20 Healthy Outstanding Foods For Diabetes

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One can have a great variety of food dishes even when suffering from diabetic condition. You can enjoy a lot of food stuff which is not harmful for you to take. Diabetes is a condition in which the body has either stopped making insulin or it is making enough insulin but the receptor on pancreatic cells are not receiving it. It is classified as type 1 and type 2 diabetes. People with diabetes are either on oral drugs or on IV drugs in order to regulate the blood sugar level.
Before going for a surgery or an invasive medical procedure blood sugar level is one the conditions that needs to be checked. Hence taking a diet which can naturally control the blood sugar level must be made a practice and for that you need to know the best healthy foods that you can take.

20. Papaya

PAPAYA..Papaya is a vitamin C containing soft butter like consistency fruit which is sweet in taste. It is used as an ingredient in many mocktails and other food items. Papaya are said to be a diet food because it helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the body. And with its fibers and antioxidant nature papaya is also said to be a cardio protective agent as it helps to cut down the cholesterol in arteries.

  • Papaya is one of those of fruits that the diabetics can also enjoy because of its lower sugar content although it has a sweet taste. Besides this people can eat to prevent diabetes from occurring as well.
  • With its vitamin A containing capacity papaya can help to improve the vision of individuals.
  • Papaya helps for smooth bowel movements as well.

19. Lady Finger

Lady fingerLady finger is a little finger like vegetable green in colour and mucilaginous from inside. It contains small white seeds and is housed with various nutrients inside. People with heart diseases must intake lady finger in their diet because it contains antioxidants like polypehnols that helps to cut down cholesterol in the arteries. It also contains a soluble fiber called pectin helping to reduce cholesterol.

  • Lady finger is an excellent food for diabetics because it contains dietary fibers that helps to stabilize the blood sugar level by absorbing it form the digestive track.
  • Not only this but it also helps to enhance the production of insulin along with the regeneration of beta cells of pancreas and increased secretion of insulin.
  • It is also good for the pregnant ladies and helps in weight loss too.

18. Apple

ApplesRed or green, apples are nutrient packed fruits for everybody. Making an apple as a part of your diet will make your immunity stronger because apple contains an antioxidant named quercetin which helps to boost the immunity and particularly when you feel stressed. The ones with indigestion problems like having constipation of diarrhea can take help form apples because fiber containing fruit. Patients with avert hemorrhoids can also choose to eat apples in order to avoid the application of pressure in the bathroom.

  • Apples conatin soluble fibers which are helpful to regulate the blood sugar level. Hence people who take an apple a day are 28% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
  • Apples contain soluble fibers that help to lower down the blood cholesterol level.

17. Grape Fruit

grape fruitGrape fruit is a combo of orange and pomelo which grows in clumps like grapes hence is known as a grape fruit. People with insomnia can try these fruits as it helps them with it better. The ones who want to on a diet and reduce some weight shall take grape fruit juice as it helps burn fats. This fruit can boost the immune system and help fight against infections, common cold and fever.

  • People with diabetes can take this fruit because it has an anti-oxidant called naringenin that positively helps in controlling the blood sugar level.
  • Grape fruit helps to delay the signs of aging and maintain a better skin.

Note: do not eat grape when maintain medicines as it can affect the drug interaction.

16. Oatmeal

oatmealThis food is hog in energy and low in calories. The best breakfast one can take is oat meal with fruits and milk which is a complete diet required to gain energy in the morning. Oatmeal contains low levels of fat with high levels of protein and high levels fibers in it. It is said t reduce bad cholesterol from the body.

  • It helps to stabilize the blood sugar level and also reduce the chances of diabetes type to in people.
  • They contain lignans which is supposed to protect against breast cancer sand heart disease.

15. Yogurt

YOGURTYogurt is a fermented food item which is a derivative of milk. It is sour in taste and could be sweetened if used with additives. Fruit yogurts are also available in the market in a variety of different flavors.

  • A recent British study has found that yogurt if taken twice a week can reduce the risk of diabetes by 28% in a person.
  • It is really good for the bones because it contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. vitamin D and calcium being very important for stronger bones.
  • Yogurt is also taken during indigestion particularly when people have diarrhea.

Note: a recent study has found that taking 4 tablespoons of yogurt every morning as the first thing in the morning can help boost the immunity a lot and fight many diseases.

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14. Spinach

spinachSpinach is a green leafy vegetable which is antioxidant in nature hence is recommended to be taken. This vegetable is high in nutrients and rich in iron. It is recommended to be taken in order to increase iron in the body.

  • Spinach is very low in carbohydrates i.e. 0.83 grams per cup. This property makes spinach permit able to be used by the diabetics.
  • Spinach is low in calories even hence it is good o be used as a diet food too.

13. Red Onions

Red onionsOnions is a vegetable that is used in sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, subways and so many other food items. They could be eaten raw or could be cooked in dish. People usually avoid eating raw onion because it produces foul smell in the mouth. Onion contains vitamin C, potassium, iron and other micronutrients.

