16 Best And Effective Home Remedies For Eye Sty (Stye)

If you feel a painful bump that appears on your eyelids, eyelashes or at the bases of eyes it means you are suffering an eye-infection that is known as Eye sty. This eye-infection is caused by staphyloccus Aureus bacteria at sebaceous glands. The other name of the stye is hordeolum. These bumps on eyes are shaped due to pustule and contain pus in them. You will feel severe burn, itching and pain due to the eye stye. The initial symptom of this infection is the appearance of yellowish bump that is entirely full of pus. You will face redness, burning, watery eyes, pain while blinking, unclear vision, eye ball pain, tendering skin and swollen eyelids. When staphylococcus bacteria combine with the closed oil glands causes the creation of stye. The prime reason of internal infection is the infection of Meibomian gland. These glands are found on eyelids. The malfunction of these glands causes the dry eye. The other reasons of the eye stye are lack of nutrition, swollen eyelids, and poor hygiene, touching eyes with dirty hands, unexpired cosmetics, leaving make up overnight, dehydration and many more. The time period of the stye is two weeks. If you’re wondering how to get rid of a stye, you can get rid of it by using some amazing natural ways. It can be reduced through natural home remedies. These remedies will be helpful in reducing pain and inflammation. Here are some home remedies to get rid of the pain and diminishes the stye bump effectively. These are more effective and efficient for this purpose.

“These home remedies are highly excellent for the treatment of the eye-stye. It gives you complete comfort from the burning of the swelling. These are related to the ingredients and substances that are easily available at home and anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.”

16. Clean The Stye With Baby Shampoo

Clean the stye with Baby shampooThe formation of stye is occasionally in the people that have close exposure to the eye foreign substances. The stye is a bacterial infection of eye and baby shampoo provides an effective eye stye treatment. It occurs due to the dusty or hygienic conditions. Once you feel the stye on your eye you must do these steps for cleaning the eyes.

  • It is very important to keep your hands clean while rubbing the eyes. Use a cotton ball after washing your hands and dip the ball in warm water. A special eyelid scrub can also be used to clean the eye. The other best option is tear free baby shampoo for this objective.
  • It is very important to keep your hands clean and washed. Dirty or dusty hands enhance the risk of severe infection or the transformation of the germs.
  • Stye is the result of the bacteria that are produced in the glands that are found in the corner of the eye or due to the hair follicle of eye lashes. Take care of these steps for diminishing the infection.

15. Applying A Warm Compress

Applying a warm compressWarm compress is the best treatment of the painful bump or swelling. It helps to kill the bacteria of the infection. Its warmth helps you in reducing pus. If pus releases due to the warmth of the compress then let it be. Do not squeeze it by yourself. Follow these steps to get rid of stye in eye.

  • Take a clean towel or pat of cleaned piece of cloth. Dip the cloth on the warm water for making a compress.
  • Keep this compress on the effected eye foe some minutes.
  • When it gets cool, dip it again in the warm water and place it again on the effected eye.
  • Repeat the task five to ten minutes until the stye reduces and you get relief from pain.
  • Wet tea bags are recommended for this purpose as well.

14. Antibacterial Cream

Use anti – biotic creamsEye stye is a bacterial infection so a use of antibacterial creamed is effective for this purpose. It is highly helpful in reducing the swollen area and inflammation as well. Be careful it can go inside the eyes.

  • Take a little cream on the cotton ball and apply it on the affected area.
  • These antibacterial crèmes are very helpful in healing the stye.
  • Some of the antibacterial crèmes provide temporary relief from the pain.
  • Avoid squeezing the stye because it can be the cause of more infection.
  • It can lead the situation of bleeding as well.

13. Coriander Seed Wash

Coriander seed WashLearn how to get rid of a stye using coriander seeds. Applying coriander seeds wash is beneficial in heeling sties and reducing the swelling and pain. You must be careful in applying the wash because it can go inside the eye. It helps to reduce the swelling and works very efficiently to finish inflammation and burning.

  • Take some coriander seeds and soak them in water for an hour.
  • Now wash the affected area. It will help you in reducing swelling of the stye.
  • This stye can be treated with the coriander wash and be consistent while using these remedies because these are slow but provides permanent relief.
  • Repeat the remedy until you get the permanent relief.

12. Aloe Vera

aloe vera...Aloe Vera is highly famous for its soothing effect. It is used to cure the skin problems and gives nourishment to it. It is very useful to decrease the eye-redness and swelling as well. Aloe Vera can also be used as a perfect eye stye treatment. Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for various skin problems. It has the tendency to heal up the wounds and treat them. These styes can be treated with the help of Aloe Vera if the reason behind them is sun exposure.      So here is the perfect Aloe Vera DIY treatment for this problem.

  • Apply pulp of aloe Vera leaf by cutting the leaf in length.
  • You can use the whole aloe Vera leaf then use it as an eye-pad.
  • You can mix chamomile tea with aloe era and apply it on the effected eye.

11. Guava Compress

guava leaves...Guava compress is another beneficial remedy that is effective due to its healing nature. It is a usual home remedy that provides relief from swelling, inflammation and burning. Seeds are highly beneficial for the treatment of eye-stye and its discomfort. It is helpful in all the skin problems. It protects from skin cuts. These cuts are the cause of bleeding and pains. But these are the certain reasons to enhance the stye in eye problem.

  • Soak some leaves of warm water and apply the paste on the effected eye.
  • You can make compress of these leaves as well.

