23 Best And Effective Home Remedies For Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is entirely a game of the food we eat. Thyroid gland produces a hormone called thyroxine which works in metabolism the most important function of human body; it helps in making energy for the whole body which makes it necessary for life. Thyroxine works on the food which eat to convert into energy thus takes part in mental balances, growing and many more. Although having proper food is necessary for the whole body but some parts can be directly affected from diet dis-balance and thyroid gland is one of that. Any type of infection and improper diet is the main cause of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism results in following problems.

  • It can affect the body growth.
  • Can give a way to depression and tiredness.
  • Skin will become dry and hair starts falling.
  • Sleeping problems.
  • Menstrual ups and downs in females.
  • Blood pressure problems by affecting the heart beat rate and many more.
  • Can affect muscular work

Some of the best treatments for hypothyroidism at home are here.


some of the methods mentioned below can have side effects for some people, one should take care.

23. Intake Of Proper Iodine


Iodine plays an important role in human metabolism. it is well known by everyone that iodine is a mental demand for its development. A proper amount of iodine in daily eating is helpful in treating hypothyroidism. So make sure to include iodine in your regular hypothyroidism diet.

22. Mediation


A regular exercise of taking a deep breath with closed eyes enhances the metabolism and helps the thyroid in working timely as this gives a big amount of oxygen which is a need for all the functions in the body. In fact, deep breathing and meditation are the perfect DIY solutions for this problem.

21. Alkali Rich Food


Hypothyroidism is a chronic disorder and having an amount of food having alkalis are good in such a situation but consulting a doctor first is necessary here.

20. Gluten


Gluten is a chemical substance present in the human food that chemical composition is much like to the thyroid gland and can easily disturb the thyroid, so it should be avoided. This causes inflammation in thyroid and can be a source of allergy there which causes huge problems such as hypothyroidism. So make sure to avoid it if you’re feeling hypothyroidism symptoms.

19. Fats In Food


No doubt that fat can make a problem but a proper fat inclusion in the food is very important. It is a main source of energy and a requirement of the glands including the thyroid in producing hormones. Butter and other fat rich food should be taken to cure hypothyroidism naturally at home.

18. Sugar


Direct sugar like the one we use on the table is harmful with doubt and is more bad for diabetes patients but saying good bye to sugar can produce other problems in the body, that’s why sugar intake is must because it contains carbohydrates which are the important sources of energy, for which we can replace the fine sugar with any sugar rich food to eat such grain flour and somewhat potatoes. Make sure to use sugar in appropriate amount if you’re feeling thyroid symptoms.

17. Chakra System


From the ancient times it had been a system of treating hypothyroidism naturally by ourselves at home. It is a process of visualization by letting the light enters into the neck taking a deep breath, when the light hits thyroid gland it maximizes its efficiency of working.

16. Water


Everybody knows that drinking plenty of water is good for health but it’s a remarkable method of treating hypothyroidism. A good amount of water maximizes metabolism especially in females. According to an experiment females get the result of drinking more water than men. Having minimum 8 glasses of water daily boosts up the metabolism and blood circulation due to which the muscles to work properly. It reduces the depression and refreshes the body. So make sure to  hydrate yourself properly if you’re feeling signs of hypothyroidism.

15. Say No To Goitrogens


Some of the foods contain goitrogens which can easily cause hypothyroidism. Cabbage and pears have plenty of goitrogens which can create goiter affecting the thyroid’s duty.  This doesn’t mean that one should avoid such vegetables all the way but having them in a normal way is good for health, not these but even every food can create such problems if taken in a bad manner. This can not only burdens on thyroid gland but on the other parts of the body as well.

14. Turmeric


Turmeric works in fighting against the external attacks on the body and prevents the harmful materials from affecting the gland’s functioning. Taking an amount of turmeric is good for thyroid gland and can work in treating hypothyroidism. Make sure to include turmeric in your regular diet if you’re feeling hypothyroidism symptoms.

13. No Boiling


Many people use to boil the food before cooking but Boiling food before proper cooking especially vegetables harms the energy which makes them useless. Trying another method of precooking such as steaming can work as well as it will not affect the components of the food.

