12 Best And Essential Home Remedies For Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax is a natural substance that is produced in our ear. It is medically referred to as cerumen. Ear wax is produced by our glands in the ear. The wax produced protects our ears and has properties such as being anti bacterial and a protective layer. Its sole purpose is to trap the dust particles and such things to reach in and damage our ears. It protects our ears from such external agents like bacteria. It is also a lubricating substance. It is basically

  • A protective layer.
  • A cleansing agent.
  • A lubricating agent.

It is produced by the glands in our ear and though scientists don’t know the exact purpose for it to be there but it is very beneficial for cleansing our ear of unwanted parasites. It is one of the body’s first lines of defense to protect it from external parasites and dirt.

Preventing the growth of bacteria and slowing down is one of its purposes. Along with ear wax, there are tiny hairs in the ear canal that assist the wax with its purpose.

Some of the common causes of Ear Wax accumulation or blockage are:

  • Unhygienic use of random things to scratch ears.
  • Not washing ears.
  • Using cotton swabs to clean your ear.
  • Using bobby pins to clean your ear.
  • Using Q-tips to clean your ear.
  • Putting unfamiliar materials like; rolled napkin corners in your ear.
  • Prolonged use of ear plugs will cause the ear wax in the ear to accumulate.
  • Use of hearing aids can also cause ear blockage.

Blockage can be very uncomfortable. It makes your hearing organs feel full and heavy, due to this you can sometimes have difficulties hearing. When you use your earphones almost every day, put in your earplugs regularly or use hearing aids; there is quite a good chance that the ear wax secreting from the glands can accumulate and you will have a blockage to deal with. Eventually it will pile up in your ear and you will feel a wholesome and full sensation in your ear. After that an ear ache will develop. These are the early symptoms of black Ear Wax blockage. It is best to treat your ear at the early stage. If it isn’t treated early, the later symptoms include dizziness and ringing in the ear. Sometimes, people with this condition also complain about hearing voices, this is known as Tinnitus. If a person is still ignorant about this, then itching and aches may increase.

6% of the people in a designated place tend to have this problem. Most of the people with ear problems that come to the doctor for a checkup have Ear Wax blockage. This can, however, be easily treated at home. You can use stuff like baby oil, warm water and hydrogen peroxide to rid your ear of ear wax. Some ear wax removal remedies are mentioned below.


Before I begin, keep in mind that if you think the situation is different than just mere Ear Wax removal /blockage, you should probably consult the doctor. A doctor will give you a better review and medical advice about your situation, so that’s just a heads up. Now on to the main stuff.

12. Use of Warm Water

Use of Warm WaterYou can learn how to remove ear wax using only warm water. I think warm water is cure for almost anything. Or atleast combined with the right component, it is one of the best and easiest ways treat small but significant conditions. One of these significant yet small conditions being Ear Wax removal, warm water plays its part here too. Here, it’s come in handy to wash away the sticky, remaining wax out of your ear. All you need is some warm water for this simple DIY remedy, not too warm and your effected ear (speaking technically).

Lie down on your back and pour some of the warm water in your ear. Keep lying down for about two minutes and then sit up. Tilt your head sideways a few times. And voila, I’m sure you’ll be rid of the uncomfortable substance.


  • Always use clean water.
  • Don’t use the water too hot/scalding.
  • Dab at the ear after being done.

11. Use of Baby Oil

baby oilIf you think that the ear wax in your ear is building up to be very uncomfortable, you might want to try this remedy which is simple and can be performed at home with ease. Just follow the steps below for removing ear wax:

  • Fill a medicine dropper with about 5 drops of baby oil; make sure that the dropper is clean and not affected.
  • Tilt your head sideways, the effected ear pointing skywards. This is to make the application of the drops easier.
  • Now, squeeze in a couple drops of the baby oil into the effected ear.
  • Hold a cotton ball on the opening of the ear to prevent the oil from escaping.
  • Squeeze in the two drops again and hold the cotton ball on it again.
  • After removing the cotton ball, spray in some water to clear up the wax in the ear and you’re done. Good riddance.

10. Use of Saline Solution

Use of Saline SolutionOne of the many benefits of salt is that it is a cleansing agent. Combined with water, it is used to get rid of ear wax. Here’s how to remove ear wax using salt water:

  • Stir in some salt into a warm water solution and make sure to mix it well so it properly blends in.
  • Tilt your head sideways, making the blockage effected ear pointing to the sky.
  • Soak in a cotton ball into the salt solution.
  • Squeeze in the cotton ball into the ear, let a few drops fall in.
  • Stay in the same position for 5-7 minutes.
  • Now tilt your head the other way to let the remaining solution in the ear to escape.
  • Clean the outer surface of the ear with a clean cotton swab. You will now be wax-free.

9. Use Of Alcohol And Vinegar Solution

Use of Alcohol and Vinegar SolutionThis is a very old and effective remedy for actually any type of ear condition. This is used to treat swimmer’s ear and also ear aches too. You will need rubbing alcohol and just plain vinegar. Then follow the steps below for removing ear wax:

  • Use equal amounts of the alcohol and the vinegar in a hollow dish.
  • Soak in a cotton ball in the solution.
  • Tilt your head sideways and your ear skywards.
  • Take the cotton ball and squeeze in 3 drops of the vinegary alcoholic solution.
  • Remain in the same posture for a bit and then sit up. Clean your ear and it is almost guaranteed that this remedy will work.


  • The alcohol acts as a drying agent and will help the solution to evaporate more quickly.
  • The vinegar will act as anti bacterial and will fight off unwanted organisms.

Both of the components will also help the hardened wax to soften and come out of the ear.

