12 Home Remedies For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ibs)

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is another most common illness, caused by irregular movements in small and large intestines, leading toward digestive problems. IBS is also called plastic colon and mucous colitis. The exact cause for IBS is still not identified but sometimes-excessive consumption of coffee and raw foods can be the reason.

Some doctors also figured out that food allergies and overgrowth of bacteria in small intestine, causes IBS. Researches also stated that people who went to doctors with digestive problems are most likely to have IBS.

What could be the sign and symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Severe abdominal pain, resulting in cramping.
  • Gastric problems.
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Mucus in the stool

One can suffer with great anxiety and anger while going through digestive disorder. Many times, certain use of medications and intake of several meals can cause abdominal cramping which is also one of the important ibs symptoms. It mostly occurs in 20% of the total population, so it is said to be a common disorder illness. In order to avoid heavy dose medications for IBS, study the following home remedies to cure from common disorder.

12. Lifestyle


Different and new lifestyle can really be effective to overcome Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The change in lifestyle is a way to treat anxiety and depression, caused by disturbing disorder. Intake of fresh air and environmental change really work for improving health conditions of people, suffering from common diseases. With little modifications in daily lifestyle can bring positive results in symptoms of IBS.

  • Time for bring some positive change in daily lifestyle.
  • Maintaining a food dairy can also be helpful.

11. Eat More Fiber


Many experts and doctors recommend fiber as an effective treatment for IBS. By having fiber in diet, one can find relief in constipation pain for time being. It should also be noted down that some foods that contain fiber, might get worse with cramping. So make sure to eat healthy fiber rich foods to get rid of irritable bowel syndrome.

Regular intake of fiber can ease out constipation and other symptoms in few weeks. Beans and vegetables that contain fiber are mostly recommended when the patient suffers from symptoms of IBS.

“Irritable Bowel Constipation, also called IBS, is a common disorder, resulting in constipation, diarrhea and several abdominal pains. Change in diet and intake of raw foods can be a reason to introduce some symptoms of IBS in your body. IBS sufferers may feel uncomfortable and stressed, showing feeling of anger and anxiety. The disturbance in digestive system also results in cramping and gastric problems. Adopting some home remedies can cure from common IBS disorders.”

10. Yogurt


The white creamy yogurt is packed with nutrients and calcium. The high nutrient value in yogurt is extremely benefit to soothe stomach. Researches also studied that women who had yogurt in their diet, greatly reduced stress and abdominal pain. According to various researches, the presence of specific bacteria, bifidobacterium Lactis DN -173 010, is found to be immensely effective in curing IBS health conditions. To use this effective ibs treatment, you have to follow these:

  • Quickly have a bowl, loaded with yogurt. Add some light fruits into it for good flavor.
  • Another home remedy is to add 2 tbsp. of Ispaghol (psyllium husk) into a small bowl of yogurt. Eat it twice a day and repeat it for few days.

9. Ginger


Ginger has been used as a treatment to cure various health conditions. It plays a vital role in treating variety of gastrointestinal ailments, including digestion, constipation and abdominal cramping. The rich digestive enzymes of ginger are helpful in digestion. All these amazing benefits make ginger very effective for irritable bowel syndrome. In order to overcome IBS symptoms, chewing ginger before or after meal is beneficial.

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  • With ginger, the roots of ginger are highly effective to overcome symptoms of IBS.
  • Ginger tea works perfect for digestion and has the capability to reduce the signs of IBS.

8. Pepper Mint


Before we approach for medications, try peppermint to cure indigestion. Mint has anti-spasmodic property that relaxes the muscles of the stomach and intestinal tract. Peppermint also performs action that is helpful in reducing pains caused during IBS. Another vital benefit of having peppermint tea is to observe lesser chances of having nausea and vomiting. Pepperminttea also works perfectly for morning sickness. So make sure to use it regularly if you’re feeling IBS symptoms.

  • If you want instant effects on digestion system, go for strong peppermint tea. Do not worry, if it gets dark in color.
  • If fresh mint leaves are not easily available, go for dried mint leaves.