10. Potato

Potato...Potatoes are very famous for soothing quality. It provides a great relief form eye burning and inflammation as well. It gives a good release from dark circles due to it. The properties of the potato make it antibacterial and antifungal. It helps to improve the blood circulation and in this way cell start their function. It is highly beneficial in killing bacteria because it is antibacterial and antifungal in nature. It helps to provide freshness and nourishment to your skin as well. Here how you can use it to get rid of eye stye problem.

  • Keep cold slices of the potatoes on the effected eyes.
  • Make paste of potatoes and apply it by spreading it on the clean cloth for reducing the swelling.
  • It will provide you an instant relief from pain and swelling.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric...It is a very useful herb that is known for its dynamic qualities. If you have turmeric in your kitchen and you want to know how to get rid of a stye, you don’t know much about turmeric’s magical abilities. Turmeric is the herb that is full of medicinal qualities. It is antiseptic, and analgesic, antinflamatory and antifungal. It is the best source to treat the eye-stye. A paste of Neem leaves and turmeric goes about as a germicide for a wide range of skin issues and skin contaminations. Turmeric is the very beneficial and a perfect natural remedy to treat the all types of skin disorders. It is antiseptic and antifungal in nature.

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  • Use water of turmeric for the treatment of stye.
  • Put two drops of the turmeric water in the infected eye.
  • It will help in removing the pus.
  • Drink turmeric milk to get quick relief from the inflammation and infection.

8. Gold Ring Or Copper

Gold Ring or copperIt seems very strange that how it can be possible to treat an infection through a gold ring. In fact, gold works as a very effective eye stye treatment. It is the fact that atoms of gold mixes with the infestation and is very useful to secure it. It is highly beneficial to treat the swelling and the pain in the result of stye. It is an effective way to release the pus and comfort from itching and burning. The deficiency of copper results in different disorders in the body. It improves the immune system of the body. It will help you out in removing the swelling. Take a glass of water in copper flask or any vessel of copper. Keep it over the night at room temperature.

In the next morning the water will be mixed with ions of copper and this will help to reduce infection in the body when it is devoured consistently.

  • First of all it needs to clean the ring properly or wash it appropriately.
  • You can wipe it on the infected eye.
  • You can use copper ring instead of the gold ring.
  • Wash your eye with this copper water to treat the stye.

7. Egg Whites

Egg WhitesIt gives an instant relief from the pain that stye in eye causes. It has the efficiency to do wonder in this regard. It helps to improve your infected health. It is the natural ingredient that is definite home remedy for reducing the swelling and inflammation. It does not only make the development of the disease slow but it helps to improve the health condition from the eye infection. It needs to apply the egg white consistently.

  • Use only egg white for this purpose
  • Spread it on a clean cloth.
  • Apply it directly on the affected area.
  • Repeat the process three times in a day.
  • Keeping hard boiled egg on the infected eye for some time.
  • Repeat it until you get relief.

6. Tomato

TOMATO.....Tomato is the true remedy for eye stye. Tomato contains very important food components that are beneficial for reducing inflammation and swelling. It is a wonderful food that is full of soothing effects and on the other hand it helps to release the burning from the eyes. The important quality of the tomato is that they give you cool feeling because of the soothing effect. It is the true mean to reduce the infection.

  • Cut the slices of a juicy tomato.
  • Place it on the infected eye.
  • It will help to release inflammation.
  • Repeat it until you get permanent relief.

5. Onion Slices

Onion ....Onion slice is very good to improve the infection due to its antibacterial nature, it helps to release the swollen eyes and diminish the infection. It has the bleaching properties and acidic nature. Onion is extremely useful with the combination of garlic juice. They are not used to provide the complete relief but they tend to decrease the pain If you’re suffering from stye in eye.

  • Keep the slices on your infected eyes.
  • It will help you in releasing the burning and its sensation.

4. Garlic Juice

Garlic JuiceGarlic is the natural and more effective way to get rid of the problem. The properties of the garlic make it antibacterial and antifungal. Because of these qualities garlic is known as an  amazing eye stye treatment.

  • Crush the garlic to make the extract.
  • Apply the juice directly.
  • It will reduce the infection and inflammation.
  • Wash it with Luke warm water as well.

3. Black Tea Bag

Tea bagIf you want to learn how to get rid of a stye using natural remedies, black tea bags are really top of the list. Black tea bags are useful in releasing pain and getting rid of the infection. It provides comfort from pain in result of swelling.

  • Make a compress of the wet tea bag.
  • Put it on your eye and you will feel little pain.
  • It produces a soothing effect.

2. Clove

cloves...Clove is highly beneficial in diminishing the swelling and inflammation in result of infection. It reduces the swelling of eye-stye.

  • Soak some cloves in the water and massage it on the swollen eye.
  • You can use clove oil for this purpose.
  • It has antibacterial nature that reduces the infection.

1. Tamarind Seeds

Tamarind Seeds...It is the fact that you will feel itchy and burning during the stye. It decreases the soreness as well.

  • Tamarind seeds can be used after soaking them in the water for 12 hours.
  • Crush them and make a paste of these seeds.
  • Apply it on your eye until you get complete relief.


  • Always remove your makeup before sleeping.
  • Always wash your eyes after coming from outside.
  • Secure your eyes from sun, dirt and dust.
  • Use antibacterial soap and clean water.
  • Use quality products for makeup.


  • Do not share your cosmetics.
  • Do not pop up your stye.
  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • Do not touch your eyes with dirty hands.
  • Do not urbanize your eyes.

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