15 Health Benefits Of Milk You Never Knew

Milk is one strong beverage that everybody knows about, but not all want to drink it. There are many reasons where people avoid taking up milk as a substitute to tea and coffee because they believe that milk does not provide that much needed boost of energy that a cup of coffee does. Less do they know, milk when sipped at the most appropriate of times not only boosts you with energy to go along for the rest of the day but it also goes light on the stomach with no signs of added caffeine and nicotine and also elevates the level of minerals and nutrients in the body.

Milk is not just a drink to strengthen the bones, it is not just composed of calcium but it is a drink full of phosphorus, vitamin D and loads of other nutrients that work on to build stronger bones, muscles as well as blood vessels. Milk is not just a healthy food for your baby, sibling or any other kid in the family it is a drink for people of all ages, even your nanna. There are a number of forms of milk available in this era, from cow’s milk, goat and sheep milk to the latest variations of soymilk, almond milk and coconut milk. So if you are still thinking that your cup of coffee is the best thing that happens to you every morning then this article is going to change what you think about milk, overall.

15. Nature’s Present

milk...Milk is actually a gift towards us humans that helps us build our inside and protect ourselves from a number of diseases. Not only does milk build up our bones but it also helps us strengthen our immunity and prevents us from getting all kinds of infectious diseases. Milk provides strength to bones, muscles and blood vessels that increases probability of a much healthier life.

  • This nature’s great drink is full of calcium.
  • But not just calcium there is also phosphorus, vitamin D and a number of proteins and balance of carbs as well.
  • Milk is a natural energy drink and is much more beneficent in comparison to your sugar based artificially flavored energy drinks.
  • Milk is now available in all sorts of flavors (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry being the most popular) for people who are too picky about their choices.
  • Milk is no doubt the healthiest of choices one ever makes.

14. Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Blood pressureIncrease blood pressure is one of the most serious health concerns as this one problem leads to a whole new perspective of health issues. Elevated blood pressure results in high stress on the blood vessels and often these strenuous blood vessels result in increased strain on the heart and the brain. Where does milk play a positive role on this all?

  • Milk has potassium as an essential nutrient, where potassium intake reduces the risk of increased blood pressure.
  • Potassium plays a huge role in dilating the blood vessels and thus allows free flow of blood and reduces the blood pressure.
  • Replacement of sodium in place of potassium reduces your risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.
  • Milk is one beverage that balances your need for potassium in a day.

13. Cancer Striker

REDUCES PROSTATE CANCER RISKThe one major concern of this world is to stay far and far away from the shadow of any kind of cancer. But unfortunately with the lack of health conscious diets and inappropriate amount of nutrients in the body it fails to protect itself from the harms of all kinds of diseases. Sadly the most common form of cancer is the colorectal cancer also known as the bowel cancer. When the body fails to flush the toxins out of the body it takes up important space in the blood.

  • Cancer is basically the uncontrolled growth of the cells.
  • Milk is enriched with essential minerals and vitamin D that helps in the regulation of the unnecessary growth of cell including cancerous cells.
  • People who fail to attain vitamin D directly from sunlight are the ones that suffer the most from diseases like cancer.
  • Studies have also proven that beverages enriched in lactose, especially dairy products help in the prevention of ovarian cancer.

12. Fighting Against Depression

DepressionOne of the most crucial mental disorders that are prevalent in the society is the fight against depression. Most people do not even know that they are actually slowly and gradually becoming a victim to it. Depressed people start by isolating themselves from the society and then lead towards hallucinating things that are not actually there.

  • Vitamin D is one magical nutrient that helps the brain in releasing an essential hormone
  • This hormone is responsible for healthy sleep, and mood with a growing appetite.
  • Vitamin D deficiency leads towards depression and the simplest of forms appears during PMS.

11. Benefits Of Calcium

milk..Yes, yes and some more yes. We have grown from kids to adults knowing that calcium is the essential part of milk and this is one thing that will make you a hero coming from zero. Calcium is the component that not only strengthens the bones but it is also the most important element that facilitates the movement of the muscles (that includes the contraction of the muscles) and also the tension and relaxing movements of the blood vessels. It has been found through study that calcium is basically needed much more for the blood vessels than the bones.

  • Calcium through food is however consumed first for the bones and then for the rest of the body.
  • When the calcium level drops from the blood it then moves towards pulling out calcium from the bones to fulfill the need in the rest of the body.
  • It is because of this reason that our bones get weaker with time when we fail to provide the rest of the body with the needed calcium.
  • Milk is the beverage that fulfills your daily dose of calcium both for the bones and the blood.

10. Thinning Your Way

milk...Women have always been struggling to maintain a firm figure that is much appreciated and the one that makes them feel good but the always end up staying on diets all year long. This is more like a tragedy where women have to suffer from cutting out most of the essential nutrients from their diets because of lack of relevant knowledge.

  • Milk drinkers have been found to be slimmer as compared to those who prefer having other drinks.
  • Coffee, tea, and all kinds of sweetened drinks are the haven for obese people who have sadly become addicted to sugar.
  • Milk drinkers on one hand get their sugar cravings fulfilled and on the other hand they get their unnecessary hunger cravings fulfilled just after consuming a glass of milk.

9. Lowering Risk Of  Osteoporosis

LOWERING RISK OF OSTEOPOROSISWell after going through middle age and the welcoming years of menopause women go through the unbearable pain of painful knees. This condition is known as osteoporosis when levels of female hormones like estrogen drop drastically and this unfortunately leads to the condition of decreased bone strength and friction between bones.

