delicious of sugarcane fresh juice! Sugar cane is one of the most advantageous products that improve the functioning of liver. The fruit has low glycemic index and gives knowledge that sugarcane does not contain sugar particles that can be harmful to the body. It can be eaten as a raw fruit or the best is to go for a juice. Sugar cane juice also hydrates the body system and the nutrients help to make the body healthy and active. Thus, it helps in maintaining the low acid levels due to alkaline in nature. All these benefits makes it an amazing remedy for jaundice in adults.

  • When the liver is in weak conditions, it is highly need of a strong product that revitalize the energy and strengthen the liver, Sugarcane works perfectly for poor liver.
  • Sugarcane juice is also used to reduce the hot temperature of the body and to get relief from heat.
  • Extract fresh sugarcane juice and add pepper or lemon to taste.
  • Enjoy the drink 2 to 3 times a day to overcome symptoms of jaundice and treat liver.

12. Turmeric Powder

Turmeric.The yellow turmeric powder, present in the kitchen cabinet, is also a nature product that improves the functioning of the liver. To beat the yellowness of jaundice, yellow turmeric powder is the best home remedy. Turmeric is also well known for its magical effects on the liver and digestive system. It is helpful in stimulating production of bile in the liver and regulates the excretion of bile through gallbladder. Spring is the best season to have more herbs and fruits that works for liver. Turmeric is used as a strong ingredient for cooking meals in many South Asian homes. Make sure to use turmeric regularly to reduce the jaundice symptoms.

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  • For reducing symptoms of jaundice, take half tablespoon of turmeric powder and dissolve it in a glass of warm water. Drink the mixture two or three times a day.

Precaution – Jaundice sufferers should completely avoid spicy foods cooked in excessive oil and spices.

11. Papaya

PAPAYA.Another magical fruit is papaya that can cure your liver from bad conditions and improves the immune system. The pear shaped fruit is mostly found in all over the world, providing multiple health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and possesses healing properties. Papaya seeds  are known for liver detoxification and removes dead cells. The use of papaya is also beneficiary for inflammation of liver. The fruit is rich in providing countless benefits to health conditions from indigestion to constipation, papaya works for everything.

In order to treat jaundice in adults and the symptoms of jaundice, take few papaya leaves and grind to form a paste. Add honey to taste. Put half teaspoon of paste in water and have the mixture.

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The disease, which is directly linked with the improper functioning of liver, is jaundice. Many symptoms like vomiting, headache, fatigue, indigestion, yellow discoloration, inflammation in liver and stomach, tiredness can lead to jaundice. While treating jaundice, it is highly recommended to take extra care of diet. Sugarcane juice, almonds, barley water and vegetable salads should be included in the diet plan. Make sure, you avoid the sun exposure if suffering with jaundice.

10. Lemon

LEMON.When you go for buying papaya, remember to pick fresh lemon and keep it in the basket. The use of lemon is highly effective in observe quick recovery from jaundice. As lemon is rich in vitamin C and has powerful properties to unblock the bile ducts. The anti-inflammatory properties of lemon can heal the inflammation of the liver and reduce the jaundice symptoms.

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  • Take two fresh lemons of medium size and squeeze the juice.
  • Take a glass of water and stir lemon juice in it.
  • Drink the lemon juice thrice a day.
  • Always go for freshly made lemon juice than artificial flavors.

9. Rich Almonds

almondsGo crazy with nuts! Rich almonds are known for strengthening the brain memories and improve the immune system. The use of almond is highly beneficial for maintaining normal levels of liver in the system and helps in removing toxins from the body. The countless nutrients present in the almonds are helpful in boosting the energy, which is lowered due to jaundice. Make sure to use this jaundice treatment to effectively get rid of jaundice in adults.

A recommended home remedy must be applied to cure from jaundice. Here it is;

  • Soak 8 almonds into a glass or bowl of water overnight, remove the skin from the almonds the next day.
  • Also, take three dates and remove the skin.
  • With that, also take four cardamoms.
  • Grind the above ingredients in a processor and get a mixture.
  • Put half teaspoon of sugar and butter into the above mixture.
  • Have the mixture for two times a day for few weeks.

8. Coconut Water

CoconutTo reduce the inflammation and burning sensation in the liver and stomach, coconut water is best treatment. Go for simple and effective remedies that are easily available, just like a glass of coconut water especially if you’re feeling symptoms of jaundice.

