15 Helpful Tips On How To Make Your Nails Dry Faster

Have to go to a party in a while? No time to make your hair or do your nails? Well, give your hair some good time because now we will give you really good tips to on how to get your nails dry faster. Either single shades of nail colour or some cool nail art both look equally amazing when done perfectly. And the key to do your nails perfectly is to dry them before they get smudged. So read the following tips that will help you to dry nails fast and you will end up having flawless coloured nails.

“Your nail color can now dry up very quickly! Follow the given tips and see how they work.”

15. Bowl Of Ice Cubes

Bowl of ice cubesDid you know ice cubes could be your perfect DIY tool for drying your nails faster? Yes, ice cubes! Which are used to chill up your drinks and make them more refreshing can also be helpful to dry your nail polish faster. Let us now look at how you can use them to do this task:

  • Take a bowl of cold water and 5-6 ice cubes to it
  • Now dip your nails in this bowl
  • Withdraw your hands from the bowl and apply nail colour on them
  • Once your done with the nail colour application now you need to dip your nails again in the icy cold water
  • Keep them inside for a minute, which will help solidify the nail colour.

So, now you can try this method and see how well it works.

14. Applying A Thinner Coat

Applying a thinner coatOften when you apply a thick coat of nail colour on your nails, you see them getting cracked up faster. Well, it’s not the nail colour that is the culprit but it’s the way you’ve applied it. The more the thicker is the nail colour application the less is the chance for it to stay unsumdged and uncracked. Hence a applying a thin layer of nail polish would dry faster than the one applied with a thicker coat. So always choose to apply a thin coat of nail colour and help your nails dry faster.

13. Spraying Cooking Oil

Spraying cooking oilCooking oil is not just limited to frying your favorite spicy chicken wings or cooking your delicious daily meals. But now cooking oil could be used for more than this purpose. It could be helpful to dry your nail colour faster.

  • Apply your favorite nail colour
  • Take a spray cooking oil and spray it on your nails
  • Clean your hands and nails after spraying oil

Doing this will help nails to dry faster.

12. Hair Dryer

hair dryer...Wet hair needs a dryer to dry up your beautiful hair. But did you know this little machine can also help you in other ways as well!
Yes, hair dryer can help you with your nails as well. Drying your nails polish faster can be done with this electronic device too

  • Apply nail colour on your nails
  • Once done, blow a hair dryer on the nails(on coolest settings)
  • Keep it on for a minute and switch it off

This way you will be done with drying your nails really well.

11. Air Duster

Air DusterWell an air duster emits a cooling spray. It is because of the reason that it the liquid stored inside the bottle is endothermic in nature. Hence when the liquid is sprayed it emits a cooling effect. Nails when require any quick drying after the application of nail paint over them, an air duster could be of the choices in doing so.

  • Paint your nails with your favorite nail colour
  • Spray air duster through your fingers
  • Wait a few seconds, and see how the nail colour sets.

10. A Refrigerator

A refrigeratorA deep freezer or a refrigerator kept in your kitchen is a wonderful thing to store your favorite drinks to the food you cooked. But, besides this, there is a lot more to its function. Girls, you can help yourself with drying the nail colour immediately while using your refrigerator actually!

  • Apply nail polish
  • Just open the door of the refrigerator and keep your hands in it
  • Let the cool air dry the nail colour for a few seconds.

9. A Fast Drying Top Coat

A fast drying top coatYou can now use a fast drying top coat too dry your nail polish faster. This is basically a clear nail colour that is being applied on the nails after done with the coloured nail paint.

  • Apply your nail colour
  • When done with it apply the top coat over the nail colour.

This top coat will help dry the nail polish faster.

“Before reading these tips, it would have been really time taking for you to wait for your nail color to dry, but it is now solved for you.”

8. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oilSunflower oil which you use for cooking food can now be used to dry your nail colour faster.

  • After when you have applied you nail colour
  • Dip your nails for a few seconds in sunflower oil
  • Then wash your hands with water.

7. When It’s Windy

When it’s windyIs the weather too windy outside? Well, if it is then you can make use of it so well! You just can’t dry your clothes in the windy weather but you can also dry your nail colour too. So, the next time during a windy weather go outside and help your nails get dry quickly.

6. Blow It

Blow itIf you are somewhere out, and you need to dry your nail colour the fastest you can, so you just give it a blow and make it dry faster. After when you have applied the nail colour give a good mouth blow to your nails atleast 7-8 times and make them dry this way.

5. Spray It

Spray itYou can also use nail colour drying sprays and make your nails dry faster.

  • Apply the nail colour
  • When done spray a nail polish drying spray, available from the nearest drug store

This is a method that will help in drying your nails faster.

4. Under The Fan

Under the fanSitting under the fan helps you to cool down and so does it help in drying the nail colour. Now you just need to turn on fan on high speed after applying the nail color and then let your nail polish dry faster.

“Did you ever know that a bowl of icy water could be solution to your wet nails get dry faster? Yes! This is a tried and a tested method, so you can go ahead with it and try it for yourself.”

3. Quick Dry Drops

Quick dry dropsYour nail colour could be dried with just two drops of nail colour drying drops easily.

  • Apply the nail paint
  • After applying it just drop one or two of the quick dry nail colour drops
  • Wait for a minute and then see how well it dries.

2. Nail Dryer

nail dryerNail dryer is a new device which is now very common in the salons. Especially, being used for nail art.

  • Apply the nail colour
  • Put your hand on the place given in the dryer
  • Let it dry for about 5-7 minutes
  • If it doesn’t dry still, then put it again for 5 minutes.

Use this very effective method to deal with your wet nail paints.

1. Using Not Too Old One

Using not too old oneWhen you see a nail paint change its colour, know that it is time for it to discard it already. This type of nail colour gets separated from the lacquer. Hence when such a nail color is being applied, it appears thicker which doesn’t dry up faster.

Tips to follow

  • Always wash your hands before applying the nail colour, in order to avoid any dirt.
  • It would be more convenient to wear your clothes and shoes before applying the nail colour.
  • Always roll your nail paint’s bottle between your hands before applying it.

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