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15 Natural Home Remedies For Hair Growth

‘Oh wow! You look lovely and your hair adds up to your beauty.’ This is one of those compliments that every woman wants to hear for herself. One of the commonly known universal facts is that one’s hair compliment’s their personality and it all depends upon their hair to either make them appear the most attractive amongst all or just another random face in the crowd. However, this is no fairytale that we’re living in and that one’s hair will remain long and they’ll carry perfect jet black locks like Princess Jasmine or immensely long and beautiful like Rapunzel without any efforts from their end.

In the modern times and following a fast tracked course of life one has other things to care about other than their hair which would certainly be the last thing on their priority list. But what they don’t tend to realize is that excessive direct contact with the sun, using the wrong shampoo which doesn’t suit their hair, not paying heed to it and much more all add up to one and lead to damaged unattractive hair.

So this is to all those pretty ladies who are worried about their hair fall and weak hair as I have the best and easy solution for you in the form of home remedies regarding how to grow hair faster. All you need to do is follow the home remedies for hair growth listed below and enjoy perfect looking hair and be titled as lovely locks amongst all.

15. Egg Mask


Ladies, if you suffer hair breakage, shine less and a very slow pace of hair growth than an egg mask is definitely your savior for your appealing hairstyle! Egg consists of Proteins which prevents hair breakage, helps to form new strands of hair and while nourishing them and making them strong. Moreover, an egg is inclusive of iodine, zinc, phosphorous and sulphur. And as its rich in sulphur it helps prevent against dandruff which results in making the scalp itchy and irritating. Because of its amazing health benefits for hair we’ve included this amazing egg mask in these hair growth tips. You’re required to make an egg mask and apply it over your hair for not more than an hour. The steps to make an egg mask are as follows,

  • Mix honey, olive oil and egg white together until it makes a smooth paste.
  • Apply this mask on your scalp nice and good.
  • Later, wash it away with cold water and use a good scented shampoo for the egg smell to wear off.

 14. Banana


As the cute little minions call it, ‘Ba..Ba..Ba..Ba..Ba..Na..Na’, bananas are known to be a vital factor for hair growth. Not only that, but they add shine and a smooth texture to one’s hair and make them get rid of the frizz and roughness of their hair. Furthermore, bananas can solely work towards beautifying your hair as they’re consisted of potassium’s and vitamins A, E and C. So, now you know that they aren’t just good to taste but very helpful while applying externally on the hair or even the face. Learn how to grow hair faster by following these steps to make a banana paste below.

  • Take one banana and mash or grind it nicely.
  • Make sure that they’re no chunks left behind as they’re difficult to wash off.
  • If there are any chunks, grind the banana in a grinder even more until it’s made into a smooth liquid paste.
  • Next, apply it on your hair for 30 minutes.
  • Later, rinse the hair clean.

 13. Onion Juice


Onions exist not only for one sole purpose i.e. to add a zestful taste or deliciousness to your dish but to add shine and strength to your hair as well. Onion includes sulphure as one of its element which helps in enhancing collagen tissues that contribute to one’s hair growth. Moreover, although an onion juice is smelly but it is recognized to readily do the trick towards longer and healthier beautiful looking hair. It is why it is known as one of the best home remedies for hair growth. The steps to make an onion juice are as follows,

  • Boil 4 chopped onions in one liter of water.
  • Nicely boil them for around ten minutes.
  • Next, put the water to cool down.
  • Later, use that water to wash your hair after shampoo.
  • In order to get rid of its unpleasant smell, shampoo your hair again and wash it off with clean water after two hours.

 12. Lemon Juice And Coconut Oil


A raw piece coconut, powdered coconut, coconut water and lastly coconut oil, all of them are constituents of a coconut which provide only benefits and no such demerits to the one making use of them. As much as they’re sweet to taste, they’re similarly good to use as a vital ingredient of a home remedy for hair loss, hair growth, skin care or even teeth whitening. Moreover, coconut oil along with lemon juice plays a great deal in increasing one’s hair growth with immediate effects. These two ingredients are full of essential vitamins for hair growth. All you need do to is,

Quick link = Benefits of lemon water

  • Mix one tbsp. of lemon juice with 2 tbsp.’s of coconut oil.
  • Massage it well on your scalp.
  • Leave it in your hair overnight and rinse it off with cold water in the morning.