The fresh coconut water is helpful for hydrating the body and lowers the heat content from the body thus it is said to consume coconut water during jaundice as it reduces the chances of further damage and also helpful in reducing the inflammation. Why not try it?

7. Oregano

OREGANOMany herbs are used to improve the functioning of liver. As bad functioning of liver results in several serious health disorders, which might provide intense harm to human body. Oregano is one such herb that protects liver from damaging and reduces the chances of getting more harmful risks.

  • Oregano tea is an effective home remedy that treats jaundice and other liver disorders.
  • Take 2 teaspoon of oregano and boil it in a cup of boiling water. Steep it for 10 minutes then strain the liquid with the help of sieve. Have this drink once in a day especially if you’re feeling jaundice symptoms.

6. Chilled Lassi

CHILLED LASSILassi may sound little new to you. However, if you are from South Asia, you must be familiar with this word. The chilled lassi or buttermilk is the most effective yet tried remedy that works perfect for jaundice, hence recommended. Importantly, it lowers the temperature of the body and it is free to digest.

  • Add yogurt in some water and blend it to get lassi. You can also replace lassi with buttermilk.
  • Add little turmeric powder, powdered cumin seeds and black pepper in the lassi and blend again.
  • You can have lassi three times a day. You will definitely observe positive results.

5. Barley Water

BARLEY WATERBarley water has some immensely good health benefits for you. As barley water is cooling water so it is helpful in reducing the inflammation of liver and stomach. People also consume barley rice in the hot summer season just because of the cooling properties of barley. Barley water is known to lower down the temperature of heat in the body, which is one of the reason to get jaundice.

Mix roasted barley seeds powder in water and add honey or salt in the mixture. Have it once in a day to cure jaundice in adults.

4. Basil Leaves

BasilIn addition, a common herb belongs to mint family. It is also considered as a sacred plant in India, named tulsi. Basil is rich in anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that work for reducing the inflammation and swelling. This traditional remedy is used from long times in many houses to treat symptoms of jaundice and yellowness of skin.

Consume 7 to 8 fresh crushed basil leaves in 200 ml of water. Strain the liquid and have it twice a day. The homemade mixture is helpful in regulating the bile production and improves liver functioning.

3. Time To Rest

Good RestWhen you feel that your body is, get affected with symptoms of jaundice and notices that your face gets yellow in color, and then it is an alarming situation to get your body complete rest. Taking rest sometimes is highly effective in reducing the chances of getting further damage to health conditions. Rest is must!

Avoid taking stress and wander around aimlessly, when you are suffering with mild discomfort of jaundice.

2. Eat Fruits

EAT FRUITSAn individual, who is suffering with jaundice, loses greatly the immune system and the body energy gets down. In that disturbed health conditions, a body needs to be energetic and filled with nutrients and vitamins. Fruits give you both things that boost up your energy and give you strength to fight off with any disease.

  • Eat fruits that are rich in water content just like cucumber, grapes and watermelons.
  • Jaundice sufferers should have many fruit juices in diet for a week.
  • Add celery in diet plan as it is effective for improving the digestive system.
  • It is often recommended to go for a liquid diet plan in jaundice.

1. Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun Jaundice patients are highly recommended by doctors, experts and grandmothers to avoid scorching sunrays in summers. The intensity of heat is an obvious cause that gives rise to symptoms of jaundice in the body. The body needs to attain the normal body temperature to fight off the infections in the body.

  • Eat and drink such foods that lower the intensity of heat in the body.
  • Go for such drinks or meals that work as a cooling agent, provide help in soothing liver and stomach.
  • Avoid going out when sun is too hot.


  • Proper and sufficient rest is suggested for jaundice patients.
  • Have vegetable salads in diet including tomatoes, radish and lemons.
  • Take fresh air baths and easy to do exercises.
  • Go for simple carbohydrate diet that works better with digestion.


  • Do not have heavy diets in meal as non-vegetarian, if required, also avoid heavy vegetarian meals.
  • Do not drink raw milk.
  • Completely avoid junks foods like burgers, pastries, pizza etc. as it can accelerate the bad functioning of liver.
  • Strictly do not have alcohol.
  • Do not smoke at any cost.
  • Make sure, you totally avoid spicy foods in jaundice.

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