Top 15 Health Benefits Of Cucumber

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Cucumber is a blessing in its self! People who have it in the hot and sultry days of summer can tell what a relief it is to intake a bowl of chilled cucumbers. Cucumbers have a dark green peel which could either be peeled off or could be cut into pieces with its peel intact. The taste doesn’t differ in either ways, in fact both tastes refreshing!

Cucumber packs inside its watery body a good amount of health benefits which you will be reading below.

15. Anti Cancerous


Cucumbers give a number of health benefits and amongst all of them it possesses a quality of fighting the abnormal cells that multiply at a very fast rate, “the cancer cells”.
Cucumbers contain the following lignans in it:

  • Lariciersinol
  • Pinoresinol
  • Sescoisolariciresinol

These lignans have been studied to provide such results which make them anti-cancerous in nature. Particularly in the cancers like:

Hence cucumbers could be introduced to the patients who are battling with the disease of cancer either the ovaries or breasts. Even women with uterine cancer should try and have them. And the males who didn’t know that their prostate cancer can be treated with this refreshing food can now start it from today and help their body fight cancer.

14. Skin Care


Some people have a very sensitive skin they can’t go out in the sun without a sun protective cream applied on their skin. Such people are likely to get sun burns especially during the hot and humid summer afternoons. Hence a quick home remedy for such burns could be helpful to sooth them:

  • Wash the skin with cold tap water and soap
  • Dry your face
  • Cut a slice of cucumber( chilled preferably)
  • Rub it all over your face where you feel the sun burn especially
  • Leave it till the water dries
  • Wash your face once again.

So, the next time when you feel irritation on your skin after coming from under the sun. Make sure you rub a cucumber on your skin.

13. Eye Care


Having a facial also includes putting a slice of cucumber on each lid of the eye. It’s all because cucumbers provide with anti-inflammatory properties which help the swollen eyes a relief.
People with puffy eyes are also seen keeping slices of cucumbers and relaxing on a couch because cucumbers definitely provide with such properties that help reduce the puffiness of puffed up eyes.

12. Hair Growth


Long hair is never out of fashion. Rupenzal is loved for her so long and beautiful hair. From young girls to teenagers every lady likes having long and healthy hair. Research has shown that two substances are important to give a stimulant effect for the growth of long hair. The substances include:

  • Sulfur
  • Silicon

Cucumbers are hosting both of these. Therefore cucumbers play a part in the hair growth as well.

11. Vitamins


Cucumbers are helpful for the body it provides with vitamins. People who suffer from vitamin deficiency like that of vitamin A and vitamin C should try having cucumber as cucumbers are a source of both these vitamins.
So, if you are deficient in these vitamins make cucumbers as a part of your daily diet and help yourself fight the deficiencies.

10. Reducing The Blood Pressure


High blood pressure is not healthy at all. People who are suffering from raised blood pressure problems are supposed to follow a strict diet plan, a diet plan that would help them lower down their blood pressure issues. It’s not only about taking low amount of sodium in your diet. It’s also about adding such food that would help lower I down because of its contents.
Cucumber is one those foods that help lower down the blood pressure of the human body. Their hydrating properties and 4 per cent DV of potassium are contributing in doing this work.
Now help your system with the issue of high blood pressure as it would not only help with reducing the blood pressure but also its related problems like stroke, heart attacks, renal disorders etc.

9. Detoxing Agent


Like every system our bodily system also requires agents that help it get rid of the toxins. Certain drinks are formulated to do this work of detoxification and cucumbers play a role to complete the ingredients of such drinks. With cucumbers following detox water could be made:

  • Take a jug of room temperature water.
  • Cut slices of lemon and dip in the water
  • Take a cucumber(medium sized) and slice it up before immersing it in this water
  • Add a few mint leaves to it.
  • Leave it covered over night
  • Drink this water the whole the day from the next morning.

This water serves as a great detoxifying agent for the body thereby helping the system to get rid of the toxins and flushing them away with the simplest method.