  • Women who have been taking milk and calcium supplements through the years become fortunate enough to be saved from this disease.
  • Research has proven that consuming milk actually delays the process of osteoarthritis.

What To Do?

You have known the major goodness about drinking milk but most people complain about the ineffectiveness of milk and maybe its because they are not consuming milk in the best of times and in the right quantity. Especially for people who are lactose intolerant, where lactose intolerant is a serious condition in which people are incapable to digest the lactose sugar present inside milk. But there’s always a solution to every problem and you need to learn the following points to have the most effect of consuming milk in a day.

8. Begin It With Milk

milk...Start your day with milk instead of coffee or tea. Yes, coffee might be the kind of boost that you might need but milk is what provides you with the most essential nutrients to boost the start of your day.

  • You can have a glass of milk along with your breakfast.
  • Or you can always make milk as part of your cereal bowl or major ingredient for your oatmeal.
  • You can also mix up a banana or strawberry smoothie with milk.

7. Snack It With Milk

Say No to Late Night SnacksYou are used to having a can of soda, or an energy drink when you feel you’re running low on sugar but have you ever thought that the processed and immense amount of sugar present in these drinks actually pushes your body towards sugar addiction and obesity the two leading causes of many cardiovascular diseases.

  • Instead of gulping down a can of cola with some chips you can always replace your snack with a banana and a glass of milk.
  • Both of these will immediately balance your daily dose of potassium and calcium.
  • It is also a quick fix for quality enriched proteins and carbohydrates.
  • When you snack over a glass of milk mid afternoon you will realize that you stay fuller towards dinnertime and avoid further unhealthy snacking.

6. Look Into Your Coffee Cup

coffee....Ladies we understand that you cannot really live without your daily cup of coffee or tea but what we are trying to make you understand is the essence of adding milk to almost every beverage that adds up the health factor and reduces the element of addiction from it. This is a very strong habit to let go especially for the women who are completely black in their preference and by black we mean a clean and neat cup of coffee and tea (without milk). Now this is something we call addiction because ladies you might have realized it by now that you are grumpy as a grizzly bear until you get your first cup of black coffee in the morning.

  • So what we are suggesting is that instead of a neat cup of coffee start adding milk as a start.
  • Yes we dare you to have a cup of coffee or tea with added milk.
  • You can in this way have the essence of coffee hidden under the nutrition of milk.

5. Party Pooper

milk...What we basically wanted to say was party pooper. Yes for many this might end up like a way to ruin the party plans but to avoid having all the junk and candy stuff at a party to have a glass full of whole milk or skimmed milk, can take off the effect of excess hunger from the stomach. It is like you are portioning the stomach according to the need of the occasion. Women always complain about maintaining a strict diet and yet they poop all over themselves by eating like mad cows at a family or friend’s event.

  • Grab that glass of milk a good half an hour before you leave the door for the party.
  • This way your almost suppressed hunger will allow you to make smart choices at the dinner table and you will be amazed to see how your brain is actually responding towards all that junk food.
  • What a great deal to stay fit and presentable while still being able to walk on in at any party or event.

4. Substitute Your Dessert

milk..milk...Oh my God there’s a box full of dozen donuts what to do, that sugar craving is rushing through your veins right now and you are like a complete drug addict or rather we should call you a donut/dessert addict. You are the person who cannot control its cravings for sugary items. No matter how much you try and push yourself towards a healthy lifestyle if you cannot control your craving for unhealthy desserts then it is for sure that you are going to suffer a lot.

  • Milk is the cure to get over the dessert addiction.
  • You can find all kinds of flavored milks also available in low fat or skimmed milk form that keeps the diet aspect in mind.
  • You can substitute your nighttime cupcake trip to the kitchen towards a pack of flavored milk.
  • This will not only satisfy the sugar bud but will also help to put you in a good mood and boost a healthy sleeping pattern.

3. Workout Buddy

workoutMen and Women both carry a pack of energy drink to their gym in order to fulfill the need of nutrients and minerals that are lost while sweating on the treadmill or the machine. What exactly they have not gone through is the ratio and content of sugar and other unnecessary chemicals used to create the energy drink. These drinks do boost your lost energy levels but this is all temporary and the long-term effects are extremely harmful and pregnant women are strictly advised not to even dare to strike a look at such a drink.

  • A glass of warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder and a teaspoon full of honey is a natural energy drink.
  • This drink will not just bring all your energy back but will also balance all the lost nutrients in a single go.
  • It is much more effective than any other advertised drink that you normally prefer to purchase.

2. Warm Glass At Bed Time

WARM GLASS AT BEDTIMEWomen often suffer from the issues of falling asleep on time every night. This is because of the increased levels of stress that are build up running around the house and even at offices throughout the day. The mind and body both have often worked out to excess while consuming cups over cups of coffee and now they are unable to switch their activity button down to fall asleep.

  • Serotonin the hormone responsible to bring all kinds of happy thoughts is present in that warm glass of milk.
  • If you make this your habit to gulp down a glass of warm milk before bed than you are definite to get your sleep cycle in track within 3-4 days.

1. Move The Muscles

GOOD FOR MUSCLESYou are always thinking of finding ways to do some workout here and there but never really get the time or space to do so and end up whining about it with your family or spouse. Well we must tell you to maintain a healthy lifestyle you can always find anything that can be used as a prop to build some healthy muscles. For instance, that gallon of milk carton is a good weight to start working on your arm muscles. So the next time you get out to pour milk for yourself or for your family members why not do some pushups on the way.

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