 11. Cayenne Pepper


Just by reading the heading named ‘Cayenne Pepper’, most of the readers would be wondering that we aren’t insane that we’ll knowingly put Guinea spice on our scalp and let it burn. But most of you don’t know that cayenne pepper isn’t to be used alone, it has to be mixed pretty well in a good amount of olive oil so that the burning sensation it creates calms down. Moreover, a cayenne pepper pushes for hair growth and wears away thinning of hair. It consists of a chemical known as Capsaicin which once applied to the scalp increases the blood flow over there. Consequently, it leads to a better hair growth. Here is how to grow hair faster naturally using cayenne pepper.

  • Mix one teaspoon of pepper powder with two huge table spoons of olive oil.
  • Apply it on those areas where the hair is seen to be thin and of a low volume.
  • Later, wash it off with cold water.

 10. Henna Pack And Conditioner


Henna is usually used by South Asian brides and girls to apply it on their hands or feet. But apart from enhancing the beauty of the hands and feet, it certainly enhances the beauty of the hair too. Henna is a renowned natural hair conditioner which helps with the hair growth as well. Moreover, it adds shine to the hair and intensifies the roots by making them strong and further makes the hair thick and long. Because of its amazing benefits, it is considered very effective in natural hair growth tips. In order to make henna pack and a natural home conditioner follow the steps below which are as follows,

  • Mix one cup of dry henna powder with half a cup of yoghurt.
  • Apply it all over your hair without leaving even one strand unapplied.
  • Leave it on the hair until it completely dries off.
  • Later, wash it off.

 9. Potato Juice


Potatoes are another vegetable which can be used as a hair growth agent. They’re an important element of the home remedies as they’re good for hair as well as the skin. Potatoes are filled with important vitamins for hair growth. Potatoes contain vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C and help in fixing dull and dry hair by enhancing vitamins in those who lack an ample amount of it.  It even consists of alopecia which helps in pushing away thin hair and makes you welcome big voluminous hair. So if you are complaining of thick hair and your kitchen is loaded with potatoes then don’t waste any more time and follow the steps that are listed below.

  • Grab the potatoes and extract juice from them.
  • Include honey and egg yolk to it.
  • Mix all of them together really well.
  • Apply the mask on your scalp and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Later, wash it off with cold water.

 8. Green Tea


Yes girls you read it correct! Now you don’t need tons of green tea just for weight loss but also for longer and shinier hair. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which help in fighting against hair fall and provide for extreme hair growth. All you need to do is apply warm green tea on your hair and across your scalp then rinse off later and voila! You have long voluminous hair are at your service. This is one of the simplest but also most effective home remedies for hair growth you can find.

 7. Black Peppercorns


Peppercorns are unanimously used to add spice and taste to a dish. A dish is undoubtedly incomplete without an inclusion of black peppercorn in it. Moreover, pepper spirit is sued in loads of medical and beauty products as well and is included in Ayurveda medicines too. The use of peppercorns for hair makes them soft, silky and immensely shiny. Furthermore, black pepper is important for hair as it consists of essential oil which doesn’t let the hair remain dry anymore. Black pepper can be used for the latter purpose in terms of hair growth and for providing a good texture of hair. Here you’ll learn how to grow hair faster using peppercorns in these steps:

  • Mix two tbsp. of peppercorn with half a cup of lime juice.
  • After a smooth paste is formed apply it nicely on the roots.
  • Wait for the roots to get deeply hydrated by it.
  • Later, rinse off with cold water.

 6. Aloe Vera


The green pulpy Aloe Vera gel is an all-rounder in beautifying a woman. It helps in enhancing the skin tone, fixing skin blemishes and providing as a good source for adding more shine to the hair and pushing for hair growth too. Because of its amazing benefits it is known as one of the best home remedies for hair growth you’ll try. Although, it has a sticky edge but the gel stored inside it can do wonders in terms of working for thick voluminous hair. In order to avail this, all you need to do is extract the gel and rub it against and your scalp. Later, wash it off after one hour. Repeat this procedure quite a number of times over a period of two months and then see wonderful results!