  • Onions are low in calories and carbohydrates hence could be taken in soups and bran bread sandwiches if you want to go on a diet.
  • Quercitin is a flavanoid found abundantly in onions which is said to affect the blood sugar level. Research says that consumption of raw onions reduces the blood sugar level in type 1 as well as type 2 diabetic patients.

12. Bitter Melons

Bitter Melons..jpgBitter melons or bitter gourd as the names shows are bitter in taste. They are green and textured with an oblong shape and are vitamins plus mineral rich vegetable. People with diabetes can definitely them because of the following reasons:

  • They contain lectin which is supposed to be the major factor for it giving a hypoglycemic effect.
  • Bitter gourd contains polypeptide-p which gives aninsulin like effect in the body.
  • It also contains charantin which has a blood glucose lowering effect.

11. Fish

fishFish are counted amongst the most healthy food for all age groups. It is recommended by the doctors to have fish two times in a week. Many fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which is low saturated fats thereby decreasing the risk for heart disease in individuals.

  • People with diabetes are at a higher risk to develop heart problems as compared to non diabetic individuals hence diabetics should consider having fish often.
  • Fish provides all the necessary nutrients found in meat hence diabetics can consider over any other meat.

10. Kale

kaleKale is a non starchy vegetable which is low in calories and contains vitamins and minerals within it. Vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin A and beta carotene are found in it. It even contains calcium, potassium and copper etc.

  • Kale is a vegetable which is favorable for people with hypertension because it contains potassium. High blood pressure is one of the risks of diabetes as well.
  • Kale contains very low amount of carbohydrates like 1 cup of kale would contain 7 gram of carbohydrates.

9. Carrots

CarrotsCarrots are crunchy orange-red coloured vegetables which are housing a number of nutrients inside. It contains vitamins like

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B complex

It also contains folate, phosphorous etc.
People with diabetes could eat raw carrots or steamed ones because when carrots are cooked their glucose is caramelized. Hence people with diabetes can twice or thrice carrots in a week depending upon the blood sugar levels. But consuming carrots daily is not a good option for diabetics.

8. Broccoli

broccoliBroccoli is amongst those food items which recommended fit fir diabetic patients. People with diabetes can consider broccoli as a part of their safe diet because:

  • Broccoli contains fibers which are considered to effective t regulate the blood sugar level
  • It also contains a chemical substance called sulforaphane which activates the protective enzyme to limit the cell damage.

7. Beans

beansBeans are a good means of lowering the glycemic index of diet. They contain fibers and vegetable protein in them. People with diabetes can take beans because it effectively helps to reduce the risk factors for diabetes like cholesterol and triglycerides.

  • Dry beans are also considered to reduce the risk factors of diabetes in people.
  • They are also associated with decreased body weight.

6. Avocados

Avocado.Avocados are little green colored foods with various nutritional values.

  • It contains vitamin E which helps t protect the diabetic nerve damage in type 2 diabetes.
  • It contains vitamin C that helps to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes.

“Diabetics can have a list of food items made in the most delicious forms. So, look for the favorite food item in the list and try a new recipe with it tonight.”

5. Cranberries

CranberryDried cranberries are said to be useful for the patients with diabetes:

  • These cranberries contain fiber content which gives a good glycemic and insulin response hence it could be give to type 2 diabetic patients.
  • Dried cranberries though sweet could still be taken by the diabetics and is easily available in the market.

4. Raspberry

 RaspberryBerries are sweet, yummy and could be taken by the diabetics. Being sweet doesn’t really stop them from being a non diabetic diet because

  • The sugar it contains is fructose which is a natural sugar and doesn’t not require insulin to metabolize it.
  • They do not raise the glycemic index as well.

3. Asparagus

AsparagusAsparagus is low calorie and high fiber food. Asparagus is considered for the diabetics because it is low in carbohydrates as well.

  • It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron.
  • And it doesn’t let the glycemic level to rise.

2. Collard Greens

Collard greensThis green leafy vegetable is rich in vitamin C and is also an anti-inflammatory agent.

  • It contains a micronutrient called alpha lipoic acid (ALA) which helps to reduce stress.
  • ALA is also found to reduce the blood sugar levels hence diabetics can have collard greens.

1. Amla

AmlaAmla is an amazing food which contains so many health benefits like:

  • It is low in sugar but high in fibers and also helps to stimulate the cells that secret insulin. It even helps in the proper absorption of insulin that in turn reduces the blood sugar level, hence making it fit for diabetics.
  • It contains chromium that affects the beta blockers needed for the improvement of cardiovascular health.
  • Researchers say that taking 3 grams of amla regularly is very helpful for the people with diabetes.

Useful Notes for Diabetic Patients

  • Diabetic patients must make it a habit to walk daily for half an hour minimum.
  • People with diabetes should avoid taking any unnatural form of sugar because that is not good for the health anyway.
  • Diabetics shall avoid such foods which might lead to the risk of other medical conditions which are most likely to occur in them.
  • They should check their blood sugar level daily with a glucometer.
  • Without any sugar control not even extraction of teeth should be done.

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