8. Helps With The Weight Loss Issues


Now a day’s weight reduction has become a very common problem. Since junk food became common weight gaining issues followed it. Increased body weight is not healthy in any way. Doctors recommend staying in the normal body mass index which is healthy to maintain for everybody. Since cucumbers are said to be 95 per cent water are ideal to be taken while going on a diet. It’s a healthy and refreshing way to go on cucumbers and feel the difference in a few days.

7. For The Muscles


It’s not always wanting to build the muscle mass but it’s also about insuring that the muscles are in a healthy condition. People who like keeping their muscles in a good shape must try to incorporate cucumbers in their daily diet as cucumbers contain silica. Silica is not only healthy for the hair but also for building the health muscle tissues.

6. For Joint Pain


Arthritis is commonly found in aged women. It’s a joint pain which occurs due to the wear off of the connective tissues. Cucumbers contain silica that is not only helpful for the hair growth but also help maintain healthy connective tissues in return working to provide better joint health. They are a good source of

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin B1
  • vitamin B6
  • And also vitamin C and D.

Along with all these vitamins cucumbers also hold minerals like

  • calcium
  • Magnesium
  • And potassium.

With all these nutrients cucumber help reduce the muscle pain.

5. Uric Acid Reduction


Healthy kidneys are a requirement of every body. Kidneys function to purify the blood which then circulates in the whole body. Nitrogen in our body is eliminated through uric acid in the urine. But if the uric acid levels increase because of kidney disorder gout can occur. Cucumbers help reduce the levels of uric acid in the body thereby letting the kidneys to work less and also preventing the body to suffer from gout.

4. For The Diabetics


Diabetes is a condition in which pancreas in the body stops producing enough insulin. Or in the other case insulin is being produced by the body but is not received by the receptor cells that receive insulin and help perform its function .People suffering from diabetes are unfortunately banned from the all the sugary food stuff that they would like to intake. Cucumbers contain such hormone that is required by the pancreatic cells to stimulate the production of insulin hence cucumbers are proven to be helpful for the diabetic patients.

3. Aids In Digestion


People who go through constipation issues must introduce cucumbers in their diet. Cucumbers apart from being 95 per cent water also hold fibers within their body. Both water and fibers work to promote a better motility of the bowel hence aiding in constipation issue.

2. For Bad Breath


Cucumbers also have the property to relieve the bad breath. Our mouth smells bad when the bacteria present in the oral cavity release its toxins, hence it’s important to eliminate any such contents from the mouth.

  • Slice a cucumber
  • Place the cucumber on the roof top
  • Hold it against the roof top of the mouth for 30 seconds

By doing so the phytochemicals present in the cucumbers will be released and will help kill the bacteria in the mouth responsible for creating bad breath.

1. Helping In Re-hydrating


It’s a water based food item which is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its watery body contains about 95 per cent of water hence cucumber help to hydrate the body very well and should be made a part of diet!

Cucumber Combined With Other Edibles To Provide Nutrients:

Following drinks of cucumber are healthy for the body:

  • Cucumber with basil: when taking cucumber water with basil leaves body is sure to get a very good detoxification as basil leaves themselves are great antioxidants. It doesn’t only provide cucumber water with taste but it also adds the refreshing water with vitamin A which is said to be good for the eyes and vision.
  • Cucumber with mint and lemon: like oranges you do not intake lemons that much so a good way to have lemons is with cucumber water. This water can also be added with a few mint leaves to give vitamin C rich water. It’s not only lemons that contain vitamin C also mint leaves along with the cucumbers.
  • Cucumber with herbs: rosemary and thyme are packed with a good amount of nutrients within its self. Rosemary holds iron, minerals like calcium and potassium in its body while thyme can be your vitamin C provider. This water is an amazing package of nutrients to be taken daily.
  • Cucumber with strawberry: it’s a great spring time drink. The trio of cucumber with strawberry and lemon is rich in vitamin C. A few mint leaves could also be added up to give a more cooling effect.
    Do try this drink this spring and feel refreshed with is goodness.
  • Cucumber with blueberries: it’s always a good idea to detoxify your body. Cucumbers when combined with fruits like blueberry and strawberry makes a great detoxification water that gives a lasting refreshing and rejuvenating effect.
    Therefore slice up some strawberries and blueberries and add them to cucumber immersed water!

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