8. Use Of Olive Oil

Olive-oilOlive oil is one of the most amazing foods for your health. Slippery and exfoliating substances like oil are very helpful to conditions that involve cleansing. In the given situation, the oil helps soften the hard wax of the ear. This is how to remove ear wax using the olive oil:

  • It is better advised that you replace the oil in a dropper so the application can be easier.
  • Drop in a few drops of the oil.
  • Spray some water in the ear to evaluate the process of the wax softening.
  • Use your pinky finger to slowly massage your inner ear.
  • Lastly, clean your ear with a cotton ball. It is believed that the wax will be gone by then.


  • Avoid using q-tips and bobby pins to massage your inner ear.
  • Don’t overuse the oil, only use a few drops.

7. Use Of Glycerin

Use of GlycerinThis remedy is similar to the previous ones; the difference is that the component used is glycerin, which also helps with the softening. It is a moisturizing agent and lubricates ear for removing ear wax.

  • Put three or four drops of glycerin in your ear.
  • Make sure your head is tilted in the right position.
  • Spray in water to quicken the process and help it be easier.
  • Clean your ear afterwards.

“Ear Wax is a protective substance and it is secreted by glands in our ears. Scientists are yet not too sure about its proper purpose but it has been deducted that like tiny hairs inside the ear, ear wax also protects us from unwanted external agents that can harm the ear. But sometimes, this wax can accumulate and a blockage is at hand. To remove the wax, the key is to soften it and then get rid of it from the ear.”

6. Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide

Use of Hydrogen PeroxideThis remedy may sound very scientific but it’s definitely worth a try because in addition to it being very effective, it’s very quick too. Its quick effects include the cleansing of the ear, moisturizing it and ridding it of the hardened ear wax. If you’re wondering how to remove ear wax, just follow these steps:

  • Take a little amount of Hydrogen Peroxide and mix it with double the amount of water.
  • Pour a few drops of the solution into your ear, making sure you’re in the appropriate position.
  • Tilt your head the other way after a while to let the rest of the solution escape from your ear.
  • Clean the inner part of your ear with a cotton swab when you’re done.


  • Don’t use more than 3% of the Hydrogen Peroxide in the water.
  • Be sure to clean your ear properly after you are done.
  • Keep the use of the ear drops to a minimum of 3.

5. Use Of Baking Soda

baking sodaUsing baking soda as a natural remedy is a quick solution for ear wax removal. This remedy may not be that popular but it definitely works because baking soda is a natural cleansing agent and its properties involve such cleansing abilities that will make all the uncomfortable sensations go away. For removing ear wax using baking soda, follow these steps:

  • Dissolve two teaspoons of Sodium Bicarbonate in an ample amount of water.
  • Soak a cotton ball in the solution.
  • Tilt your head in the appropriate position for the solution to be used.
  • Squeeze in a few drops of the said solution.
  • Hold the cotton ball there for 30 seconds.
  • Remove it and then clean up.

4. Use Of Almond Oil

ALMOND OILLearn how to remove ear wax using this simple almond oil remedy. Similar to the other use of oil in this article, you can use almond oil with the same steps. It also has the same lubricating and moisturizing effect. Like Baby oil and Glycerin, it softens the wax that’s hardened and helps to get it out with ease. Almond Oil is also used for numerous other things like exfoliating the skin and if used on hair it’s a great help to its growing process.

3. Use Of Pressured Water

Pressured WaterThe hardened wax in your ear can be softened and gotten rid of by the use of pressured water. You can spray warm water in the ear. The key is to use water with force so that it can have some impact on the hardened wax. Be careful using this method for removing ear wax, as too much pressure can damage your ear.

  • The pressured water helps to soften the wax that’s being a blockage.
  • The water should be warm so that it can melt the wax.

2. Garlic Oil

Garlic OilThis remedy requires a bit of cooking. You need to prepare the oil yourself before you use it. For it you will need:

  • Garlic Cloves.
  • Sesame Oil.
  • Cotton ball.

Heat the crushed garlic cloves in a pan with the oil. When the garlic starts to blacken, turn off the heat and let the oil cool off before dipping the cotton ball in it and soaking it. Release a few drops into the effected ear. This remedy cures ear ache as well as removing ear wax blockage.

1. Jaw Exercise

Jaw ExerciseThis remedy is very simple and doesn’t actually involve rocket science. All you need to do is, twice a day exercise your jaw by moving it up and down. This helps in preventing the ear wax to build up more. Along with moving it up and down, try massaging it too with some Olive oil. This tip goes very well with this remedy. Use your fingers to properly massage your ear, this helps in unclogging it from the uncomfortable numb hearing phase.

In the end I would like to repeat that if the condition of the ear is different than this then you need to consult with a doctor instead of treating it at home. And if the symptoms continue even after treating Ear Wax blockage at home, in that situation you also need to consult a doctor. Although ear wax is just a secretion of your gland to help protect you, it can sometimes be secreted excessively and sometimes ‘the more the merrier ‘quote doesn’t apply to certain situations. Excessive amount of earwax can clog up your ear and affect you hearing. Proper care of hygiene is a very important component here. Some people just don’t understand that in order for our body to take care of our everyday tasks, we need to take care of it in return. Thus, it is our duty to pay attention to every little detail because it can be lethal later on.

Do-s of Ear Wax Removal

  • Do take good care of your ear and clean it every once in a week.
  • Do use soft cotton balls when you need to give your ear a good clean?
  • Do always clean your ear after applying a remedy.

Don’t-s of Ear Wax Removal

  • Don’t use Q-tips for cleaning ears; they only push the wax in further.
  • Don’t use sharp objects to clean out the wax.
  • Don’t overuse earphones and earplugs.

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