7. Grains


Having grains is beneficial for those who are not gluten sensitive. Just make sure, you are not sensitive in that case. Even if you are not sure about your nature, then just do not eat gluten diet for few weeks. People suffering with IBS can have whole grains in their diet. To use this amazing IBS treatment, you have to do this:

  • If you do not like grains in diet, have cereals and beans in breakfast.
  • Eat two slices of whole-grain bread in your breakfast diet.

6. Carrots


If you are observing symptoms of IBS or you are suffering from IBS, fresh carrot juice may work for your stomach. Keeping in mind that raw carrot may cause stomach pain or your stomach gets disturbance. For many, carrot is beneficial to prevent symptoms of digestive disorder or irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Cut fresh carrots into pieces and blend it to get energetic juice. Add tablespoon of lemon and honey into the juice and enjoy the drink.
  • Have carrot drink twice a day.
  • Make sure, raw carrot can get worse with stomach.

5. Overcome Stress


For leading a healthy happy life, you should be stress-free on the first attempt. Whether you are suffering with a common disease or health disorders, make sure you do not get it on your nerves. People caught with depression and anxiety is most likely to suffer with more diseases and feel IBS symptoms.

Many doctors and experts prefer to change lifestyles and adopt happening environments, to overcome feeling of stress and anxiety. It naturally makes you feel better and relaxed.

4. Exercise


Staying fit is an essential need for healthy rich body. Doing exercise on regular basis helps in stimulating regular intestinal contractions. If your body is not much familiar with daily physical moves, you can initiate with beginning steps and exercises. Physical activities provide relief to stress and take away anxiety from human body.

  • Make it your routine to do exercise daily for IBS treatment.
  • With easy steps, start doing from today, whether you are suffering from any disease or not.

3. Plenty Of Water


Water is a basic requirement of a human body. When a body goes under medical treatments or common diseases, the need of water is more. Even, the body gets dehydrated with insufficient amount of water. If you are medicated with high dose, then you are also recommended to intake plenty of water. Water is a cure for many of diseases; proper intake of water keeps our bodies filled with minerals.

Water is also beneficial in treating constipation. For treating constipation, it is also recommended to drink two glasses of warm water early in the morning to avoid irritable bowel syndrome.

  • Remember to drink more than 12 glasses of water in a day.
  • If you are suffering from common disease or IBS, intake of water should be increased.

2. Fennel Seeds


When your body produces excessive gas and cause gastric problems, then the idea is to have fennel tea. The beneficial property in fennel tea stops formation of gas and assist in expulsion of gas. With adequate intake of fennel tea, gastric juices are also formed inside the body. The exceptional fennel tea is greatly helpful for bloating, cramping and gas. Isn’t that an amazing solution?

  • Light greenish brown seed of fennel can easily be brewed in a refreshing cup of tea to reduce IBS symptoms. Where to find? You can find fennel seeds in spice shops of big health food stores.

1. Cabbage Juice


Among the healthy vegetables, it is time to talk about cabbage. Cabbages are said to be vegetable that provides relief from constipation. People suffering from symptoms of IBS are required to drink juice of raw cabbage or use it directly. It is also recommended by experts and researchers to include more drinks in diet, so that the bowel movements get softer and easier to pass. Cabbage juice is really an effective and amazing IBS treatment.

The ingredients present in cabbage juice are most likely to be used as healing and cleansing ingredients for digestive system. The cabbage juice also treats stomach ulcers and burning.

  • Take a fresh cabbage and blend it to get juice or try the cooking technique to get cabbage juice.
  • Avoid drinking more than 4 ounce at a time, as it may cause gas in the body.
  • You can add carrot, celery and apple juice with cabbage juice.
  • It may taste little bitter but strong.


If the digestive disorder or IBS is causing great difficulties to you, go straight to meet health professionals and seek advice.


  • Take plenty of water to prevent irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Take hot bath to reduce symptoms of water.
  • Look for different lifestyle.
  • Take smaller meals and eat slowly.


  • Do not eat heavy meals.
  • Do not forget to take rest and seek comfort.
  • Avoid use of laxatives for treating IBS, if not so required.
  • Do not feel stressed.

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