12. Exercise


A regular exercise not only makes the muscles strong but it lets the whole working machine of human body to be fit. One should make a daily routine of exercise to enhance his body functions especially metabolic reactions which can take place under the headship of hormones produced in the body by different glands like thyroid and this can help in getting rid of hypothyroidism. Make sure to exercise regularly to reduce thyroid symptoms.

11. Vitamin A


Vitamin A is a very important element which helps the thyroid gland. To treat hypothyroidism a regular intake of vitamin A rich food like eggs is beneficial. Many other foods contain vitamin A which should be a part of a balanced hypothyroidism diet.

10. Berries


Hypothyroidism is associated with the immune system of the body and in such a condition berries especially lyceum plays in helping the immune system which can cause the body work properly including the thyroid gland. Lyceum berries are known herbal natural products which work directly for thyroid gland and helping it in producing proper thyroxine. Regular use of blueberries is suggested if you’re feeling signs of hypothyroidism.

9. Using Sea Vegetables


The sea vegetables are complexes of such components which help in balancing the metabolic function. Hence their intake can be useful in treating hypothyroidism. These are the herb and work as natural medicine during the hypothyroidism. The weeds which can be found easily at any sea shore are iodine rich due to being in the sea salty water and they are best sources of iodine which balances the thyroid’s work. Beside these tomatoes and garlic are good sources of iodine. It is recommended to eat these kinds of foods to reduce hypothyroidism symptoms.

8. Starch


Starch is a primary source of energy and is essential for human body. It should be in the daily meal but in a limited amount just like other components to avoid thyroid symptoms.

7. Legumes


Legumes are such substances which are involve in formation of thyroxine. Legumes rich food is a source of help for thyroid gland in producing thyroxine and can surly work in treating hypothyroidism. It is highly recommended to make them an important part of your healthy hypothyroidism diet.

6. Nuts


Nuts provide minerals for the growth and body parts to work properly. The black walnuts can help in treating the problem as it has been used by many people to cure hypothyroidism.

5. Sleeping Properly


Sleeping properly and being stress less decrease the mode of hypothyroidism. Human body needs relaxation for a while to be refreshing and function without any issue. A proper sleep is one when a person come out of all the worries and thoughts which do roaming all the in his mind and don’t let it free. Forgetting everything and having a smooth sleep lets the gland to work normally. Thyroid is the most sensitive part of human body which can react at even a normal issue and stress is very harmful for it. So expert suggest to sleep regularly for 7,8 hours to avoid signs of hypothyroidism.

4. Maximize Fresh Food


For the easiness we use already processed and packed food which can be harmful. During many preserving and packaging processes the internal elements of food can be affected just like boiling. Using fresh food can avoid many problems including hypothyroidism and reduce thyroid symptoms.

3. Proteins


Our body breaks down the proteins food to form building blocks of the body; hence proteins are the natural demand of humans and essential for metabolism to take place. Make sure that you’re taking proper amount of protein to reduce hypothyroidism symptoms.

2. Use Of Herb


The cactus herbs in which Agnus castus is a natural curing herb for many functions related to glands. It mostly works for pituitary gland and indirectly effective for thyroid also. This can be used for hypothyroidism. So make sure to include it in your healthy hypothyroidism diet.

1. Zinc And Copper


Zinc and copper are elements used in making of thyroxine and are very important for thyroid. Such food which contains zinc and copper should be in the daily intake so that the thyroid completes its duty without any problem.

More Tips

Some more helpful tips in treating hypothyroidism are

  1. As mentioned earlier one should consult a doctor before trying something at home especially the patient suffering with diabetes and blood pressure problems.
  2. The ones who are already having allergies should not use herbs as they can have side effects for them or can create a big problem instead of curing the hypothyroidism.
  3. Hypothyroidism totally depends upon the balance diet which should have proteins, fats minerals and other essentials as well as one should have proper sleep and be stress less.
  4. Avoid depression as much as possible and try to be happy to avoid signs of hypothyroidism.

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