 5. Rosemary Oil Massage


While running after expensive commercial products to protect our hair against damage, what one fails to draw their attention towards is a basic head massage. It helps in increasing the blood flow of one’s scalp, makes the roots strong and healthy and makes the nutrients get to the follicles quick and fast. A scalp massage is beneficial when done with oil which is loaded with nutrients that leads to stronger and beautiful hair just like the ones that are seen on TV adverts. Moreover, rosemary oil is considered great for this purpose as it enlarges blood vessels and fuels the follicle for hair growth. If you’re wondering how to grow hair faster naturally, just try this rosemary massage constantly for some time.  All you need to do is,

  • Massage your head with rosemary oil nice and good.
  • Do it at least once a week.
  • For better effects, add it with coconut or olive oil and then message it on the head.
  • A good massage will make you feel calm and relaxed too.

 4. Coconut Milk


As much as coconut oil is important for hair growth and beautifying the hair, so is coconut milk. Coconut milk tastes extremely delicious and is included as a primary ingredient in lots of tropical cuisines such as Burmese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian and many others. It’s served as a drink while spring and summers too and is sold as a canned product as well. It is definitely loaded with proteins, iron, nutrients and important vitamins for hair growth. Furthermore, coconut milk works pretty well for enhancing hair growth and combating against any sort of hair fall or hair damage The steps to use coconut milk are as follows,

  • Buy coconut milk from the market or extract it from a coconut at home.
  • Apply it over the scalp overnight.
  • Later, wash it off with cold water the next day.

 3. Hibiscus Flower


God truly needs to be praised for his creations especially colorful, floral scented and beautiful flowers. Hibiscus flowers are in various colors such as pink, blue, white, double orange, yellow and red and no doubt but they seem utterly tempting and gorgeous to the eyes. Moreover, they’re particularly known as flowers for hair care. They stimulate hair growth and produce ample amount of volume and thickness in the hair whereas, they’re used to cure dandruff on the other end. In these hair growth tips, hibiscus flower is at the top of the list because of its amazing benefits. The steps to use a Hibiscus flower for this purpose is as follows,

  • Make a paste of it along with coconut oil.
  • Apply it on your hair quite evenly.
  • Next, leave it on for an hour and wash off with cold water.

 2. Avocado And Coconut Oil


Coconut oil has already been discussed above as a hair growth agent. To add more to your knowledge, it works great with avocado for this purpose too. Both, coconut oil and avocado provide as natural home remedies for hair treatments such as, pushing for hair growth, getting rid of dry, dull and rough hair and helps in protecting it against direct contact with the sun. So make sure to use this effective treatment if you’re wondering how to grow hair faster naturally. All you need to do is,

  • Massage the hair all over with coconut oil.
  • Next, massage the tips with avocado.
  • Later, rinse it off with cold water after 30 minutes.

 1. Following A Good Diet

Following A-Good-Diet-Hair-Growth

A good diet solves almost half of the problem one faces whether they are internal issues or external ones. Before using any of these home remedies for hair growth, make sure you’re using healthy diet. Everyone should follow a healthy diet to live a happy and healthy life which most certainly adds to a beautiful appearance in regards to a flawless skin and good looking hair too. One should add more vegetables, fruits, nuts and vitamins like A, C and E in order to attain smooth, shiny and thick hair.


  • Massage the scalp with warm oil regularly, once a week at least.
  • Taking care of your hair should be one of your major priories.
  • Drinks lots of water and follow a healthy diet.
  • Use a shampoo that suits your hair.
  • Cover your head with a hat or scarf to protect against direct contact with the sun.


  • Avoid hair treatments such as extensor, relaxing, rebounding unless your hair has been completely damaged can’t be revived back and there’s a dead need for it.
  • Don’t sleep over wet hair as it breaks them and makes them weaker.
  • Try not to straighten your hair or heat them more than twice a month.
  • Stick to one shampoo and don’t change it time and again.
  • Try to avoid commercial hair conditioners and use homemade natural conditioners.

‘You can flaunt your lovely, thick locks all you want by following these simple and pretty easy remedies.’

‘This is your magic box to get rid of unattractive, thin and dull hair. Just adopt to these remedies and enjoy utterly gorgeous hair.’

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